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9 Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Tiny Apartment

Finally. Summer, sunshine, and much-needed warmth have arrived. Which means now is the perfect time to show the door to all the negative energy that winter dragged into your apartment. And what better way to...

Finally. Summer, sunshine, and much-needed warmth have arrived. Which means now is the perfect time to show the door to all the negative energy that winter dragged into your apartment. And what better way to do that than with Feng Shui?

If you’re new to Feng Shui, it’s an ancient Chinese philosophy that can revitalize your home, attract good energy, and harmonize you with your surrounding environment. Something we could all use more of!

So if you’d like to bring more health, harmony, and happiness into your apartment — and optimize every square foot with nothing but good energy — here are nine Feng Shui tips:

1. Move nine objects around.

Select nine objects in your apartment and move them around to stir up the energy (or qi) in your home. Sometimes in small apartments, we are forced to put everything away so perfectly and in their places that there is a lot of stagnant energy in the space. Maybe turn a chair around or move something just one inch. Even the smallest movement will add some activity and stir up the energy in your home.

2. Clean under the bed.

Feng shui tip: clean under bed to circulate positive energy. Credited to: Sanaulac.vn

It’s ideal to have the energy flow smoothly under your bed while you’re sleeping. When you store items under your bed, this creates blocks in the energy flowing around you, which can represent unconscious blocks in your personal life and relationships. Be sure the space underneath your bed is clean because it is crucial to not have anything negative there. Sleeping over negative energy for hours hurts harmony.

3. Open all the doors and windows for nine minutes.

Feng shui 101: open doors and windows to circulate energy. Photo credit: Anjie Cho

The air in our tiny apartments often becomes stagnant, particularly after a long cold winter. Open all your windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes to let your whole apartment air out. This is an easy step and really stirs up the energy in small stuffy apartments.

4. Place a mirror at the bed, desk or stove, if not in commanding position.

Commanding position is the furthest spot from the door, yet not in direct line with it. In commanding position you should be facing the door and have strong backing like a wall, directly behind. If your bed, desk, or stove cannot face the door, you can set up a mirror (in that position) so you can see the reflection of the door. This puts you in command of your space.

5. Clean the light bulbs.

Feng shui tip of the day: clean light bulbs to increase passion and recognition. Photo credit: Anjie Cho

Fire energy represents passion and recognition. Light bulbs represent fire energy in your home. Take some time and check to see if you have any burnt-out bulbs or bulbs that need replacing. Also, be sure to clean your light bulbs. If dust collects on your bulbs, this puts a damper on your fire energy.

6. Make sure all doors can open 90 degrees or more.

This is a big problem in tiny apartments, as people tend to store a ton of things behind and around the door. The door represents the mouth of the inhabitants and your voice in the world. If your door can't open 90 degrees, you are limiting opportunities and restricting your voice.

7. Declutter closets.

Closets represent hidden areas in your life. When you throw a lot of things in a closet and hide them, it may represent unconscious blocks in your life. One adjustment is to use MakeSpace to declutter your closet. This will help your clarity and help you see the things that you own to improve your daily life.

8. Get a new doormat.

Your entryway represents how you are seen in the world and how opportunities come to you. If you have a really dirty, old doormat (or no doormat at all), there is no place for the qi to collect or for you to welcome good energy into your home.

9. Donate nine objects from your home.

Schedule a MakeSpace appointment for storage in NYC, Chicago, or DC and get a Goodwill donation bag with your bins.

Instantly create some space by letting go of nine objects. When you have stuffed closets, you give the universe the message that you have enough and do not need anything more. By donating nine items, you can create some space for the universe to fill your life with something more exciting, such as a great opportunity you never saw coming.

By the way, you probably noticed a lot of nines in this post. That’s because nine happens to be the most auspicious number in Feng Shui. So if you can accomplish all nine tips, you’ll attract even more good energy into your home and make this summer your best one yet. Have fun!

Certified Feng Shui consultant Anjie Cho smiling at the camera. Photo credit: Anjie Cho

This post was written by Anjie Cho, a certified Feng Shui consultant, registered New York State Architect, Interior Designer, LEED Accredited Professional, founder of Holistic Spaces, and Amazon best-selling author of 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. To learn more about Anjie and how to harmonize your space, visit anjiecho.com.