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A Guide to Art Deco Interior Design: Bringing Elegance and Glamour to Your Home

If you have an appreciation for art and exquisite craftsmanship, then art deco interior design is the perfect style for your home. Originating in France during the early 1900s, art deco became a symbol of...

If you have an appreciation for art and exquisite craftsmanship, then art deco interior design is the perfect style for your home. Originating in France during the early 1900s, art deco became a symbol of wealth, glamour, and technological advancements. Its influence extended to various aspects of daily life, including fashion, jewelry, furniture, and home interiors.

At HomeLane, we understand the growing fascination with this stunning style, and we want to help you create the perfect art deco house interior. In this guide, we will explore the key elements and provide you with trending ideas to incorporate art deco design into your space.

What Is Art Deco Interior Design?

Imagine the extravagant era of the 1920s and 1930s depicted in movies like 'Citizen Kane' and 'The Great Gatsby.' Art deco house interiors are characterized by rich colors, symmetrical shapes, and a bold artistic vision. The use of luxurious materials, such as gold, chrome, and glass objects, sets art deco apart from other design styles. It represents a unique design language that exudes elegance and sophistication.

dinning room wall art decor Caption: Dinning room with art deco wall decor.

Key Elements of Art Deco Interior Design

Art deco design incorporates several key elements, including patterns, colors, and materials, to create its distinct aesthetic.


Geometric, linear, and angular patterns dominate art deco design. Bold motifs, such as triangles, trapezoids, and zig-zags, are commonly found. These patterns form the foundation for modern art deco interior design, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any space.


Art deco embraces bold and striking colors to make a statement. Gold, silver, red, blue, dark green, and yellow are popular choices. Depending on the space you're designing, you can also incorporate beige and cream. Pair metallic colors with pastels to create a striking contrast and add a sense of drama to your interior.


Art deco interior design features rare and exquisite materials that exude luxury. Ebony, ivory, gold, chrome, and laser-cut glass are commonly used. The style is heavily influenced by machine-made materials such as plastics, vita-glass, and metals. You can also incorporate African wildlife patterns or portraits of people into your modern art deco interior design. Floral, rounded, and criss-cross elements are generally avoided.

modern art deco interior design Caption: Modern art deco interior design inspiration.

Trending Art Deco House Interior Ideas

The beauty of art deco interior design lies in its versatility. You can incorporate its elements singularly or in combination throughout your home. Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you:


Enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom or living room by using art deco-design wallpapers or painting your walls with the art deco color palette. Look for elegant lines and sharp edges in the wallpaper design. Pair it with proper lighting and matching upholstery to bring life to your space.

art deco living room ideas Caption: Art deco living room ideas.

Geometric Lights

Geometric lights are minimalistic yet eye-catching. Opt for fixtures with straight lines and limited detailing, such as chrome or etched glass. Hang chandeliers or symmetrical, sharp-edged pendant lights in your dining area or living room to add a touch of art deco style.

geometric lights Caption: Geometric lights as a striking art deco element.

Floor Tiles

Chequered tiles are a distinctive element of art deco interior design. They add dimension and create an illusion of more space. Choose from various patterns and colors to suit your style. These tiles are perfect for adding a touch of country-style charm to a rustic living room interior design.

chequered-style tiles Caption: Chequered-style tiles for an art deco touch.

Art Deco Furniture

Furniture plays a significant role in incorporating art deco design ideas into your home. Consider using large armchairs with theatrical edges or wall-mounted mirrors with metallic themes. Experiment with geometric-shaped vases, glass cocktail tables, and unique shelving to create a flamboyant art deco ambiance in your living room.

Wall Paintings

Immerse yourself in the art deco era by hanging inspired wall paintings in your space. Find pieces that represent the extravagance and glamour of the time. Portraits and works by famous artists or interior designers of that era are great additions to elevate the look of your contemporary living room interior design.

wall painting for art deco interior design style Caption: Wall painting for an art deco-inspired space.


Transform your home interiors with art deco-themed upholstery. Geometric cushions, rugs, and sofas add a touch of elegance. For a more adventurous and eccentric style, consider geometric animal prints like zebra or leopard. Upholstery can revamp your space and create a fashionable modern living room interior design.


If you're seeking assistance in creating an art deco interior design for your home, the experts at HomeLane are here to help. We provide expert advice and personalized solutions to help you bring art deco elements into your home in the most stunning manner. Visit our nearest HomeLane experience center to visualize your home interiors transformed with art deco designs and elements.


1. What are the main characteristics of the art deco interior design style? The art deco interior design style is characterized by bold geometric patterns, vivid colors, and decadent detailing. It features flamboyant elements with geometric shapes and sharp edges. The use of human-made and machine-made materials, such as metal and glass, is prominent in art deco design.

2. What colors are suitable to use in art deco house interiors? Art deco colors tend to be extravagant and striking. Red, dark green, blue, yellow, gold, and silver are popular choices. Cream and beige can also be used to create a balanced palette. Dark colors are often favored by art deco enthusiasts.

3. What are the rules of the art deco design style? The art deco design style encourages boldness and extravagance, setting it apart from minimalistic styles. It draws inspiration from a time when luxury and richness were highly valued. Embrace grandiose elements and make a statement with your interior design choices.

4. How do you decorate a room in the art deco style? To decorate a room in the art deco style, incorporate wallpapers with geometric patterns, upholstered armchairs with intricate designs, and large wall paintings inspired by the era. Chequered floor tiles and geometric lights can also add a touch of art deco charm to your space.

Remember, art deco interior design is all about elegance and glamour. Let your creativity soar, and don't be afraid to express your unique style in your home. With the right elements and a touch of art deco, you can create a stunning living space that captivates and inspires.