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A Journey Through the Enchanting Victorian Farmhouse

Four and a half years ago, Stephanie and her husband Travis embarked on a thrilling adventure. They set out to explore a grand Victorian farmhouse that captured their imaginations. The realtor's website provided no interior...

Four and a half years ago, Stephanie and her husband Travis embarked on a thrilling adventure. They set out to explore a grand Victorian farmhouse that captured their imaginations. The realtor's website provided no interior photographs, shrouding the home in mystery. Little did they know that this journey would lead them to their forever home, despite its dilapidated state.

Unveiling the Hidden Beauty

As they arrived at the house, Stephanie and Travis were greeted by a sight that left them speechless. The exterior exuded the elegance they had admired online, but the interior told a different story. Frozen in time since the 1960s, the house required extensive renovation. However, Stephanie possessed a unique ability to envision the potential hidden beneath the layers of neglect. She perceived the timeless charm that lay dormant within the Victorian farmhouse, and it was this vision that ultimately convinced them to take the leap.

Stephanie and Travis devoted the next four and a half years to restore the house to its former glory. With unwavering determination, they transformed all thirteen rooms, breathing new life into this over-100-year-old gem nestled near Milwaukee, WI.

Antique doorknob An antique doorknob, a testament to the rich heritage of the Victorian Farmhouse.

A Glimpse into History

Apart from the laborious renovation work, Stephanie delved deep into the history of their newfound abode. Through meticulous research using platforms like Ancestry.com, alongside assistance from the historical society and library, she unraveled the story of the Victorian Farmhouse. The home was originally bestowed upon William and Elenora Foster, successful dairy farmers who built the house as a wedding gift. The family resided in this architectural masterpiece until the 1940s. Stephanie and Travis are now the fourth lucky owners in the span of 127 years.

This treasured farmhouse also had a stint as a guesthouse, providing solace to weary travelers passing through. The walls reverberate with the echoes of countless tales that have unfolded within its embrace.

Resurrecting the Past

What truly captivated Stephanie and Travis were the original details that remained intact. From the majestic staircase to the intricate doorknobs, the house exuded charm at every turn. The front parlor, adorned with stained-glass windows and a cozy fireplace, became an oasis of tranquility. The dining room boasted a two-toned floor, its original woodwork serving as a captivating centerpiece. To complement these historical elements, the couple incorporated antique and thrifted items throughout the house. A bench salvaged from a dumpster, once used for church or theater seating in the 1920s, found its rightful place in the entryway, adding an exquisite touch to the Victorian Farmhouse's unique style.

A Tour of the Victorian Farmhouse Stephanie and Travis' labor of love, the Victorian Farmhouse.

A Culinary Haven

The kitchen emerged as the heart of the house, seamlessly blending history and modernity. Stephanie and Travis aimed to maintain the authenticity of an 1890s home while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary twist. The space showcased a myriad of rustic and vintage elements, including Stephanie's beloved collection of colorful Depression glass from the 1920s. The addition of marble-look tiles and modern appliances perfectly complemented the overall design, resulting in a harmonious fusion between the past and the present.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

Even the laundry room embraced the beauty of the past. Adorned with mesmerizing wooden features, it became a testament to Stephanie's impeccable eye for design. Hexagonal tiles, gracefully interspersed throughout the house, added a touch of whimsy and elegance to this utilitarian space.

Stephanie and Travis chronicled their remarkable journey through the Victorian Farmhouse on their blog, inviting others to revel in their triumphs and appreciate the timeless beauty they have resurrected. Their meticulous work has brought this historical treasure back to life, preserving its legacy for future generations.

Stephanie Kreger captured the essence of their home through her photography, while The Kreger Company of New Berlin, WI, contributed their expertise to the restoration process.

The Victorian Farmhouse stands today, a testament to the power of vision, passion, and unwavering determination. It serves as a reminder that hidden beneath the layers of neglect, there lies an undeniable allure waiting to be discovered.