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Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets: A Durable and Stylish Choice

Cabinets play a central role in any kitchen. They need to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their pristine condition. Among the various cabinet finishes available, acrylic kitchen cabinets stand out as a durable...

Acrylic wood grain cabinets with quartz slab counter and orange bar stools

Cabinets play a central role in any kitchen. They need to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their pristine condition. Among the various cabinet finishes available, acrylic kitchen cabinets stand out as a durable and reliable option. In this article, we will explore the impressive characteristics of acrylic cabinets, their cost, and how they compare to other kitchen paint options. Read on to discover why acrylic cabinets are an excellent choice for your home kitchen.

What Are Acrylic Cabinets?

Close up of blue elegant and glossy acrylic kitchen cabinets

Acrylic cabinets feature a non-toxic finish that gives them a reflective, high-gloss surface with an ultra-smooth texture. This synthetic material is produced in sheet form, similar to lacquer. Acrylic sheets come in a wide range of colors and sizes, offering endless design possibilities. These cabinets are known for their sleek finish and crisp look, making them a popular choice in modern kitchens.

Acrylic Cabinet Doors

Acrylic kitchen cabinets come in two main types: solid-acrylic doors and acrylic-faced doors. Solid-acrylic doors are entirely made of acrylic, which gives them a vivid and vibrant look. On the other hand, acrylic-faced doors consist of acrylic sheets attached to an MDF board using an adhesive. These sheets are then coated with a protective layer to seal their edges. Solid-acrylic doors tend to be more expensive than acrylic-faced doors.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen and living room interior with light green cabinets

Acrylic cabinets offer numerous benefits that make them a worthy investment for your home kitchen. Let's take a look at the pros:

  • Durability: Acrylic cabinets are highly durable and reliable. They can withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for kitchen cabinet applications. Additionally, they are scratch- and UV light-resistant.
  • Waterproof: Unlike other cabinet finishes, acrylic is waterproof. It does not require special treatment or sealant for protection and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Long lifespan: Thanks to their durability, acrylic cabinets have a long lifespan. Their appearance, gloss, and color will not fade easily over time.
  • Easy to clean: Acrylic cabinets require minimal maintenance. A simple wipe down with a soft cloth and mild soap and water is all that's needed to keep them clean.
  • Aesthetics: Acrylic cabinets have a visually appealing high-gloss finish. They create an elegant atmosphere and make a statement in any kitchen. They are available in a wide variety of colors, allowing for customization to match any interior style and color scheme.
  • UV-resistant: Acrylic has excellent UV resistance, making it suitable for outdoor installation as well. Its color will not fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Lightweight: Acrylic is a lightweight material that can be easily machined, fabricated, and glued.

While acrylic cabinets offer numerous advantages, there are a few cons to consider:

  • Visibility of stain and dirt: Due to their glossy surface, dirt, stains, and fingerprints are more noticeable on acrylic cabinets. They require regular cleaning and maintenance, especially for larger families.
  • Expensive: Acrylic is considered a premium finish, making it more expensive compared to other cabinet finishes.
  • Difficult to replace: If the need arises to replace a single door, it can be challenging to match the shade perfectly. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace all the cabinets to maintain a seamless look.
  • Installation: DIY installation is not recommended for acrylic cabinets. It is best to hire a professional to ensure proper application.

High Gloss Acrylic Cabinets

Stylish black pink and white kitchen with high gloss cabinet

High-gloss acrylic cabinets are a popular choice for modern kitchens. Their mirror-like appearance and ultra-shiny finish create a clean and seamless look. They reflect light well, making the kitchen appear bigger and more open. Aside from high-gloss finishes, acrylic cabinets are also available in matte, semi-gloss, and decorative finishes.

White Acrylic Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and versatile, and acrylic finishes make them even more appealing. White glossy-acrylic cabinets offer a minimalist and crisp aesthetic that suits modern kitchens. They pair well with any interior theme and color scheme, offering limitless design options. White cabinets can be the perfect backdrop for introducing accent colors and creating visually interesting spaces.

Single wall kitchen with classic white cabinets and various light fixtures

Acrylic Paint for Cabinets

When it comes to painting cabinets, acrylic-based paints are a popular choice. These paints are pigments suspended in an acrylic resin and acrylic-polymer solution. Acrylic paint dries quickly and becomes resistant to water once dry. It adheres well to wood and is peel-resistant, making it an ideal finish for wooden kitchen cabinets.

Two tone cabinets

Acrylic Doors for Cabinets

Acrylic sheet doors are commonly used in European-style kitchens and come in a variety of colors and finishes. They can be applied to MDF, plywood, or solid wood cabinet frames. These doors offer endless design possibilities, allowing you to create a unique and stylish kitchen.

Cost of Acrylic Cabinets

Kitchen with red acrylic cabinets and stainless steel sink

The cost of acrylic kitchen cabinets ranges between $5,000 and $20,000, including materials and installation. The overall cost depends on the base material used for the cabinets. Cabinets with an MDF substrate tend to be cheaper than those with a solid wood base. While acrylic cabinets are considered a premium finish, they are often less expensive than real wood or stainless steel cabinets.

Acrylic vs. Wood Cabinets

Both acrylic and wood cabinets have their own qualities and uses in kitchen cabinet construction. Wood is often used as a base material, while acrylic is a finish applied on top of the base material. Solid wood cabinets are durable and offer a natural beauty, but they can be expensive. Acrylic cabinets with a solid wood base combine the durability of wood with the protective properties of acrylic.

Cozy kitchen with wooden drawers and cabinets

In summary, acrylic kitchen cabinets are a practical and stylish choice for any home kitchen. They offer durability, easy maintenance, and endless design possibilities. Whether you prefer a high-gloss or matte finish, acrylic cabinets can transform your kitchen into a modern and inviting space. Consider acrylic cabinets for their impressive qualities and long-lasting appeal.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section. For more information about kitchen cabinet materials, check out our comprehensive guide.