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All About Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant – Placement, Care, Number of Stalks & More!

Ah! The Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo plant; I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re everywhere. You might have noticed them at restaurants, shops, hotels, business places, your friend’s home, etc. They’re small - and really cute...

Ah! The Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo plant; I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re everywhere. You might have noticed them at restaurants, shops, hotels, business places, your friend’s home, etc. They’re small - and really cute looking - plants kept in a vase (glass or metal one).

Feng Shui Bamboo Plant The Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant

Now, since ages, the bamboo plant (aka Lucky Bamboo Plant) is used as a powerful tool to attract abundance, prosperity, and better health. But, at this time, I want you to understand - in fact fully understand - the concept behind the lucky bamboo plant in feng shui. So, with that in mind, just read the next section of this article to understand why the bamboo plant is considered lucky in feng shui.

Why Lucky Bamboo Is Considered so Lucky?

Why is the bamboo plant called lucky bamboo and not just the bamboo plant? Now, there are 2 things that make the bamboo plant the “Lucky Bamboo” plant in feng shui. Here are those 2 reasons:

  1. It’s hollow from inside: The hollow (pipe-like) structure of the plant helps in the movement of Chi (“Qi”) energy. Thus, the bamboo plant helps the movement of positive energy in turn generating more abundance and prosperity.

  2. It’s hollow from inside (again): Oh Yes! The same reason again. The hollow structure of the plant gives us a BIG lesson of wisdom to let the positive energy flow from within to the world outside. Thus, calming your mind and helping you to focus better.

Is Bamboo plant related to the 5 elements?

The one-word answer is “YES”. The lucky bamboo is 100% related to all the 5 elements on which feng shui is based upon. Here’s how:

  • Wood: The bamboo plant symbolizes the wood element.
  • Water: We need to timely fill the vase with water, hence water element is embodied.
  • Earth: Rock, pebbles, clay stones in the vase represent the Earth element.
  • Fire: There’s always a red ribbon tied to the vase or plant itself. Red represents fire.
  • Metal: Usually a metal coin is tied with the red ribbon or there’s a metal coin within the vase; thus metal element is also covered.

All in all, it’s certain that the lucky bamboo is 100% related to all the 5 elements. Now, all this, in no way means that you can place the bamboo plant anywhere in your home. There are some feng shui rules for lucky bamboo placement that we’ve discussed in the next section of this article. So, just read on!

The Best & Lucky Placement for Feng Shui Bamboo Plant

Much like anything else in feng shui, the placement of the lucky bamboo plant is crucial. Crucial because, if placed correctly, the lucky bamboo plant can really - and I mean it - help attract tons and tons of positive energy into the house.

Having said that, here are 2 vital areas where you can locate or place the feng shui lucky bamboo plant:

  1. East: When placed in the East, the lucky bamboo plant helps attract awesome health for family members.
  2. South-East (SE): SE is the zone of money and wealth. Hence, a bamboo plant here will help strengthen finances and bring in more money into the family.

Caring for Feng Shui Bamboo Plant - Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy

Alright, so taking care of the lucky bamboo plant in your home isn’t a tough job. They need very little care, but you need to make sure that you’re doing a few things and avoiding others.

Below is a list of things that you need to do and avoid while taking care of bamboo plants in your home or office.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care - What to Follow (8 Tips)

  1. Choose a vase that’s at least 2 inches wider than the plant.
  2. Adorn the vase with polished stones and pebbles. Apart from making the vase attractive, these stones will help keep the bamboo plant straight.
  3. Keep the plant inside your home.
  4. Lucky bamboo loves filtered or distilled water. If that’s not possible, then try using as much clean water as you can.
  5. If you notice the leaves turning yellow then let the water sit for the whole night before using.
  6. Cut yellow leaves immediately.
  7. Replace the water at least once every 15 days.
  8. Love them and they’ll shower love on you.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care - What to Avoid (4 Tips)

  1. Never overwater the plant.
  2. Never underwater the plant.
  3. Bamboo hates direct (too strong) sunlight; hence it’s to be avoided.
  4. Avoid clutter, dust, dirt, and anything negative near the plant.

Number of Stalks in Lucky Bamboo and Their Significance (Which one’s the best for you)

As we’ve read - and understood - earlier, a bamboo plant is a positivity generating tool, but there’s something more than just keeping the plant in your home and reaping the benefits.

If you’ve noticed (bamboo plants), you’d have seen many stalks bunched together and kept neatly - and attractively - in a vase. The reason for bunching a number of stalks together is to enhance the positive energy-generating capacity of the bamboo plant.

Now, as per feng shui, a different number of stalks in a bamboo plant represents different things. Below, you’ll find descriptive information about what each number of stalks signifies.

  1. One Stalk (aka Lucky Log): This is a single log bamboo plant. The log - mostly - has no roots but still manages to grow leaves. This type of (single log) plant signifies growth and is especially popular - as gifts - amongst business people. There are some varieties of such plants that can produce awesome fragrant and beautiful-looking white flowers.

  2. Two Stalks: The two-stalk bamboo plant is believed to double the luck and is often associated with love. It’s an ideal gift for lovers.

  3. Three Stalks: If you’re looking for happiness, long life, and prosperity, then the three-stalk bamboo plant is the one for you. It’s - without a doubt - the most common too!

  4. Four Stalks: If there’s ever a bamboo plant to avoid like the plague, then it’s the four-stalk one. The four-stalked plant represents a death wish and hence you’d never notice it anywhere. Furthermore, gifting a four-stalk bamboo is - obviously - considered very offensive.

  5. Five Stalks: The five-stalked lucky bamboo enriches the five major areas of your life, i.e. emotions, intuition, mental, physical, and spiritual. This is the one that you need to have in your home if you wish for a healthy body, mind, career, and finance.

  6. Six Stalks: The six-stalk bamboo is believed to attract luck, prosperity, and golden opportunities to attain wealth and money.

  7. Seven Stalks: If health is what you’re going after, then the seven-stalk bamboo plant is ideal for you.

  8. Eight Stalks: The number eight in Chinese sounds like growth, and thus the eight-stalk bamboo plant is considered auspicious for growth. It’s also considered lucky for wanna-be parents and is believed to improve fertility.

  9. Nine Stalks: It symbolizes good luck and blessings to the receiver.

  10. Ten Stalks: This one’s like wishing someone to be very happy and satisfied in their life. The giver wishes the receiver gets everything just the way he/she desires.

  11. Twenty-One Stalks: This is the most powerful bamboo plant of all. It signifies that all the most awesome wishes are yours and that too in one of the most profound manners. The giver wishes you tremendous wealth, health, and abundance.

WARNING: The only one that you need to avoid is the 4 Stalk Bamboo Plant!

Where You Can Buy Lucky Bamboo Plants From?

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And that’s all there is to when it comes to Lucky Bamboo Plant Feng Shui. I hope - and believe - that you liked the information presented above and you’ll be benefited by it. Please do share it!