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American Style Interior Design: Inspiring Ideas and Photos

American Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration The American style of interior design is known for its wide rooms, island furniture, contrasting colors, and an abundance of natural...

American Style Interior Design American Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

The American style of interior design is known for its wide rooms, island furniture, contrasting colors, and an abundance of natural light. It combines comfort, practicality, presentability, and elegance, making it suitable for both spacious country houses and apartments.

Embracing Natural Colors

American Style Color Palette Color palette and characteristic features of the style

The American style embraces natural colors, ranging from white, neutral beige, brown, and burgundy to gray, black, and blue. Smoky shades of khaki, purple-gold, or bluish are used to soften the overall look and add a touch of refinement.

Distinctive Features of the American Style

Here are the main features that distinguish the American style:

  • Functionality and comfort: The American style focuses on rationality, avoiding unnecessary decor. Mezzanines, dressers, shelves, and cabinets are common elements in this style.
  • Lighting: Large windows and natural light are favored, supplemented by carefully placed electric lamps. Unique floor lamps, sconces, and chandeliers add character to the interior.
  • Furniture placement: Instead of arranging furniture along the perimeter, the American style places it around a central focal point, like an island. Simple and easy-to-care-for sofas, armchairs, and poufs are preferred.
  • Room zoning: Archways, niches, or partitions are often used to divide spaces. This allows for the combination of a living room and an entrance hall or a dining room and a kitchen in one open space.

Different Types of American Interiors

The American style encompasses various types, each with its own distinct characteristics:


American Classic Interior American Classic Interior

American classic interiors have been influenced by the English aristocracy. They feature light tones of decoration, symmetry, and spacious paired furniture, such as armchairs.


Neoclassic interiors blend American classics with modern technical achievements. This fusion allows for sophistication and naturalness, with the use of elements like fake fireplaces and plastic panels.


Modern American Interior Modern American Interior

Modern American style combines exotic vases reminiscent of African culture, magnificent paintings, and a vibrant color palette. It seamlessly blends features from different eras, allowing for unique shapes in classic furniture and the incorporation of loft lamps for spot lighting.

Country Style

American Country Interior American Country Interior

Country houses are often decorated in the American country style. The use of varnished or painted wood for the floors, walls, and even the ceiling is characteristic. Wallpaper with small floral patterns is preferred, and living rooms or kitchens are adorned with beams in the color of natural dark wood to visually expand the space.

Designing an American-Style Interior

American Style Kitchen Kitchen in American style

When designing an American-style interior, consider the following guidelines for different rooms:


For the kitchen, opt for light tones, tiles, granite, and straight or angular kitchen sets in matte finishes. Avoid adding bright accents to maintain the overall harmony of the space.

Living Room

American Style Living Room American Style Living Room

The living room is a space for gathering guests, celebrations, and friendly gatherings. Bright colors like rich bordeaux, deep blue, or sunny yellow can be used to create focal points. Consider incorporating a large sofa with rounded corners, a vintage chest of drawers, and a coffee table.


In the bedroom, prioritize a high classic bed, a chest of drawers, and bedside tables. Opt for bright finishes that complement dark furniture. Carpet or wood flooring adds to the overall cozy atmosphere.

Children's Room

American Style Children's Room American Style Children's Room

For children's rooms, choose practical furniture in the style of English classics. Place the bed in the center of the room and arrange dressers, racks, or shelves along the perimeter. Shades of turquoise, pink, and gray dominate this space.


In smaller bathrooms, consider installing a shower cabin instead of a bathtub. Use plain ceramic tiles for the floor and light-colored paint or mosaic tiles for the walls. Accentuate the space with unique towel holders, hooks, jars, and mirrors.

American Style for Country Houses

American Style Country House American Style in a Country House

American interiors in country houses often combine the kitchen and living room into one space. Arches, columns, niches, and wooden beams help visually separate rooms, creating a harmonious flow. Consider incorporating a fireplace, real or artificial, as the focal point of the living room, symbolizing the importance of the family hearth.

Decoration and Design

Whether it's a private house or an apartment, American-style furniture and decoration remain consistent. Opt for inexpensive, high-quality materials in plain or subtly patterned designs. Consider the following aspects:


Wall paneling, wood trim, plaster, or painted walls in a single color are common choices. Wallpaper is used less frequently, with a preference for textile or paper with a relief pattern, often featuring plant and floral themes.


American Style Floor American Style Flooring

Wooden flooring, such as parquet or laminate in light shades, is suitable for most rooms. Beige and brown tones are popular choices. In areas with high humidity, ceramic tiles can be used instead.


Ceilings are typically painted or whitewashed. You can add decorative geometric stucco molding throughout the surface or along the perimeter for a touch of elegance. Living rooms and kitchens, especially in country houses, are often adorned with wooden beams.

Interior Doors

American Style Doors American Style Interior Doors

Choose interior doors that complement the windows rather than the floor. Depending on the room, opt for wooden or glass doors.

Characteristic Features of Furniture

The American style is characterized by restrained elegance and freedom in furniture arrangement. Choose massive pieces for the living room, such as wide sofas and deep armchairs. For the hallway, consider small banquettes. Coordinate the texture and design of upholstered furniture, either by purchasing items from the same collection or combining styles and color schemes.

Curtain Selection

American Style Curtains American Style Curtains

For living rooms, especially in private houses, opt for long curtains made of natural fabrics. Plain or large-patterned curtains with squares and stripes complement panoramic windows beautifully. Avoid fringes and lambrequins, and consider blinds or Roman curtains as stylish alternatives. If you have carpets, choose curtains that complement their shade.


American Style Lighting American Style Lighting

The American style applies a rational approach to lighting. Lighting fixtures not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the overall decor. Install sconces, chandeliers, and floor lamps strategically, turning them on when necessary. Forged candelabra with candles, woven lampshades, and classic designs add a touch of individuality to the interior.

Decorative Elements

Framed paintings, photographs, and posters serve as decorative elements in living rooms and bedrooms. Various figurines made of wood or ceramics, fresh flowers, and natural stone products add a touch of personality to any room.

Inspiring Photos

American Style Photo Gallery American Style Photo Gallery

The American style beautifully blends modern features with timeless classics, making interior design more accessible. It allows for the use of cost-effective artificial materials that mimic the look of expensive natural ones, without compromising on style and elegance.

In conclusion, the American style of interior design offers a wide range of possibilities for creating comfortable, practical, and visually appealing spaces. Whether you have a spacious country house or a cozy apartment, you can incorporate the American style into your interior design to make it truly unique and inspiring.