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Apply These 4 Secret Techniques to Give Your Open-Plan Living Spaces a Good Feng Shui Energy

Having an open-plan living space is very common nowadays. The modernization of houses allowed this concept so that homeowners can enjoy doing multiple activities in one room. This idea helps maximize the space with its...

Having an open-plan living space is very common nowadays. The modernization of houses allowed this concept so that homeowners can enjoy doing multiple activities in one room. This idea helps maximize the space with its openness rather than putting up big walls for separation, which leaves you with narrower areas. Since this allows activities of several rooms merged into one area, it promotes better communication between family members.

However, due to the different activities occurring in the same room, it might cause different feng shui energies to clash and collide. This can create an imbalance of energies, encouraging the negative chi of affliction to spread out. Therefore, it is necessary to plan out the arrangement of the materials you bring into this room.

If you have an open-plan living space in your house, don't worry, because we have three helpful feng shui techniques you can use to avoid having issues with the energies. Applying these techniques will allow you to continue relaxing, cooking, and eating in the same room without interfering with the balance of feng shui energies.

Map It Out!

Before doing anything to this space, make a list of the multiple purposes you want for your room, such as a kitchen, dining area, and entertainment area. By doing so, you can easily plan out the right locations for these spaces. However, you need to be aware of the rules that feng shui has always taught you when making a layout for your home. To make things easier, take a piece of paper and pen and start sketching. Create a diagram of your open concept space and divide it into nine equal squares, also referred to as the lo shu square. This technique will allow you to see the right positions for different purposes. Here are a few feng shui reminders in mapping out the different areas:

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Kitchen Area

According to Feng Shui, your kitchen must not be seen directly from the door. Placing the kitchen in a corner of your open-space living room, which is visible from the door, will cause a loss of money. It must also not be located at the center of the whole house, as it is the same as burning the heart of your home. These mistakes can bring bad luck and energy.

Living and Entertainment Area

Generally, the best location for your living room is in a corner facing the north, east, northeast, or northwest of your home. Since it shares the same space as your kitchen and dining area, it is recommended that you position it near the kitchen. Don't worry about the inauspicious energy flowing from the kitchen, as we will share a solution to this later!

Dining Area

It is said that the dining area should be located in the south of your home. This area must never face the entrance door or bathroom door directly, as doing so will result in a loss of vitality and appetite. In addition, it must not be located underneath a bathroom, as this is bad for your family's health.

Define Your Spaces

Even though your open-concept living room contains several areas with varying purposes, it is important to define each zone. You can use carpets and rugs to accentuate the living or entertainment area from the rest. You may also make use of low room dividers such as credenzas and low tables, or you may opt to place plants, vases, and other low-profile ornaments.

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Separate your kitchen with an island that can also serve as a breakfast table. Make sure that the island has its own lighting fixture to emphasize this separator. See how the kitchen island beautifully separated the area in the photo above? That is because the island is low enough to let the other parts of the room remain visible.

Another way to define and give personality to each zone is to play with colors. However, it is crucial to remember that placing too many colors in one space can be overpowering and result in energy imbalance. Always make sure to select a color palette for each space that will still look good together. Avoid using very bright colors.

The key to maintaining balanced feng shui energies is by creating balance in your room. Select furniture, colors, lamps, accessories, and artwork that emphasize each area and complement each other. Otherwise, the energy in this location will be chaotic and disproportionate.

When it comes to comfort and coziness, you can use pellet stoves to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your open-plan living space. In addition, pellet stoves come in different sizes, designs, and styles that will blend seamlessly into your home's overall aesthetic. They are also eco-friendly and efficient heating sources, making them a great choice for any modern open-concept living space.

Keep It Wide and Open

Preserve the sense of openness in your open-concept living space by keeping sightlines as open as possible. Using large furniture to "draw the line" between different areas will become a blockage that prevents the Chi energy from flowing freely. Additionally, it won't look aesthetically pleasing. Use low-profile furniture instead to increase the natural light entering the room.

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You should also note that one way of keeping the space wide and open is by making it clutter-free. One idea to avoid clutter is by keeping only what you love. You may also choose chairs and tables with secret storage compartments to store items you need but don't want to be seen all the time.

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Admittedly, cooking can be messy. Therefore, ask your contractors to make a bunch of cabinets to store your cooking utensils. This will help maintain your kitchen's cleanliness. Having enough storage will assist you in cooking in an organized manner and will avoid releasing bad energy into the rest of the room.

Command Position

The last technique is to use the feng shui command position. The command position gives you a sense of security and awareness that cannot be compromised.

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With the number of things that you need to be mindful of with your open-plan room, it might be difficult to add the "command position" rule to your list. One trick is to make use of mirrors to give you a visionary access to your front door from anywhere you are.


Having an open-concept living space is something you need not be scared of. By following the techniques we have shared with you, good energies will flow into this biggest room of your home. Shop our store to find furniture and accessories that might be perfect for your space!