Beach Interior Design: Create a Relaxing Paradise at Home

Beach interior design brings the calm excitement of a well-deserved holiday into your home. These spaces feel open, free, and have a certain casual, light-hearted quality. Want to instill this peaceful vibe in your own...

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Beach interior design brings the calm excitement of a well-deserved holiday into your home. These spaces feel open, free, and have a certain casual, light-hearted quality. Want to instill this peaceful vibe in your own space? Read on to discover how to create soothing beach-inspired interior design!

What is Beach Interior Design?

Casual beach house interior design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Beach-themed interiors have the power to soothe and calm through design. But what makes them so relaxing and aesthetically pleasing? Let's explore the driving factors behind beach-style interiors.

Distinct Oceanic Atmosphere

Beach inspired bathroom interior design - Casey H

Beach home interior design is connected to the sea and shore, creating an air of serenity in these casual coastal spaces. The layout, furniture and décor choices, lighting, and color schemes all contribute to the blissful balance that evokes the energy of sunshine and water.

Cool Color Palette

Beach living room interior design

Colder hues like greys and blues are typically featured in beach home interiors, creating a cool, calm, and collected atmosphere. However, contemporary versions can explore warmer tones, resembling a sandy beach or a seaside sunset.

Free Flowing & Open

Beach boho themed interior design - Sonia C

Beach home interior design is minimalist, airy, and open, enhancing the neatness and relaxation of these spaces. By reducing clutter and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor areas, you can create a coastal-inspired ambiance that promotes calmness and relaxation.

8 Expert Tips for Getting the Beach House Interior Design Style

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With insight and inspiration, you can effortlessly achieve an elegant beach house interior design. Follow these helpful tips to guide your home decorating journey.

1. Go for a Casual Air

Beach bedroom interiors - Wanda P.

To create a casual atmosphere that encourages relaxation, include statement furniture pieces that promote lounging. Hanging chairs or low accent poufs add a laidback, easy feel to your interior. Opt for wood or stone finishes, linen scatters, durable upholstery, and textured carpets to enhance the casual look characteristic of beach-style homes.

2. Introduce Natural Coastal Elements

Modern beach interior design - Anna C

Sophisticated beach-style interior design features coastal elements without relying on overused nautical motifs. Incorporate driftwood or dried coral as striking wall décor, taking a less-is-more approach and highlighting one or two items to make a statement.

3. Celebrate Contemporary Shiplap

Beach inspired interior by Tammy M

White shiplap adds a beachy and romantic cottage-style touch to both exteriors and interiors. This type of cladding can make a room feel bigger with its straight panels. Vertical panels can make the ceiling feel higher, while horizontal panels make walls appear wider and longer.

4. Limit Your Color Scheme

Beach styled playroom interior design - Anna C

Stick to a muted and subdued color palette to create a tranquil environment. White, pale blues, natural browns, and cool grays work exceptionally well in beach house interior design. Add a splash of color with lemon yellow, coral, seafoam green, or use black to emphasize the lighter tones.

5. Opt for Rough Textures

Outdoor kitchen with beach style decor - Drew F

Create a beautiful rugged seascape ambiance by contrasting smooth and rough textures. Pair smooth surfaces like manufactured stone with woven décor and raw wood. Sisal rugs, wicker pendants, and even cast concrete, resembling bubbling seafoam, can bring balance and enhance the beach interior design.

6. Avoid Carpeting the Floor

Sunroom beach interior design with decor - Berkeley H

To maintain a cooling and refreshing atmosphere, choose ceramic tiles, stone slabs, or wood for the floors in beach-style interiors. These materials have less insulation than carpets, making them perfect for the breezy feel of a beach home. Tiles or solid wood also provide a stunning backdrop for rougher rugs like jute or sisal.

7. Add Abstract Art or Patterns

Beach bedroom interiors - Wanda P

Capture the essence of waves, splashes, and the rush of wind with abstract art and patterns. Let the seaside inspire your artwork choices, selecting designs that embody the colors and shapes found in coastal environments. Abstract contours and indistinct forms complement a beach-style home perfectly.

8. Embrace All Things White & Bright

Modern beach interior design Anna C

Control the level of brightness in your beach-themed interior design by layering different shades of white. Mix the lightest tones with minimal patterns and colors to achieve a pristine and airy look reminiscent of sunny days by the coast.

Our Favorite Beach Interior Decor Picks

Beach style interior design by Wanda P

Beach homes feature covetable furniture and décor elements that are easy to incorporate into any space. Discover our top picks to help you perfect your coastal-inspired abode. Use them as inspiration or as a guide for your next décor shopping adventure.

  1. Net Curtain
  2. Woven Pendants
  3. Oceanic Abstract
  4. Sea Fan
  5. White Sofa
  6. Palm Leaves

Want a Dreamy Beach Interior Design?

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