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Best Garden Furniture Shops 2024: Find Your Dream Outdoor Décor

As winter slowly gives way to spring, it's time to start planning your perfect garden setup for the upcoming summer season. There's nothing quite like lounging on a comfortable chair, enjoying the sunshine, or dining...

As winter slowly gives way to spring, it's time to start planning your perfect garden setup for the upcoming summer season. There's nothing quite like lounging on a comfortable chair, enjoying the sunshine, or dining al fresco with friends and family. But finding high-quality garden furniture can be a challenge with so many options available.

Whether you have a small patio or a spacious backyard, there are several factors to consider before furnishing your outdoor area. From fold-away bistro sets to large sofa sets for hosting outdoor gatherings, the choices are endless. And, of course, the aesthetics play a significant role as well. Whether you prefer a minimalistic look or a more bohemian style, there's a perfect garden furniture shop for you.

To help you navigate through the overwhelming array of choices, we've curated a list of the best garden furniture shops that are worth your attention. From budget-friendly options to luxury retailers offering investment pieces, there's something for everyone. Continue reading to discover your dream garden furniture.

Argos: Affordable and Stylish

Argos Caption: The minimalist teka metal garden chair from Argos

Argos is a mammoth retailer that offers everything from homeware to outdoor furniture. You can find stylish pieces from their Habitat line, including garden hammocks, hanging egg chairs, and beach-bar-style gazebos. A particularly eye-catching option is the minimalist teka metal garden chair, available in cream with a black frame. Argos also offers an affordable bistro set in a vibrant forest green.

Amara: Elegance and Luxury

Amara Caption: The blue stripe outdoor cushion from Amara

Amara is known for its luxury homeware brands, featuring everything from contemporary to ornate designs. Their Amara Outdoors line includes bean bags, cushions, tables, and chairs. The blue stripe outdoor cushion, with its cool striped finish and comfort appeal, is a top wishlist item.

Asda: Surprisingly Affordable

Asda Caption: The affordable cocoon egg chair from Asda

Asda's George Home range is packed with wallet-friendly garden furniture options. From gazebos and rattan furniture to patio sets and swing sets, you'll find something for the whole family. Their affordable cocoon egg chair is a popular choice among outdoor furniture enthusiasts.

Barker and Stonehouse: Tailored Elegance

Barker and Stonehouse Caption: The stylish rattan garden side table from Barker and Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse specializes in providing tailored outdoor furniture options. Whether you're looking for a hanging egg chair, garden stool, or stylish fire pit, they have plenty of inspiring choices available. Their commitment to sustainability is worth mentioning, as they plant a tree for every home delivery. A standout piece is their rattan garden side table, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

B&Q: Endless Choices

B&Q Caption: A selection of outdoor lighting from B&Q

B&Q is known for its vast selection of outdoor furniture options. From sun loungers to swimming pools and chimineas, you'll find everything you need to create your ideal outdoor space. They also offer a wide range of outdoor lighting options, both practical and decorative.

Cox & Cox: Minimalist Charm

Cox & Cox Caption: The Turin corner sofa from Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is the go-to destination for stylish picks with a minimalistic touch. Their range includes mirrors, water features, and unique decorative elements that you won't find elsewhere. The Turin corner sofa and acacia wood daybed are perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting outdoor area.

Dobbies: Beyond Gardening Essentials

Dobbies Caption: The metal three-piece balcony set from Dobbies

Dobbies is renowned for its garden centres, offering not only essential gardening supplies but also a fantastic range of outdoor furniture. From outdoor heating to pizza ovens, sofa sets, and rattan pieces, they have it all. Their metal three-piece balcony set offers excellent value for money.

Dunelm: Simple and Affordable

Dunelm Caption: The modular sofa from Dunelm

Dunelm is the place to go for simple yet affordable garden furniture. They offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary pieces, including love seats and wooden dining sets. The modular sofa is both stylish and practical, embodying Dunelm's commitment to design.

Garden Trading: Outdoor Essentials

Garden Trading Caption: The chic rattan dining chair set from Garden Trading

Garden Trading specializes in outdoor essentials and offers a range of design-led and practical pieces for sprucing up your outdoor space. From outdoor storage to dining sets and daybeds, their mid-range budget options are worth considering. The chic rattan dining chair set exemplifies their quality and style.

Graham and Green: Maximalist Quirkiness

Graham and Green Caption: The bench and dining table set from Graham and Green

Graham and Green's outdoor range is small but full of maximalist and quirky designs. From rattan and modern seating to rustic log burners, they have everything you need to create a unique garden space. The bench and dining table set is simple yet undeniably cool, sure to impress your garden guests.

Habitat: Stylish Outdoor Essentials

Habitat Caption: The hanging egg chair from Habitat

Habitat offers a range of outdoor essentials that won't break the bank. Their outdoor seating range includes hammocks, bistro sets, and the popular hanging egg chair. You can also find quirky outdoor decor items like garden mirrors and faux plants. Habitat is a great choice for those looking for both style and affordability.

Homebase: A Furniture Household Name

Homebase Caption: The affordable sofa set from Homebase

Homebase is a staple for affordable and versatile garden furniture. Whether you're planning a complete outdoor revamp or just need a few pieces, they have everything you need. Their range includes outdoor cushions, arbours, hot tubs, and colorful children's playsets. The affordable sofa set is a top pick on our wishlist.

H&M: Trendy and Affordable

H&M Caption: The reclining seat and matching stool from H&M

H&M is not just for fashion but also offers trendy garden decor and furniture. From stylish plant pots to minimalist seating solutions, they have options for every outdoor space, whether it's a patio, garden, or balcony. Their outdoor offerings start at just £3.99, and the reclining seat and matching stool are perfect for creating a poolside vibe at home.

Ikea: Affordable and Stylish

Ikea Caption: The contemporary option from Ikea

Ikea is known for its affordable and stylish furniture, and their outdoor seating options are no exception. Starting at just £15, you'll find a wide range of sofas, dining sets, storage solutions, and more. Their contemporary options, like the one pictured, provide a timeless look for your outdoor space.

John Lewis: Classic and Elegant

John Lewis Caption: The affordable bistro set from John Lewis

John Lewis offers a range of classic and elegantly designed outdoor furniture. They feature well-known brands alongside their own affordable and chic Anyday range. The bistro set, available at an affordable price, is ideal for adding a splash of color to your outdoor area.

Neptune: Premium and Timeless

Neptune Caption: The timeless bench from Neptune

Neptune offers premium garden furniture built to last. From metal-framed collections to al fresco mirrors and dining tables, their designs are show-stoppers. While their prices reflect the high-end nature of their products, you can find great deals on end-of-line designs, customer returns, and samples. The timeless bench is a standout piece that exudes elegance.

Next: Contemporary and Long-Lasting

Next Caption: The swing sofa from Next

Next's outdoor furniture is contemporary and built to stand the test of time. While slightly pricier, their furniture receives excellent customer reviews for its quality. They regularly offer savings on their designs, making it easier to furnish your garden for less. The swing sofa is a perfect balance of style and practicality.

Oka: Elegance and Longevity

Oka Caption: The striped garden ceramic stool from Oka

Oka is the place to go for elegant and long-lasting outdoor furniture. From Grecian-inspired dining tables to weatherproof rattan and resin pieces, they cater to various style preferences. Their striped garden ceramic stool is a particularly cool and eye-catching option.

The Conran Shop: Design-led Excellence

The Conran Shop Caption: The unique rectangular coffee table from The Conran Shop

The Conran Shop is a favorite for design-led interior pieces, and their outdoor range is equally impressive. They offer larger furniture options that can become a centerpiece in your garden, such as unique coffee tables and outdoor sofas. While some pieces may come with a higher price tag, they are worth the investment for their quality and design.

The Range: Affordable and Varied

The Range Caption: The five-seater sofa set from The Range

The Range is your one-stop shop for affordable garden furniture. They offer a home delivery service for their extensive range, including budget-friendly takes on outdoor trends like hanging egg chairs and rattan sofas. You'll also find hot tubs, pizza ovens, and gazebos among their hundreds of options. The five-seater sofa set is perfect for entertaining guests this summer.

Very: Well-Crafted and Affordable

Very Caption: The bean bag from Very

Very offers well-crafted outdoor furniture at competitive prices, similar to their affordable fashion lines. They often reduce prices during sale periods, making it even more budget-friendly. From furniture essentials to fun and timeless pieces, Very has you covered. The bean bag, available in various fun colors, is a great seating solution for kids.

Waitrose: Upmarket and Classic

Waitrose Caption: The bistro set from Waitrose

Waitrose's garden furniture range reflects the upmarket nature of the brand. From egg chairs to sofa sets and benches, they offer well-constructed outdoor furniture with classic designs that go beyond trends. If you're looking for versatile furniture that will stand the test of time, Waitrose is an excellent choice. The bistro set is a perfect example of their elegant offerings.

Wayfair: Vast Selection and Value

Wayfair Caption: The gazebo from Wayfair

Wayfair is known for its vast selection of furniture, and their garden furniture range is no exception. With options ranging from dining sets to daybeds, sun loungers, and even bars, you're sure to find a gem among their extensive collection. The gazebo, available at an affordable price, provides both shade and protection from the elements.

Supermarket Options

Supermarkets are a great source for value-for-money garden furniture. Retailers like Aldi, Asda, Waitrose, and M&S offer home delivery for your convenience. While delivery times may vary, it's worth checking the specific details for each purchase. Additionally, consider garden storage options, such as sheds and storage boxes, to keep your outdoor furniture protected.

Delivery Options

For larger furniture items, some retailers offer next-day delivery for an additional fee. John Lewis & Partners, Argos, and Ikea are among the retailers providing this service. Other stores like B&Q may have longer delivery times, so it's essential to check the specific delivery details for each item.

Find the Best Deals

For the latest discounts on garden furniture, be sure to check the links below. With plenty of options available, you can create your dream outdoor space without breaking the bank.

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Now that you're armed with the knowledge of the best garden furniture shops, it's time to start planning and transforming your outdoor area into a cozy and stylish oasis. Happy shopping!