The Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shade

Blue is undeniably the most beloved color worldwide. In our fast-paced and chaotic lives, the calming and soothing qualities that blue offers are in high demand. With so many shades of blue to choose from,...

Blue is undeniably the most beloved color worldwide. In our fast-paced and chaotic lives, the calming and soothing qualities that blue offers are in high demand. With so many shades of blue to choose from, how do you decide which one is perfect for your home? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Dive into the World of Blue

Sherwin Williams is renowned for its extensive collection of blue shades. But fear not, I have narrowed down the list to bring you the best of the best - the most popular, the most versatile, and the most enduring. By the end of this article, you'll have a clear understanding of which blues reign supreme and how to use them in your home.

Salty Dog: A Royal Favorite

1 Salty Dog in the Living Room Image: Salty Dog in the Living Room

Let's start with my personal favorite - Salty Dog. This navy blue shade stands out from the crowd with its vibrant royal blue undertones. Unlike traditional navy blues that lean towards gray, Salty Dog truly pops. It's a perfect choice for adding depth and richness to any space.

Salty Dog is Perfect for Kitchen Islands

Naval: Classic and Timeless

2 Naval in the Bedroom Image: Naval in the Bedroom

Naval, a traditional navy blue, was Sherwin Williams' Color of the Year in 2020. This deep and inky blue exudes elegance and looks stunning when paired with bold Art Deco accents in gold and black. Its timeless appeal makes it a top choice for those seeking a classic blue hue.

Naval is the Best Version of a Classic

Atmospheric: The Chameleon of Light

3 Atmospheric in the Kitchen Image: Atmospheric in the Kitchen

Atmospheric is a captivating light blue that transforms with changing light conditions. Its ability to adapt makes it a versatile choice for various spaces. Whether you want a more expansive feeling with a creative twist for your ceilings or a soft touch for your walls, Atmospheric won't disappoint.

Atmospheric is Great for Ceilings

Windy Blue: The Subtle Neutral

4 Windy Blue in the Living Room Image: Windy Blue in the Living Room

Windy Blue strikes the perfect balance between cool periwinkle blue and cloud gray. This subtle mid-tone blue acts as a neutral backdrop, allowing other colors to shine. Whether you want to create a calming sanctuary or add depth to your space, Windy Blue is a reliable choice.

Windy Blue is a Subtle, Neutral Blue

Indigo Batik: Instant Luxe

5 Indigo Batik in the Bathroom Image: Indigo Batik in the Bathroom

Indigo Batik is a rich and dark blue that exudes luxury and sophistication. With its deep blue tones, it elevates any space, especially when paired with gold and silver accents. If you're seeking instant opulence, Indigo Batik is the way to go.

Indigo Batik is Instant Luxe

Georgian Bay: A Pop of Cheer

6 Georgian Bay in the Living Room Image: Georgian Bay in the Living Room

Blue doesn't always have to be calm and serene. Georgian Bay is a bright and appealing teal that adds a cheerful touch to any space. Its vibrant nature can be amplified by pairing it with other bright colors or toned down with earthy neutrals. Let Georgian Bay bring a smile to your face.

Georgian Bay Cheers Up Any Room

Sleepy Blue: Soothing and Serene

7 Sleepy Blue in the Bedroom Image: Sleepy Blue in the Bedroom

Sleepy Blue is a gentle and subdued robin's egg blue that creates a serene atmosphere. This color beautifully embraces the blue family, providing a tranquil setting for restful spaces like bedrooms, family rooms, or reading nooks. Say goodbye to the gray trend and embrace the soothing embrace of Sleepy Blue.

Sleepy Blue is Calming and Cooling

Watery: Refreshingly Cool

8 Watery in the Bathroom Image: Watery in the Bathroom

Watery lives up to its name, offering a soft and cool blue-green shade. This refreshing color perfectly complements coastal decor styles and helps create an airy ambiance, making small rooms feel more spacious. Dive into the tranquility of Watery.

Watery Makes Rooms Feel Larger

Aviary Blue: A Sky-High Delight

9 Aviary Blue in the Kitchen Image: Aviary Blue in the Kitchen

Aviary Blue is a delightful light sky-blue that evokes happiness and friendliness. This color's versatility shines through, as it works harmoniously in small or dark spaces while adding a gentle touch to larger rooms. Let Aviary Blue transport you to cloud nine.

Aviary Blue is Beautiful with Tile

Stardew: Subdued Elegance

10 Stardew in the Living Room Image: Stardew in the Living Room

Stardew brings a touch of sophistication with its subdued slate blue hue. Blended with gray undertones, this mid-tone color adds subtle elegance to any space. With proper lighting and coordinating colors, Stardew's blue tones truly shine.

Stardew is Gorgeous on Cabinets

Smoky Blue: Restful and Refined

11 Smoky Blue in the Bathroom Image: Smoky Blue in the Bathroom

Smoky Blue strikes the perfect balance between restful and statement-making. This organic shade of navy blue exudes tranquility without overpowering the space. Thanks to its gray undertones, Smoky Blue brings a touch of lightness to any room.

Smoky Blue Makes a Statement without Overpowering

Aleutian: Silky and Flowing

12 Aleutian in the Kitchen Image: Aleutian in the Kitchen

Aleutian, a silky blue-gray mid-tone, adds a touch of finesse to any space. Its silver undertones make it the perfect companion for metalwork and appliances, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, or offices. Experience the flowing elegance of Aleutian.

Aleutian is Ideal with Metalwork

Luxe Blue: Bold and Welcoming

13 Luxe Blue in the Living Room Image: Luxe Blue in the Living Room

Luxe Blue is a deep and vibrant blue with purple undertones. If you're looking for a blue that truly stands out or want to break away from the gray family, Luxe Blue is your perfect choice. This bold color radiates a welcoming ambiance, making it ideal for exteriors.

Luxe Blue is Friendly and Welcoming on Exteriors

Icelandic: Cool and Wintry

14 Icelandic in the Bedroom Image: Icelandic in the Bedroom

Icelandic, a pale wintry blue, has been gaining popularity in recent years. This versatile color complements a variety of styles, including Scandinavian, minimalist, coastal, and mid-century modern. Transform your space with the cool embrace of Icelandic.

Icelandic is Great for Retro Kitchens

Oceanside: Vibrant and Adventurous

15 Oceanside in the Living Room Image: Oceanside in the Living Room

Oceanside is a vivacious and dark teal that transports you to exotic seascapes or playful jungles. As Sherwin Williams' 2018 Color of the Year, Oceanside is a favorite among many. Use it as a backdrop for an art wall or highlight your unique collections. Let Oceanside add a touch of bohemian style to your space.

Oceanside is Perfect for Boho Style

Understanding Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, measures how light or dark a color is on a scale from 0 (absolute black) to 100 (sheer white). This article includes LRV numbers to help you compare the colors and make informed decisions.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Versatility of Blue

Blue is an incredibly versatile color that suits any color palette. Like a favorite pair of jeans, many shades of blue can complement any style or space. So, start by selecting one or two colors from this list that speak to you and build your palette around them. With the perfect blue shade, your home will undergo a true and refreshing transformation!

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