Embrace the Beauty of Mountain Modern Living Rooms

Last month, I introduced you to the captivating Organic Modern interior design style. Today, I want to delve into the world of Mountain Modern, a close cousin of Organic Modern that has truly captured my...

Last month, I introduced you to the captivating Organic Modern interior design style. Today, I want to delve into the world of Mountain Modern, a close cousin of Organic Modern that has truly captured my fascination. In fact, I'm so enamored by this style that I've created two stunningly stylized rooms that you can shop right from this blog post. So, keep on reading to discover the beauty of Mountain Modern and how it can transform your living space.

Modern Interior Design Colorado Via Cliffs Living

In Organic Modern design, the organic lines and colors soften the rigid and sterile feel often associated with modern design. The result is a harmonious blend of nature and contemporary aesthetics that avoids becoming overly ornate or fussy.

Similarly, Mountain Modern interior design strikes a perfect balance. It pairs the rich and rustic textures of traditional mountain design with the clean lines and sleek finishes of modern design. The result is a style that leans towards modern, with a slight edginess, while remaining warm and inviting. Traditional rustic details are replaced with sleek and modern design elements.

My love for this style led me to create two Mountain Modern designs just for fun. The first design leans more towards the modern side, while the second design incorporates more traditional elements. And the best part? I've included links to every piece in the room, so you can effortlessly add these beautiful designs to your own home today!

Design Plan leaning more Modern

Mountain Modern Living Room Design plan

The foundation of this room is the graphic area rug, which adds a captivating pop of yellow. The modern sectional sofa features unique metal legs, adding interest and an edgy feel. To bring in the mountain ambiance, we've incorporated a wood coffee table with rustic texture and an organic shape. The chair boasts a modern silhouette with metal legs and a striped fabric that adds a touch of masculinity to the room. Lastly, the black and wood side table adds a splash of modern design.

And let's not forget about the accessories - the ombre pendant light is simply marvelous. Its yellow hues perfectly complement the rug and were my main source of inspiration for this room design. Baskets and pillows complete the texture of the room, providing that essential mountain feel. Shop the entire collection here.

Design Plan leaning more Mountain Transitional

Mountain Modern Interior Design Plans, Colorado

This design plan leans more towards the mountain aesthetic and incorporates transitional elements. The sectional sofa features clean lines, a lower base, and traditional wooden feet. The coffee table, on the other hand, adds a modern touch with its metal hairpin legs. One standout piece in this design is the side table - a teak tripod base topped with zinc. The combination of metal and wood perfectly encapsulates the essence of Mountain Modern style.

The real charm of this design plan lies in the decor and textural accessories. The use of baskets as artwork adds warmth and a welcoming feel to the entire room. Shop the entire collection here.

Tips to Create a Mountain Modern Design

To help you bring the Mountain Modern style into your own space, I've put together a few helpful tips:

  • Use minimal color and maximize texture through area rugs, pillows, throws, and even baskets or tapestries as artwork.
  • Black is a grounding color that brings in that organic vibe. Incorporate black metals and use black textiles.
  • Add pops of color in rust, forest green, or even navy to create visual interest.
  • Combine metal and wood with natural textures like baskets, woven fabrics, and leather.
  • Don't forget to add cozy throw blankets for the ultimate mountain retreat experience. You can explore my curated collection of Mountain Modern throws here.

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Mountain Modern is undoubtedly one of the top design styles, capturing the hearts of many. Is it your style too? Take the quiz here to find out!

So, go ahead and embrace the beauty of Mountain Modern living rooms. Upgrade your space with the perfect balance of rustic charm and modern sophistication. Happy decorating!