Born February 28th? Your Sign is Pisces

by Lucas Vanderlinden Were you born on February 28th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Pisces, the sign of the fishes. This means that when you were born, the Sun...


Were you born on February 28th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Pisces, the sign of the fishes. This means that when you were born, the Sun was in the stars that make up the constellation known as Pisces. Learn the basics of your horoscope below.

Pisces Overview

Pisces is known as मीन (meena) in Sanskrit, or “fish.” Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by certain basic traits. This includes Symbol, Planetary Ruler, Element, Nature, and Gender. Here's the general make-up of the Pisces sign:

  • Sign of the Fishes: Pisces natives are shy and soft-hearted. They can often be found encircled by loving friends.
  • Ruled by Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, spirituality, wealth, and learning. Jupiterians are religious and warm-hearted.
  • A water sign: Those with a Pisces moon are perceptive, artistic, and sentimental.
  • A dual sign: Persons born under this sign are adaptable and multi-talented.
  • A feminine sign: This makes the native receptive, sensitive, and empathetic.
  • Pisces’s preferred gemstone is yellow sapphire: Pisceans can also benefit from yellow topaz and citrine as well.

Traits of the Sun in Pisces

In Western Astrology, a person’s sign is determined by the position of the Sun. If you were born on Feb 28th, then you’re considered a Pisces according to most people in the Western world. The influence of the Sun in a birth chart will change depending on various factors, but here are some general traits likely found in a native whose Sun is in Pisces:

  • You are a loyal friend: You stand by those who are close to you, even in times of difficulty. This is because you recognize the value of a true friend, and you genuinely care about the well-being of others.
  • You easily attract the opposite sex: You are physically attractive, charming, and financially well-off. Combined together, these qualities make you very popular, especially among members of the opposite sex.
  • You can earn well in a water-related profession: Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter. Positioned here, the Sun grants success in fields related to water, boats, and other maritime professions.
  • You may feel insecure: Although you earn well and have the favor of your friends and the public at large, you are likely to suffer inner insecurity. You often focus on your weaknesses and imperfections, failing to see your many natural talents and strengths. This is due to your high ideals and tendency toward perfectionism.
  • You lead a fortunate life: Pisces is one of the most benefic signs of the Zodiac. You are likely to be wealthy, famous within your sphere of activity, and blessed with a beautiful family. However, you are at risk of becoming involved in scandals.

Pisces Careers

Pisceans prefer working behind the scenes or in fields that allow them to help others. You are fortunate in life and are unlikely to suffer from poverty. However, you may overcommit to various projects and find that you have no time left for yourself.

Recommended careers: Anything cultured or charitable. Artists, doctors, teachers, nurses, priests, nuns, monks, or non-profit or social justice workers.

Careers to avoid: Pisceans are free-spirited and require professions that resonate with their creative and compassionate nature. You likely wouldn’t do well in fields that are stifling or exploitative. For example, office workers or customer support at for-profit corporations, or anything in the animal agriculture, tobacco, or pharmaceutical industries.

Pisces Mantras

A mantra is a short phrase that uplifts and cleanses our mind, heart, and consciousness. Most suffering takes place only within the mind, and by practicing mantra meditation, we can experience total relief from all suffering and negativity.

Pisceans can especially benefit by meditating with the following mantra:

ॐ वामनाय​ नमः
Om vamanaya namaha

The Vedas contain many mantras that are effective for different people according to their particular situation. However, some mantras are universal. The following maha-mantra, or “super mantra,” is beneficial for people born in any zodiac sign:

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे
Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Famous Birthdays on February 28th

  • Jason Aldean
  • Angelababy
  • Ali Larter
  • Gilbert Gottfried
  • Bernadette Peters
  • Aroldis Chapman
  • Robert Sean Leonard

Events in History on February 28th

  • 2021: 78th Golden Globes: Best film “Nomadland” (drama), “Borat” (comedy), Best TV series “The Crown”, Chadwick Boseman posthumously wins film Best Actor
  • 2019: YouTube announces it will stop all comments on videos featuring children because of pedophiles leaving inappropriate comments
  • 2019: Summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump collapses without agreement
  • 2016: 88th Academy Awards: Best Picture “Spotlight”, Best Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Best Actor/Actress Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson
  • 2005: Stereophonics release their single “Dakota”, later their first #1 UK single
  • 1849: The first boatload of gold rush prospectors arrives in San Francisco from the east coast
  • 1832: Charles Darwin, aboard HMS Beagle, arrives in the town of Salvador in the Brazilian state of Bahia
  • 1819: The first public performance of Franz Schubert’s song “Schäfers Klageleid”
  • 1784: John Wesley charters Methodist Church
  • 1728: George Frideric Handel’s opera “Siroe, re di Persia” premieres in London

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