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Born on February 5th? Your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

by Lucas Vanderlinden Were you born on February 5th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Aquarius, the sign of the waterpot. This means that when you were born, the Sun...


by Lucas Vanderlinden

Were you born on February 5th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Aquarius, the sign of the waterpot. This means that when you were born, the Sun was in the stars that make up the constellation known as Aquarius. Let's explore the basics of your horoscope below.

Aquarius Overview

Aquarius is known as "कुम्भ" (kumbha) in Sanskrit, or "waterpot." Each zodiac sign is characterized by certain basic traits, including Symbol, Planetary Ruler, Element, Nature, and Gender. Here's a breakdown of the Aquarius sign:

  • Sign of the water bearer: Aquarius natives are altruistic and lofty thinkers, although they may be susceptible to frequent mood swings.
  • Ruled by Saturn: Saturn is the planet of karma, poverty, disease, austerity, and mysticism. Saturnine individuals are somber and mysterious.
  • An air sign: Those with an Aquarius moon are imaginative, logical, and curious.
  • A fixed sign: Persons born under this sign are steady, predictable, and slow to change.
  • A masculine sign: This makes the native aggressive, bold, and thick-skinned.
  • Aquarius's preferred gemstone is blue sapphire: Aquarius can also benefit from blue spinel and amethyst.

Traits of the Sun in Aquarius

In Western Astrology, a person's sign is determined by the position of the Sun. If you were born on February 5th, you're considered an Aquarius according to most people in the Western world.

The influence of the Sun in a birth chart will change depending on its location in relation to other planets, as well as other factors. However, here are some general traits likely found in someone with their Sun in Aquarius:

  • You are a serious person: Aquarians are thoughtful and contemplative. You are drawn to philosophy and metaphysics. Meaningful conversations are your favorite, and you don't like wasting time.
  • You may feel dissatisfied in life: As an ambitious person, you have high hopes for the future. However, your achievements may not always live up to your expectations. Practice moderation and gratitude while striving for your desires.
  • You have tremendous stamina: Once you set your mind on a goal, you work relentlessly towards it. You possess exceptional endurance and don't mind putting in the hard work for a worthwhile reward.
  • You may have a hard time saving money: Depending on other planetary positions and factors in your chart, managing finances responsibly and saving money may be a struggle. Be mindful of your spending habits.
  • You are likely to be ill-tempered: Aquarians can be a bit difficult to get along with. You have a unique perspective on the world and don't appreciate others trying to impose their views on you. Cultivating a daily meditation practice can help you better control your emotions and empathize with those around you.

Aquarius Careers

Aquarians are humanitarians at heart and may be drawn to religious or mystical professions. While you can make a good living, be aware of your tendency to spend money somewhat carelessly.

Recommended careers: Anything that involves helping others or has a spiritual focus. Aquarians make talented philanthropists, social reformers, healers, doctors, philosophers, mystics, and religious workers. They may also thrive in fields like law, radio, television, or maintenance.

Careers to avoid: Your contemplative attitude and inclination toward asceticism may interfere with careers that require a high degree of worldly ambition, such as entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, actors, or competitive athletes.

Aquarius Mantras

A mantra is a short phrase that uplifts and cleanses the mind, heart, and consciousness. By practicing mantra meditation, we can experience total relief from suffering and negativity.

Aquarians can benefit from meditating with the following mantra:

ॐ वामनाय नमः
Om kurma-devaya namaha

The Vedas contain many mantras effective for different people based on their unique circumstances. However, some mantras are universal. The following maha-mantra, or "super mantra," is beneficial for people born in any zodiac sign:

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे
Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Famous Birthdays on February 5

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Neymar
  • Kevin Gates
  • Bobby Brown
  • Laura Linney
  • Carlos Tevez
  • Michael Sheen
  • Emily Addison

Events in History on February 5

  • 2020: US Senate votes to acquit President Donald Trump
  • 2019: Pope Francis admits for the first time that clerics have sexually abused nuns
  • 2014: Google Vice President Susan Wojcicki is named CEO of YouTube
  • 1778: Articles of Confederation ratified by 2nd state, South Carolina
  • 1631: Founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams arrives in Boston from England
  • 1576: Henry of Navarre (later Henry IV of France) abjures Catholicism at Tours
  • 1428: King Alfonso V orders Sicily's Jews to attend conversion sermons
  • 816: Frankish emperor Louis grants archbishop Salzburg immunity

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