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Born on March 17th? Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

Image Source: Sanaulac by Lucas Vanderlinden Introduction Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign reveals about you? If you were born on March 17th, then according to Western astrology, you are a Pisces, the...


by Lucas Vanderlinden


Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign reveals about you? If you were born on March 17th, then according to Western astrology, you are a Pisces, the sign of the fishes. Let's dive into the basics of your horoscope and unlock the secrets of your personality.

Pisces Overview

Pisces, known as "मीन" (meena) in Sanskrit, symbolizes the fish. Each zodiac sign is characterized by certain traits, including their symbol, planetary ruler, element, nature, and gender. Here's what makes up the Pisces sign:

  • Symbol of the Fishes: Pisces natives are known for their shyness and soft-heartedness. They are often found surrounded by a circle of loving friends.
  • Ruled by Jupiter: Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, spirituality, wealth, and learning, governs those born under Pisces. Jupiterians are religious and warm-hearted.
  • A Water Sign: Individuals with a Pisces moon are perceptive, artistic, and sentimental.
  • A Dual Sign: Pisces signifies adaptability and multi-talented qualities.
  • A Feminine Sign: The feminine energy makes Pisces natives receptive, sensitive, and empathetic.
  • Preferred Gemstone: Yellow sapphire is the favored gemstone of Pisces. Yellow topaz and citrine can also bring benefits.

Traits of the Sun in Pisces

In Western Astrology, a person's zodiac sign is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of their birth. For those born on March 17th, being a Pisces means you possess the following general traits:

  • You are a loyal friend: You stand by your loved ones through thick and thin, valuing the importance of true friendship and caring deeply about others.
  • You have a magnetic charm: Your physical attractiveness, charm, and financial stability make you popular, particularly among the opposite sex.
  • You excel in water-related professions: With Pisces being a water sign ruled by Jupiter, you are likely to achieve success in professions related to water, boats, and maritime activities.
  • You may battle with insecurity: Despite your wealth, popularity, and the support of your friends and the public, you often struggle with inner insecurity. Your high ideals and perfectionistic tendencies cause you to focus on your weaknesses rather than your natural talents and strengths.
  • You lead a fortunate life: Pisces is one of the most benefic signs of the Zodiac. You are likely to enjoy wealth, recognition within your field, and a beautiful family. However, be cautious of potential scandals.

Pisces Careers

Pisceans tend to thrive in careers that allow them to work behind the scenes and help others. While you are unlikely to face poverty, you may find yourself overcommitted to various projects, leaving little time for self-care. Here are some recommended and avoidable careers for Pisces:

Recommended Careers:

  • Anything cultured or charitable
  • Artists, doctors, teachers, nurses
  • Priests, nuns, monks
  • Non-profit or social justice workers

Careers to Avoid:

  • Stifling or exploitative roles
  • Office workers or customer support in for-profit corporations
  • Animal agriculture, tobacco, or pharmaceutical industries

Pisces Mantras

Mantras hold the power to uplift and cleanse our mind, heart, and consciousness. By practicing mantra meditation, we can find relief from suffering and negativity. As a Pisces, you can benefit from meditating with the following mantra:

ॐ वामनाय​ नमः (Om vamanaya namaha)

The Vedic wisdom texts offer many different mantras tailored to each individual based on their unique circumstances. However, some mantras hold universal benefits. The following maha-mantra, or "super mantra," can benefit people born in any zodiac sign:

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे (Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare)

Famous Birthdays on March 17th

  • Kurt Russell
  • Nicky Jam
  • Grimes
  • Rob Kardashian
  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Rob Lowe
  • Yuta Tamamori

Events in History on March 17th

  • 2022: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari apologizes for recent fuel shortages and power outages.
  • 2021: Emirates Team New Zealand beats Italian yacht Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in the America's Cup, held in Auckland.
  • 2019: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro arrives in the US for face-to-face meetings with Donald Trump.
  • 2017: Live-action remake "Beauty and the Beast," directed by Bill Condon and starring Emma Watson, opens.
  • 2016: Brazilian federal judge blocks the swearing-in of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as Chief of Staff to President Dilma Rousseff amid the "Car Wash" controversy.
  • 1829: Joseph Grimaldi, a famous clown, gives his final performance at Sadler's Wells in London.
  • 1658: Pro-Charles II plot is discovered in England.
  • 1521: Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Philippines.

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