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Cancer - The Emotional and Protective Zodiac Sign

Image source: sanaulac.vn Cancer is often associated with the symbol of the crab. Just like a crab moves sideways, Cancer natives have a tendency to navigate life indirectly. They are sensitive and self-protective, retreating into...

Cancer the Crab Image source: sanaulac.vn

Cancer is often associated with the symbol of the crab. Just like a crab moves sideways, Cancer natives have a tendency to navigate life indirectly. They are sensitive and self-protective, retreating into themselves when hurt. Similar to how crabs resist changes in their environment, Cancer natives prefer to avoid too much change and be on the defensive. They try to blend in with their surroundings, avoiding making a splash in life.

The symbol of Cancer, which resembles breasts, signifies the nurturing qualities this sign possesses.

Sun in Cancer

(The Sun is in Cancer from June 21 to July 22, depending on the year).

Sun in Cancer individuals have a strong survival instinct and are protective of their loved ones as well as themselves. They often keep their inner selves hidden from the world and are prone to reminiscing. Cancers have a reputation for moodiness, especially when the Moon is in Cancer. They resist change to maintain a sense of security and safety in everything they do.

Cancer individuals have an appreciation for objects with sentimental value, such as antiques and photographs.

Cancer is a sensitive sign, and they don't always appreciate blunt or harsh communication. Their reactions to hurt vary depending on how well they've developed their emotional defenses. Most Cancers react by withdrawing or manipulating others to get what they want. They dislike direct confrontations and are known for their hospitality and dependability.

Moon in Cancer

This is the most subjective position of the Moon. The Moon is "at home" in the sign of Cancer, as the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign.

Moon in Cancer individuals have a special ability to connect with the emotions and moods of others. They often focus on their own feelings and have exceptional memories, especially when it comes to emotional experiences. Moon in Cancer people seek security and familiarity in all aspects of their lives. They prefer peace and tranquility, avoiding change whenever possible.

These individuals dislike superficiality and strive to be devoted and accommodating. They often accumulate possessions to feel secure. Moon in Cancer individuals may dwell on past hurts, finding it difficult to move on. Their reactions to feeling taken for granted can be indirect and manipulative.

While these individuals can have difficulty compartmentalizing their lives, their loony sense of humor is one of their most delightful characteristics. When treated with tenderness and understanding, Moon in Cancer individuals return the favor with warmth and protection.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer individuals have a sensitive and thoughtful approach to communication. They communicate with feeling, which can make them appear withdrawn or personal, even if their Sun sign is more outgoing. They carefully listen to others and remember almost everything, especially the emotions behind the words.

These communicators have a gentle, intuitive, and sentimental style. They may appear defensive and take things personally. Mercury in Cancer people are particularly attracted to poetry, archaic language, and expressions of yesteryear. They are diplomatic in their dealings with others due to their heightened awareness of emotions.

These individuals take their time to make decisions and form opinions. They need space to explore their thoughts and emotions. Mercury in Cancer people can feel frustrated with purely logical thinking processes and dislike distractions. Their ability to present things concisely and powerfully makes them effective speakers and writers.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer individuals thrive in committed and predictable relationships. They are sensitive and caring lovers, offering security, comfort, and care. While they may appear moody at times, they express their love by nurturing and caring for their partners. They value emotional connections and are turned off by impersonal approaches to love.

These individuals can resort to passive-aggressiveness and seek attention through silent treatments or pouting. They are cautious about being hurt and may retreat into themselves, which can strain the relationship. Pleasing Venus in Cancer involves showing affection, recognizing their attachment to family and home, and providing a sense of security.

Mars in Cancer

Individuals with Mars in Cancer can be passive-aggressive and resistant to change. They prefer to feel secure before taking action and can appear slow to others. They have a tenacious nature and can be strong despite their gentle outward appearance. Mars in Cancer individuals often tie their sex drive to emotional needs and can be turned on by the idea of creating a family.

These individuals are threatened by indifference and can be argumentative or manipulative as a defense mechanism. They are variable in energy levels and can react emotionally when cornered. When Mars in Cancer individuals direct their protective energy outward, they become caring and dependable. However, when they turn it inward, they may face challenges with insecurity and self-protection.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant individuals have a gentle and familiar presence. They can be unassuming, family-oriented, and caring. Their sensitivity to their surroundings can make them easily flustered, especially in public. Stability and structure are significant factors they seek in a partner and a relationship. Security is their foundational need, and they are willing to give up personal freedom for it. Cancer Ascendant individuals approach marriage practically and appreciate well-defined rules.

Cancer Infographic Image source: sanaulac.vn

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