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CASAFARI's Property Sourcing: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Real Estate Market

Most countries around the world face a common challenge when it comes to real estate - a lack of access to public records and information, leading to chaos and confusion in the property market. This...

Most countries around the world face a common challenge when it comes to real estate - a lack of access to public records and information, leading to chaos and confusion in the property market. This not only hinders homebuyers, owners, and renters, but also poses difficulties for professionals in the sector who require accurate real estate data to streamline their work and provide informed advice to clients. CASAFARI, a leading real estate platform, has developed an innovative solution to address this issue: Property Sourcing. Let's explore how this tool brings transparency and efficiency to the property market.

A Game-Changer for Property Search

Real estate professionals have long grappled with the arduous task of staying updated on daily market activity, involving multiple open tabs and numerous online sources. Fortunately, CASAFARI's Property Sourcing simplifies this process by centralizing information on the entire property market. With this application, you can effortlessly:

  • Source new properties and identify market opportunities
  • Track your own portfolio and detect exclusivity breaches
  • Monitor the activity of competitor agencies
  • Access past information about a property to prepare for client meetings
  • Expand your portfolio with FSBO (For Sale By Owner) leads

Finding the perfect property for your clients is now easier than ever. CASAFARI's Property Sourcing offers a wide range of filters to narrow down your search, including price range, type of business (rent or sale), property condition, number of rooms, year of construction, energy certificate, property type, and various characteristics such as balconies, elevators, garages, and swimming pools.

Setting Alerts for Smarter Property Searches

Tired of running the same search every day? CASAFARI has you covered. With Property Sourcing, you can set alerts and receive notifications whenever a new property matching your criteria enters the market. Simply click on the bell icon beside the search engine, and you'll stay informed without any extra effort.

Streamline Your Search with Reference Numbers

Every real estate listing online is assigned a unique reference number, which you can input into CASAFARI's Property Sourcing search engine. Instantly retrieve the property you're looking for, and if it piques your interest, add it to your Favorites for quick access.

Hot Offers, New Listings, and Property Ratings

CASAFARI's Property Sourcing features labels that make it easier to identify hot opportunities and new properties on the market. These labels provide a competitive edge, enabling you to act swiftly in dynamic markets. Additionally, CASAFARI's scoring system rates properties based on various factors, helping you evaluate their desirability quickly.

Detailed Property Information at Your Fingertips

Clicking on a specific property within CASAFARI's Property Sourcing reveals a wealth of detailed information. Explore key property characteristics, browse through photos, review graphs depicting market trends, discover the property's history, and gain insights into price changes and the listing agent. You can even add comments, share the property, generate a PDF, perform a property valuation, and propose shared deals with seller agents.

This comprehensive data empowers you to:

  • Identify exclusivity breaches
  • Understand how a property fares against its competitors
  • Strategize your approach when buying or selling real estate
  • Collaborate with other estate agents for shared deals

Stay Informed with CASAFARI's Favorites

CASAFARI's Favorites feature allows you to closely monitor properties of interest to you or your clients. Track price changes, keep an eye on competitors, and stay updated on your portfolio's performance. Whether you're a buying agent, property investor, estate agent, or broker, the Favorites tool offers valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

Adding a property to your Favorites is a breeze - simply click on the star icon found on the property's photo within Property Sourcing. You can even organize your Favorites into different folders for better organization. CASAFARI's real estate software displays all changes that have occurred within your saved properties over the past day, three days, week, or month, including price fluctuations, reservations, delistings, and sales.

Close Deals Faster with CASAFARI Connect

CASAFARI Connect is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates collaboration between estate agents, allowing for seamless commission splitting in shared deals. By leveraging CASAFARI Connect, you can:

  • Efficiently manage shared deal requests
  • Establish flexible commission splitting rules
  • Increase visibility of your property portfolio
  • Boost lead generation and expedite deal closures

Within CASAFARI's Property Sourcing, you can identify properties available for shared deals with a distinctive handshake icon. By clicking on the icon, you can explore the specific commission sharing rules applicable to the property. Alternatively, use the "Connect" button on the property page's top right corner to access the same information.

Interested in learning more about CASAFARI Connect and the benefits it offers to both buyers and sellers? Discover all the information you need to unlock the full potential of this powerful collaboration platform.

With CASAFARI, you can arm yourself with the market data necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition. Subscribe now and gain access to accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information that will supercharge your real estate deals.