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Creative Small Home Interior Design Ideas

It's not always easy to renovate your home. Apart from the cost, you need a bit of design understanding to get it right. This puts home decor out of reach for most of us. It...

It's not always easy to renovate your home. Apart from the cost, you need a bit of design understanding to get it right. This puts home decor out of reach for most of us. It can get especially distressing when you see the latest design trends doing the rounds in your neighborhood.

But hey, that's where we come in! Small home interior design ideas on a low budget can guarantee a fresh look for your house. Getting it right isn't rocket science, and once you look at some of these amazing ways to revamp your home, you too can have trendy home decor without spending too much. Let's take a dive deep into these home interior design ideas for small houses.

interior design ideas on a low budget Image source: sanaulac.vn

1. Add Interesting Light Fixtures

Light is so much more than a tool to remove darkness. It's a wonderful way to change the ambiance and mood of your home decor. Layered lighting allows you to play with several lighting elements, each with its unique charm.

Let's start with ceiling lights. You can go for recessed lights in your false ceiling or a track light to enhance certain features in your room. A grand centerpiece is another option. It can be a chandelier or a few pendant lights in a cluster of charms.

A dramatic floor lamp or some lampshades should do it for your other lighting options. This one-shot revamp can add instant drama to your small home interior design living room.

add interesting light fixtures Image source: sanaulac.vn

2. Raid Your Grandmother's Attic or Storeroom

Family heirlooms add a unique dimension to your home interior design. It can be an old wooden cabinet on its last legs or some brass or copper vessels; once you revive them, you are set to go.

Wood has a very long life. Once you repair your furniture piece and give it a good polish, you will be the proud owner of an elegant piece that oozes tradition and style. Have some old black and white photo albums? Why not frame them aesthetically for an intriguing picture gallery?

Another trick for interior home design for small houses is to amp up the look with old brocade sarees for your cushions or as frames for your focus wall. Low-cost small home interior design at its best!

grandmother's attic or storeroom Image source: sanaulac.vn

3. Add a Splash of Colour to Your Small home Interior Design

Paint can change the look of your home with a few swipes of a brush. Once your walls get a fresh coat of paint, your room will look as good as new. You don't need to play it safe by using the same colour you used the last time.

Search for colors that compliment your upholstery. If your walls are pristine, wallpaper your focal wall in dramatic stripes and prints to amp up the look. This gorgeous decor is to die for.

While you are at it, you can paint a cabinet or a table in vibrant colors to add an interesting dimension to your decor. Remember, using vibrant colors is one of the oldest Indian small home interior design ideas-yet it remains a timeless approach.

splash of colour Image source: sanaulac.vn

4. Bring the Freshness of Greenery into Your Home

Plants work all the time, even in home interior design for small houses. Be it in the nook of your balcony, a corner of your room, or a herb garden on your kitchen window. These little wonders don't ask for a lot but can give you oodles of joy.

If exotic indoor plants are too much for you to maintain, try an array of cactus plants or plants such as ficus or anthurium. Make sure to house your plants in interesting holders. Wickerwork, metal bins, glassware, jars, and old teapots are some of the options to achieve small budget home interior design.

greenery into the home Image source: sanaulac.vn

5. Revamp Your Bedroom Decor

It's easy to transform your bedroom into a class act with just a few splashes of paint. You can give your existing wardrobe a makeover by painting the veneer. Jade green, teal, grey, or even white are great choices. This small home interior design strategy will add style to your mundane decor.

Low-cost interior hacks such as adding a headboard to the bed or changing the fabric are another way to revamp your bedroom decor. A few interesting frames at the back will do the rest, as shown in this small home interior design image.

revamp your bedroom decor Image source: sanaulac.vn

6. Accessorize

Accessories are a quick-fix solution for a new look. Furniture depots are choc-a-bloc with exciting throw cushions in every conceivable color and print. Select a color that matches your walls and upholstery but is radically different from your existing color scheme.

Pick out a range of suitable cushions for your home. Add some area rugs to the shopping cart while you are at it. A radical change in a matter of hours!

Other options? Brass rails and rods for your bathroom, wicker baskets for spare towels, potpourri to add fragrance to your home, and some tasteful photo frames for some character. You can also check out related small home interior design photos to inspire your creativity.

accessories Image source: sanaulac.vn

7. Reflect More Light with Shiny Surfaces

Another excellent small home interior design idea is using materials with reflecting surfaces. Shiny surfaces can make a small space feel bigger and more open. The first and most obvious place to start is with the flooring- where you can add glossy tiles.

It's also tempting to use dark-color paint on your walls, but this would hinder light from bouncing off and brightening your space. Instead, add a small amount of reflective high-gloss lacquer paint to give your room extra shine. Look at the ceiling as well and add some sparkle with metallic paint or light fixtures to complete your small living room home interior design.

You can also use mirrors in key areas of the house — like your bathroom — and on doors that lead into other rooms. Mirrors are a timeless small bedroom home interior design idea. They can reflect more light than simple glass doors.

more light ideas Image source: sanaulac.vn

8. Small Home Interior Design Tips and Tricks

For low-cost interior hacks, try these interesting tips and tricks:

  • Get an interesting nameplate for your home entrance. A few plants will give an inviting vibe to your decor.
  • Decals and sticky tiles add character with the minimum of expense and effort. These are ideal for your kid's room.
  • A peppy shower curtain, a bathmat, and towels in uniform colors will give a classy look to your bathroom.
  • Display your coffee mug collection on your open shelves. A few artistic ladle fixtures will add flavor to your decor.
  • A console with an appealing mirror is a must for your entryway. A lamp on your console will add to the drama of your Indian small home interior design.

Remember, it's okay to experiment with these home interior design small house tricks- Feel free to blend any two or three ideas if they fit your space.

low-cost interior hacks Image source: sanaulac.vn

It's all about impressions. These small home interior design ideas are a great way to change your home decor without putting a dent in your bank balance. If you feel you need to change a few furniture items, you know where to go. HomeLane is your one-stop destination for home interior design for small houses in India.


1. How Do You Build the Inside of a Small House?

The best way to build a small home design interior is to cut down on walls, barriers, and doors and try an open layout design. This approach will help you maximize space and make your home look larger and more beautiful.

2. How Can I Make My Small House Look Beautiful?

To make your small home look beautiful, you must consider your design and color scheme. If you have an open concept layout, everything should match with each other and flow together. You should also choose colors that complement each other and reflect your personality.

3. How Do You Design a Small House?

The best interior design for small homes is considering how people will use the house. Minimalist layouts and decor leave plenty of room, even in small spaces. After picking a layout, you can opt for contemporary styles or traditional design ideas, depending on your culture and lifestyle.

4. What Colors Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

For a small interior/small space home design, go for light colors, such as white or stark white. You can also try bright accent colors like yellow, sky blue, orange, taupe, or cool gray. Adding color to the walls will visually stretch out the space and create the illusion of more room inside your home.

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