December 17 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality

People Born On December 17: Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius Are you born on December 17th? If so, you are a Sagittarius with a knack for planning and organizing events! Your parties are always a hit,...

People Born On December 17: Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius

Are you born on December 17th? If so, you are a Sagittarius with a knack for planning and organizing events! Your parties are always a hit, filled with the right people to ensure a great time. You love to show off and pay attention to even the smallest details. But beyond your party planning skills, you are a romantic person who can be impetuous and passionate.

Moreover, you have a great sense of humor and are extremely friendly. It's no wonder you attract a lot of friends with your entertaining personality. People envy you for your ability to bring joy wherever you go.

december 17 birthday personality As a Sagittarius born on December 17th, you have a spiritual side. This might not be something that others immediately notice about you, but it is certainly true. Your spirituality serves as the foundation of your character and makes you an exceptional leader. You are also ambitious and conscious of the world around you, which adds to your reputation as a great companion.

With utopian dreams and an optimistic outlook, you often find yourself disappointed by those you are interested in romantically. However, this doesn't stop you from moving on and seeking the next love affair.


Let's talk about your entrepreneurial spirit. As someone born on December 17th, you have the charisma and drive necessary to promote your ideas and get people interested in your ventures. You have a unique ability to understand what people want, even before they do. How do you do it? You have a keen sense of intuition and trust your gut instincts. This quality sets you apart and contributes to your ability to make quick money and succeed in your ventures.

As a December 17th birthday individual, you set goals and understand the importance of having a plan to get ahead. You possess an immense amount of optimism, but at times you doubt yourself. However, your track record of success should make you confident in your decision-making abilities when it comes to your career. The future holds great potential for someone born on December 17th.

Figuring out your ideal career path may require some thoughtful consideration. Consider your natural talents and gifts when making big career moves. Don't underestimate the power of effective communication, even in seemingly small or insignificant matters. This attention to detail can make all the difference between being a sales MVP or never making a sale. Fields like advertising, education, and journalism offer opportunities for self-gratification and could be of interest to someone with your skills. You have the potential to accomplish remarkable things on a larger scale. You truly are that good!


Your horoscope reveals that you value friendships and family ties. It's comforting to have someone you can rely on and trust. As a child, you likely had many responsibilities, which have molded you into a responsible adult. As a parent, you understand the importance of allowing your children to make their own decisions occasionally. You believe this fosters a sense of pride and personal growth.

On the topic of fitness, it's clear that you prioritize your health and appearance. You take excellent care of yourself, paying attention to your diet and investing in gadgets to make staying healthy easier. Your busy routine is well-organized and efficient. However, don't forget to schedule your yearly doctor's appointments, even if you feel great.

In summary, you are someone who ensures that people get what they came for when you are the main attraction. Others often seek your advice on matters that are important to them. Despite facing disappointments yourself, you persevere. As a Sagittarius born on December 17th, you possess intelligence and are likely to be in the best health you can be.

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Famous People And Celebrities Born On December 17

  • John Abraham
  • Kiersey Clemons
  • Pope Francis
  • Ernie Hudson
  • Eddie Kendricks
  • Eugene Levy
  • Takeo Spikes

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This Day That Year - December 17 In History

  • 1944 - The Green Bay Packers are the NFL champions.
  • 1971 - James Bond's "Diamonds Are Forever" debuts.
  • 1976 - The superstation WTBS out of Atlanta, GA is now nationwide.
  • 2011 - Tropical Storm Washi destroys the Philippines, causing floods and killing 400 people.

December 17: Dhanu Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign), December 17 Chinese Zodiac Rat

Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which is said to be a planet of good luck. Jupiter represents your commitment to justice and honor.

December 17 Birthday Symbols

The symbol for the Sagittarius zodiac sign is the Archer.

December 17 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is The Star. This card embodies your desires, inspirations, and willingness to share and care. The Minor Arcana cards are the Ten of Wands and Queen of Pentacles.

December 17 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under the Zodiac Sign Aries. This match will be stimulating on an intellectual level. You are least compatible with people born under the Zodiac Sign Pisces. A relationship between the two of you may be unlikely.

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December 17 Lucky Numbers

  • Number 2: This number signifies forgiveness, diplomacy, humbleness, and resilience.
  • Number 8: This number signifies authority, power, efficiency, ambition, and discipline.

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Lucky Colors For December 17 Birthday

  • Blue: This color represents steadfastness, freedom, unity, and trustworthiness.
  • Brown: This color symbolizes grounding, stability, simplicity, and reliability.

Lucky Days For December 17 Birthday

  • Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter, this day signifies hard work, financial decisions, and networking.
  • Saturday: Ruled by Saturn, this day signifies control, discipline, preparation, and sternness.

December 17 Birthstone Turquoise

Your birthstone is Turquoise, which helps you become self-reliant and stable.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On December 17

For men, an advanced GPS device would make an excellent gift, while women would appreciate an all-expenses-paid world trip. As a December 17 birthday individual, you enjoy gifts that are high on technology.

Famous Events for December 17