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Eclectic Interior Design: Adding Personality and Vibrancy to Your Home

Artfully mixing elements from different interior design themes can create a truly unique and dynamic space in your home. Welcome to the world of eclectic interior design! In this article, we'll explore the essence of...

Artfully mixing elements from different interior design themes can create a truly unique and dynamic space in your home. Welcome to the world of eclectic interior design! In this article, we'll explore the essence of this style and provide you with some fresh ideas to inspire your own eclectic design journey.

What Exactly Is the Eclectic Interior Design Style?

The eclectic interior design style seamlessly blends different elements, including decor, furniture, colors, textures, flooring, and fixtures from various periods. It's a creative way to bridge design sensibilities across decades and create a flexible canvas for your ever-changing needs and preferences. Embracing eclectic design allows you to mix and match cleverly and infuse your home with personality.

While the eclectic design incorporates multiple themes, achieving balance, symmetry, flow, and unity among the elements is crucial. The correct placement of various aspects is paramount for creating a 'perfect' final product.

Elements of Eclectic Interior Design

Let's delve into the essential elements of eclectic interior design:

  • Wall and Ceiling Colors: Start with a neutral base, such as shades of white, light beige, cream, or greys, to create a foundation. Then, introduce focal/contrasting colors like bright blue and yellow to draw attention.
  • Textiles and Textures: Experiment with simple textures on the walls, flooring, and upholstery. Combine printed drapes, distressed floor rugs, natural fabrics with ethnic or geometric prints, fancy plaid, bright or solid-colored cushions, eco-friendly fibers, fringes, tassels, and trims.
  • Furniture and Flooring: Incorporate decorated large tables, old and/or repainted furniture, wingback chairs, pearlized coffee tables, art deco mirrors, Victorian mantelpieces, wooden flooring, and stone countertops.
  • Decor: Showcase photo and book collections, stylish wall clocks, one or two statement pieces/objects, antiques, simple wallpapers, souvenirs, a gallery wall with different frame styles, plants, light displays, drinks trays, and baskets.

Living room in eclectic style interior design makes a bold statement The furniture shape in this eclectic living room gives a very vintage yet fresh vibe.

Getting the Eclectic Interior Design Style Right

Achieving the eclectic design theme can be challenging, but these dos and don'ts will help you make informed choices:


  • Keep the base color light and add two or three bright accents/contrasts, exciting shapes, and textures. Select a core palette and add pops of color to make decor pieces stand out.
  • Experiment with the placement of decor and furniture until you find a cohesive arrangement. Pair different textures (smooth with rough) in small doses throughout the room.
  • Exercise caution when decorating small rooms, as the eclectic style can easily become overwhelming and cluttered.
  • Create harmonious symmetry and organic balance between the different elements to enhance the overall experience and vibe of the space.
  • Visualize the final composition, set a direction, and create one or two focal points when combining old and new elements. Let the final look reflect your personality and tell your story.
  • Create interesting groupings using the 'rule of three' to instantly build on your eclectic design style. Sort and group decor items by purpose, color, or size to create maximum visual impact.
  • Mix quirky textures and use one texture at least three times to create a uniform pattern in the room. Embrace variations in scale to keep the eclectic room visually interesting.
  • Pay close attention to the room's layout, utility, and negative spaces to give your eyes some rest.


  • Don't go overboard with the eclectic design style. Be selective and curate the space with the best-picked pieces that show intention and attract attention.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment and incorporate global influences. Take small risks and dare to be different.
  • Don't be inconsistent when designing multiple rooms in your home with an eclectic design style. Ensure a flow is maintained throughout.
  • When displaying decor, avoid showcasing the entire collection. Instead, rotate pieces seasonally or for variety.
  • Don't rush to change the room's look if you're not completely happy with the outcome. Live with it for a while, and you may find that it grows on you.

Exploring Different Eclectic Design Styles

Dive into the world of eclectic design by exploring different styles:

  • Vintage eclectic interior design
  • Bohemian eclectic interior design
  • Traditional eclectic interior design
  • Modern eclectic interior design
  • Coastal eclectic interior design
  • Rustic eclectic interior design
  • French country eclectic interior design
  • Glam eclectic interior design
  • Transitional eclectic interior design
  • Mid-century modern eclectic interior design
  • Minimalist eclectic interior design
  • Classic eclectic interior design
  • Scandinavian eclectic interior design
  • Shabby chic eclectic interior design
  • Industrial eclectic interior design
  • Contemporary eclectic interior design

Chic eclectic interior-designed living room with comfortable armchairs and a sofa Shabby chic eclectic interior design style is vintage-inspired and tends to be delicate, soft, and more feminine.

Glam Eclectic Interior Design

Imagine a living room that exudes over-the-top luxury and makes a bold statement. The glam eclectic interior design style achieves this with black leather armchairs, a stylish and ornate beige marble-top coffee table, and colored glass chandeliers. Additional elements like light patterned wallpaper, a wooden ceiling panel, and a large decorative accent mirror on the wall act as stunning statement pieces.

Minimalist Eclectic Interior Design

A minimalist eclectic interior design kitchen offers an almost neutral color palette and an airy feel. Defined by sleek lines and functionality, this style is known as 'minimalist-maximalist eclectic.' It strikes the balance between a subdued and bold look with fewer, well-curated pieces.

Modern Eclectic Interior Design

In a modern eclectic interior design kitchen and breakfast nook, contrasting colors like lime green and greyish black stand out against light gray and white flooring. A small photo collection on the wall creates visual interest and ties the overall look together harmoniously. This design style embraces simplicity and uses materials like glass, metal, and steel.

Scandinavian Eclectic Interior Design

An understated yet beautiful and fun vibe fills this Scandinavian eclectic entertainment/family room. Off-white walls and light wood flooring make the space visually larger and airier, while yellow accents on the TV showcase and sofa add warmth and coziness. The gallery wall acts as an interesting focal point and potential conversation starter.

Shabby Chic Eclectic Interior Design

An open-plan shabby chic eclectic living room combines comfort, blue and brown accent walls, flowers, and differently sized tables and lighting fixtures for a specific purpose. Each design element speaks for itself without burdening the space. Interesting textures and shapes play around, creating a visually captivating living room.

The eclectic interior design style allows you to infuse your home with personality and vibrancy, without restricting yourself to the rules of traditional design. So, go ahead, experiment, and give your home a much-needed transformation. Good luck!

However, if you're unsure of where and how to start, our interior design experts at DesignCafe are here to help. Contact us today for personalized advice and guidance.

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