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Feng Shui East Facing House: 15 Rules for Luck + Wealth

Sharing is caring! Learn Feng Shui. Are you ready to Feng Shui your east facing house? We have compiled the most useful rules for you to explore and get started on attracting luck and wealth...

Sharing is caring! Learn Feng Shui.

Are you ready to Feng Shui your east facing house? We have compiled the most useful rules for you to explore and get started on attracting luck and wealth through Feng Shui.

How you connect with the outside world is reflected in how you create harmony and positive energy in your home. And, especially after spending so much time at home over the past year, it is vital that our space has a good flow and a positive atmosphere. This is where Feng Shui comes in.

The essential principles of Feng Shui encompass everything you need to create a good flow in your home. In this article, we have provided all the guidelines, from the color scheme and Kua Number to the necessary element combinations, direction, and other items, to Feng Shui your east-facing house.

So, let’s delve into what Feng Shui is and how it can help you turn your east-facing home into a relaxing yet vibrant environment.

What Are the Rules to Feng Shui East Facing House?

In Feng Shui, a house facing east is like a wide-open ground for healthy chi to enter within. According to traditional Feng Shui, the east sector is responsible for your health. Therefore, an east-facing home can generate beneficial energy for both health and wealth luck. Here are a few rules to Feng Shui your east-facing house:

1. Focus on the Yang Energy of Your House

The facing orientation of your house plays a significant role in generating yang energy. Even if the facing side of your property is not the front, you can use Feng Shui principles to treat it as if it were the front entrance.

2. Carefully Pick Out the Colors to Use

Choose one of the Feng Shui colors to paint your entrance door, as it is considered the mouth of the home and invites luck and prosperity. Shades of green, such as emerald, fern, moss, shamrock, olive, or macaroon, are some of the recommended colors for an east-facing house. Avoid colors associated with fire or metal, like crimson, silver, gold, or orange.

3. Consider Your Sheng Qi Wealth Direction

The Sheng Qi, or wealth, is usually located in the front or main point of a house facing east. If your front door is on the front side of your house, then you can assume the wealth sector is there as well. This direction is also considered a good luck direction in other Kua numbers.

4. Figure Out Which of Your Rooms Are In Good Direction

By mapping out the layout of your house, you can determine which rooms correspond to positive and negative energy. Based on the Eight Aspirations Theory, known as the Eight Mansions, you can identify the rooms that align with the east direction.

5. Use Water and Wood Elements in Proper Combinations

The wood and water elements are vital for health and luck in your home. Wood is associated with the east sector, and water feeds wood. You can start by introducing wood to the front part of your house, such as installing a wooden door. Additionally, you can incorporate the water element through blue paint on the front walls or by adding water fountains.

What Items to Get to Feng Shui East Facing House?

Feng Shui objects are not just for decoration; they symbolize good fortune and can have a positive impact when used and positioned correctly. Here are some popular Feng Shui items for luck:

1. A Tortoise for Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Tortoise represents longevity and is a fantastic choice for an east-facing house. Place the tortoise strategically to attract luck and riches.

2. Statue of a Laughing Buddha

The statue of a Laughing Buddha symbolizes hope and positive energy. It is not only a decorative piece but also a prominent Feng Shui object that can enhance the energy flow in your home.

3. Shiny Crystal Lotuses

Crystal Lotuses are significant items for luck and romance. They can improve relationships and bring good luck in terms of money.

4. Mandarin or Chinese Ducks

Chinese Ducks are renowned love symbols in Feng Shui. Placing them in pairs represents strong love and a good marriage.

5. Evil Eye to Protect Prosperity

The Evil Eye is a symbol of good luck and protection against negative energy. It can also be a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Feng Shui East Facing Home | Numbers & Directions

Traditional Feng Shui can reveal a lot about your east-facing home. Calculating your Kua number will help you identify the auspicious and inauspicious directions. By understanding the nature of each room, you can optimize the energy flow in your home.

Conclude the article by summarizing that a properly Feng Shui'd east-facing house is believed to be welcoming to a healthy and positive vibe. Feng Shui suggests that the east sector of a house is responsible for both health and wealth, making it essential to create a beneficial energy flow in that direction.

We hope these tips and methods can help you turn your east-facing house into a Feng Shui sanctuary that attracts good luck and wealth.