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Feng Shui for Love: Enhance Your Relationships with Simple Tips

Love is a powerful force that brings joy and fulfillment to our lives. When we are open to giving and receiving love, it nourishes us on multiple levels. The good news is that we can...

Love is a powerful force that brings joy and fulfillment to our lives. When we are open to giving and receiving love, it nourishes us on multiple levels. The good news is that we can harness the principles of feng shui to invite more love and romance into our lives. By creating an environment that fosters loving and romantic energies, we can attract the love we desire with greater ease.

Before We Begin... Know Your Bagua Map

To maximize the potential of each corner of your home, it's important to understand the Bagua map. The Southwest area of the Bagua map is associated with love and romance. Paying attention to this area will help increase love in your life. In your bedroom, which is the most intimate place in your home, consider placing the bed in the southwest corner. If this is not possible, enrich the space with the right feng shui colors and decor to maximize the loving capacity of your sacred space.

Love Gemstones Love Gemstones

Feng Shui Love Cures & Tips

Here are some important feng shui love cures, tips, and tricks to bring more romance and love into your home and your life.


The power of visualization cannot be stressed enough. While feng shui has its rules, the energy in your home is also influenced by your own vibration. Take a moment to reflect on what love means to you and let that feeling guide you as you decorate your space. Open your heart to love by visualizing, daydreaming, and setting the intention to attract love into your life.

Use Red, Pink or White

To attract love, incorporate romantic colors such as pink, red, and gentle white into your space. These colors symbolize passion, love, romance, and closeness. However, be mindful of using them in moderation. Too much red can create a war-like energy, while white allows for pure, unconditional love to flourish. Avoid excessive use of black and blues, as they can dampen passion.

Pair it Up

In feng shui for love, balance is key. To invite more love and enrich your life with romance, pair your furniture. This not only creates balance and supports the flow of energy in your space but also creates room for a partner to enter your life. Visual symbols and decor, such as the Yin Yang symbol, can bring the energy of two into your space, balancing masculine and feminine energies.

Make the Bed and Add Fresh Sheets

Fresh sheets not only keep love fresh and exciting, but they also create space for an authentic expression of love. Use laundry softener and essential oils that remind you of romance and partnership to invite even more love into your life. Making your bed in the morning and frequently changing your sheets invites freshness and purity into your love life.

Add Symmetry

To bring stability to your love life and attract a lasting partnership, embrace the power of symmetry. Square-shaped objects in the Southwest area of the Bagua map create balance and support the development of a meaningful connection. Avoid objects with undefined and wavy shapes, as they can dilute the loving energy you are trying to attract.

Tidy Up

Decluttering your space is essential for inviting fresh energy and love into your life. When the Southwest area is cluttered, stagnant energy accumulates, making it challenging for new energy to enter. Clearing out unnecessary or old items allows loving energy to flow freely, nourishing your relationships.

Remove Extra Pillows

Decorative pillows may look appealing, but they can create physical and energetic barriers to intimacy and closeness. Keep pillows to a minimum to create space for an authentic connection with your partner.

Remove Technology & Work from the Bedroom

In feng shui, technology is considered distracting, particularly in the context of love. TVs, computers, and other devices not only emit harmful EMFs but can also distract us from connecting with our partner. Keep technology out of the bedroom to create a space focused on love and intimacy.

Choose Your Headboard Wisely

The headboard of your bed plays a significant role in supporting your love life. Opt for a headboard that offers strong support, inspiring loyalty and stability in your relationships. Wooden or fabric-covered headboards align well with the Southwest area of the Bagua map, which resonates with the wood element.

Choose a Bed That is Comfortable For Both

Select a bed that is the right size for both partners to come together comfortably. A bed that is too small restricts the flow of energy between partners, while a bed that is too big can create emotional distance. If you are single, a single-person bed leaves little room for romance. Consider upgrading to a twin or French bed to invite love into your life.

Keep Crystals for Love in the Bedroom

Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Emerald, or Rhodonite can enhance loving energy in your space. Keep them under your pillow, mattress, or bedside to benefit from their high-vibrational energy. These crystals can help remove limiting beliefs and open your heart chakra, allowing you to manifest genuine love and connect with others on a soul level.

A Bedroom Is No Place for Old Memories

To create space for new love, it's important to remove old memories from your bedroom. Family photos and journals containing memories of past heartbreaks can hinder your ability to attract new love. Create a space that is focused on the present moment and intimacy between two people.

Give Your Bed a Commanding Position

Position your bed in a way that puts you and your partner in a safe spot. Avoid placing the bed directly across from doors, as it can expose you to incoming energy, both positive and negative. Additionally, avoid placing mirrors directly facing the bed, as this can make the energy heavy and burden your love life.

Make it Bright, Light & Fresh

Keep the Southwest area of the Bagua map bright by allowing natural daylight or using decorative lampshades. Light banishes secrets and darkness that can trigger fears about love and relationships. Open your windows whenever possible to invite fresh chi and inspire new beginnings in your love life.

Be Mindful of Your Decor

Choose scented candles that ignite passion and desire in your bedroom. Candles represent the fire element and can help rekindle the spark in your relationship. For single individuals, scented candles and incense can attract the type of partner you desire. Select artwork that depicts romantic scenes or opt for symmetrical or paired pieces. Avoid colors like blue and black, as they can evoke heavier emotions that hinder your ability to enjoy the present moment with your partner. Adding plants, particularly fresh flowers, can ground your existing relationship and inspire gratitude for your partner.

What Crystal Should I Use What Crystal Should I Use

Final Thoughts

By following these feng shui love cures, you can transform the energy in your home to support your desires for love and romance. Remember, your energy will align with the energy of your surroundings, enabling you to manifest the love you desire. Embrace the principles of feng shui for love and watch as your relationships flourish.