The Power of Feng Shui: Transforming Your Office Cubicle

Can good Feng Shui exist in an office cubicle? This intriguing question was posed to me by Chaya,'s editor, who wanted to enhance the energy in her downtown Manhattan cube where she publishes articles...

Can good Feng Shui exist in an office cubicle? This intriguing question was posed to me by Chaya,'s editor, who wanted to enhance the energy in her downtown Manhattan cube where she publishes articles about homes, gardens, and contractors. The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Creating good Feng Shui in your cubicle can be the key to achieving your work goals, including moving out of the cube. Here are six essential steps to bring positive energy and productivity into your workspace.

Showcasing Your Purpose

Step 1: Take advantage of your cube walls to showcase your work and professional mission. Clear and purposeful intentions are the foundation of good Feng Shui. Utilize the walls of your cubicle to display images that represent your goals and successes. If you manage a team, put up your organizational chart. If you're involved in product development, show your latest creations. Freshen up your display by replacing older material with updated images. Don't forget to place your business card in front of you as a constant reminder of your pride in your job. Surrounding yourself with success-imagery will motivate and inspire you throughout the day.

Image Caption: I transformed my cubicle using Ann's Feng Shui tips - Chaya

Establishing Your Presence

Step 2: Make your presence known by placing a sign with your name on the outside of your cube. This simple action ensures that colleagues, visitors, and positive Chi energy can easily find you among the maze of cubicles. Welcoming others with this small gesture enhances the overall energy flow in your workspace.

Creating Clarity through Decluttering

Step 3: Streamline your workday by decluttering your surroundings. Keep only the essentials on your desk. Clutter can hinder productivity and attract stagnant energy. By freeing up physical space, you create room for creative and productive energy to flow freely.

Infusing Personality with Art

Step 4: Add a touch of your personality with meaningful art. Surround yourself with images that uplift your spirits. Consider incorporating Water elements, symbolizing cash flow and prosperity in business Feng Shui. Images of goldfish or aquariums are popular choices among corporate executives. Let your art reflect your individuality and bring positive energy into your workspace.

Minimizing Distractions

Step 5: Minimize interruptions with a "Do Not Disturb" sign when necessary. Working in a cubicle often means dealing with constant disruptions. Good Feng Shui helps you concentrate and accomplish your tasks with minimal disturbance. As a light-hearted approach, consider using a hotel doorknob sign. If your cubicle faces away from the entry point, place a mirror that reflects the activity happening behind you. This allows you to relax and stay focused on your work.

Harnessing the Power of the Bagua Map

Step 6: Apply the Feng Shui Office Bagua Map for meaningful results. The Bagua Map is a powerful tool in Feng Shui, capable of enhancing every aspect of your business life. Dive deep into understanding its nine sectors and implement its principles in your cubicle. From career growth and productivity to networking and financial success, the Bagua Map can transform your work life.

Image Caption: My cubicle before the Feng Shui transformation - Chaya

Image Caption: My transformed cubicle after following Ann's tips - Chaya

Implementing these six steps can help you create a harmonious and productive environment within your office cubicle. Let Feng Shui be your guiding force as you enhance the flow of positive energy and unlock your true potential in the workplace.

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