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Discover the Power of Feng Shui Good Luck Crystals: 10 Crystals to Enhance Your Luck!

Sharing is caring! If you're longing for a little extra luck in your life, look no further. Feng shui and crystals can work together to bring good fortune your way. While feng shui alone can...

Sharing is caring!

If you're longing for a little extra luck in your life, look no further. Feng shui and crystals can work together to bring good fortune your way. While feng shui alone can attract luck and good vibes, incorporating feng shui good luck crystals can take it to the next level!

Here are the best feng shui good luck crystals and how to use them:


Citrine is known as the merchant stone or success stone, making it the perfect crystal for wealth and business luck. Its vibrant yellow color represents the earth element, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. Place citrine in your health area or abundance area to attract new opportunities and financial success.


Caption: Citrine - The feng shui crystal for wealth and abundance


Aventurine is a crystal of opportunity and good luck, particularly in gambling and playing the lottery. With its green color, aventurine represents the wood element, symbolizing growth and stability. Place aventurine in your feng shui prosperity area to stimulate financial growth or in your family/legacy area for long-term goals and stability.


Caption: Aventurine - Embrace luck and good fortune


Carnelian is the crystal of courage and self-confidence, bringing good fortune and success in achieving your dreams. Its fiery mix of red and orange represents the fire element in feng shui. Place carnelian in your fame/reputation area for personal success or in the wealth area to attract financial luck.


Caption: Carnelian - Fuel your dreams with courage and confidence


Green jade is a powerful crystal for growth and achievement. Considered a "lucky charm" in feng shui, jade represents the wood element, symbolizing growth and stability. Place green jade in your feng shui money area to manifest financial dreams or in your family/legacy area for long-term success. You can also wear jade as jewelry to enhance personal creativity and luck!

Green Jade

Caption: Green Jade - Harness the power of growth and stability

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye signifies courage, fearlessness, and inner strength. As a feng shui lucky stone, it protects you from bad luck and empowers you to pursue your dreams with confidence. Its earthy colors of yellow, brown, and red align with the earth element. Place tiger's eye in your health center for physical and mental strength or in your love/relationship area for harmony and stability.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a versatile crystal that can be programmed to amplify any intention you choose! This chameleon-like crystal brings good fortune to various areas of your life. Cleanse it by using sage or placing it under a full moon, hold it to set your intention, and place it in the corresponding area of your home. Let clear quartz work its magic in fulfilling your desires.

Clear Quartz

Caption: Clear Quartz - Amplify your intentions and attract good fortune


Malachite represents good energy, focus, and transformation. This deep green crystal is associated with the wood element, promoting growth and stability. Place malachite in your wealth area to break free from financial instability or in your family/legacy area for long-term transformation. It can also enhance clarity and growth in your career when placed on your desk.


Labradorite is a spiritual stone that brings magical help from the Universe. Its grey and blue hues, with hints of gold, pink, or purple, represent the water element, symbolizing fluidity and abundance. Place labradorite in your career area for insight and guidance or in your wealth area to transform your finances. Meditating with labradorite in your wisdom/spirituality area can tap into spiritual guidance from the Universe.


Amazonite is the crystal of new endeavors, hopes, and dreams. If you feel stagnant or discouraged, amazonite can clear negative energy and restore hope. Its light blue color represents water and earth, grounding you while opening doors for good fortune. Place amazonite in your wealth area for increased flow in your finances or in your career area to attract new opportunities your way.


Garnet is a stone of action and manifestation. Known for courage, creativity, and passion, garnet can re-energize your life and align it with the divine luck of the Universe. Its deep red color signifies grounded properties of the earth element. Place garnet in your health area for harmony and personal success or in your knowledge/wisdom area for spiritual wisdom and connection with the Universe.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz combines the properties of clear quartz and black tourmaline, blocking negative energy while amplifying positive energy. This crystal provides protection during new ventures and helps you overcome self-sabotage. Because clear quartz can be programmed for any purpose, place tourmalinated quartz in the desired area of your home or carry it with you to attract luck while staying protected.

Rose Quartz

When it comes to love and passion, rose quartz is the crystal you need. As the crystal of love, it can enhance romantic relationships and bring love to all areas of your life. Keep rose quartz in your bedroom or relationship area for better romantic connections, in your health center for self-love, in your family/legacy area for improved family relationships, or in your helpful people area to foster loving relationships in general.

Harness the Power of Feng Shui Good Luck Crystals

Using feng shui crystals to boost luck and enhance your life is simpler than you might think. Start by selecting the crystal that resonates with you the most. Trust your intuition to guide you towards the crystal that aligns with your energy. Allow its positive vibrations to work their magic and bring you good fortune.

Where to Buy Feng Shui Good Luck Crystals?

Etsy, Instagram, and even Amazon are excellent platforms to find genuine feng shui good luck crystals. Remember, the size or price of the crystal doesn't determine its power. Small pocket stones hold equal potential as larger decorative ones. Choose what feels right for you and let the crystal's energy work wonders in your life.

Where Should You Place Your Feng Shui Good Luck Crystal?

Crystals thrive when they have a purpose. By selecting an area of your home that corresponds to the aspect of your life you wish to improve, you'll experience a double boost of luck from both feng shui and the crystal's influence. Alternatively, carry a small pocket crystal with you throughout the day or wear a feng shui bracelet containing the crystal. This will infuse you with personal lucky energy!

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Caption: Feng Shui Bagua Map - Use it to guide the placement of your crystals

How to Program Your Feng Shui Good Luck Crystal?

Programming your crystal sets the intention and purpose for its energy. Follow these steps to program your crystals effectively:

  1. Cleanse the crystal by burning sage or placing it on your windowsill during a full moon. This removes existing energies, allowing space for your new intention.
  2. Create an intention statement that clearly states what you desire. Visualize and feel the emotions connected to your desired outcome.
  3. Hold the crystal and connect with the feelings of already having what you want.
  4. Thank the Universe and express openness to receiving "this or something better." Place your crystal in the corresponding area of your home or wear it. Express gratitude to the Universe whenever you think of it.

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of using crystals for luck, why not explore other feng shui practices to manifest your desires? Try sweeping for manifestation, discover the one thing to do before feng shui, learn how to attract what you want with feng shui, or explore feng shui tips for good luck and wealth.