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Are you curious about what the future holds for you in terms of business, marriage, love life, and career? Look no further than InstaAstro's free Kundli program. Our online Kundli making service offers accurate predictions...

Are you curious about what the future holds for you in terms of business, marriage, love life, and career? Look no further than InstaAstro's free Kundli program. Our online Kundli making service offers accurate predictions and insights, just like traditional Hindu astrology Kundli. Whether you're seeking match-making or marriage compatibility, InstaAstro has you covered. Our Kundli software considers the movements of all nine planets throughout your life, providing you with detailed predictions based on Vedic astrology.

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Your Guide to the Mystical World of Kundali or Janma Kundli

A Kundli, also known as Janmapatri, is a comprehensive chart that reveals crucial insights about an individual. It showcases the placement of planets, also known as Navagrahas, and constellations, or Nakshatras. By analyzing these elements, astrologers can generate accurate predictions and insights. The Kundali takes into account various aspects, including the Houses, Nakshatra placements, planetary influences, and associated Rashis.

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Each element in a Kundali plays a unique role, and the combination of planets can have a profound impact on individuals. Astrologers meticulously analyze birth details, such as date, time, and place, along with planetary and Nakshatra positions, to create astrology Kundli. Favorable planetary combinations in your Janam Kundali can bring promising results, while unfavorable conjunctions may lead to inauspicious outcomes. In today's digital age, free Kundli software can generate your Kundli in a fraction of a second.

Discover the Power of Online Janam Kundli Software

Understanding Kundli extends beyond predicting the future; it helps chart a roadmap for your life. With InstaAstro's free online Kundali software, you can easily access and explore various aspects of your journey as an individual. Simply fill in your details on our Kundali software, and within moments, you'll have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

By consulting with our expert astrologers, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your Kundli. From physical features to educational interests, career preferences, and more, every aspect is meticulously analyzed. With options like Basis, Kundli, Divisional Chart, and Free Reports, you'll gain insights into your past, present, and likely future. Download your Kundli for free today and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Unraveling the Mysteries: Basis, Kundli, Divisional Chart, and Free Reports


The Basis section provides a foundation for the subsequent insights and predictions. It includes essential birth and Panchang details that form the core of your Kundli analysis.


In the Kundli section, you'll find charts and tables that offer deeper insights. Ascendant/D1 Chart/Lagna Kundali, Navamsa Chart, planetary positions, and Dasha table reveal valuable information about your love life, luck, marriage, career, and finances.

Divisional Chart

The Divisional Chart section further analyzes your Kundli by dividing it into separate charts based on various planetary factors. Chalit Chart, Sun Chart, Moon Chart, and more provide detailed insights into different aspects of your life.

Free Reports

The Free Reports section offers comprehensive information, astrological insights, predictions, and physical traits based on different astrology charts related to your birth. Ascendant, Nakshatra, Planetary positions, and Manglik dosha analysis are just a few of the valuable details you'll discover.

How to Create Your Kundali Online?

Creating your Kundli according to your birth details is a breeze with InstaAstro's online Kundali Tool. Our professional astrologers have meticulously designed our free Kundli tool after extensive analysis and discussion. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit InstaAstro's Online Kundali Tool.
  2. Enter your necessary information.
  3. Experience the magic as our Kundli software generates your online Kundli, provides a free Kundli reading, and grants you online access to your Janam Kundali in English.

Whether you're seeking insights into marriage, career, relationship, education, family life, or health, our Kundli software has got you covered. Analyze your Kundli, create a new born baby Kundali, or calculate your Kundali by date of birth only. InstaAstro is your one-stop destination for all your Kundli needs.

The Different Types of Janam Kundali

In Hindu Kundali, there are nine planets, twelve houses, and twelve astrological signs or Rashis. While these elements remain constant, India follows various systems of Kundli by date of birth. Let's explore the three main types:

North Indian System

The North Indian System, also known as the diamond birth chart, believes that the Houses in a Kundli remain constant. The astrological signs, or Rashis, change based on the Rising Ascendant Sign or Lagna. The Lagna is positioned in the First House, and the remaining Rashis follow the order of the Zodiac. Astrological signs are located on the left-hand side of the Kundli.

South Indian System

Unlike the North Indian System, the South Indian System believes that astrological signs remain constant. In this system, the Houses change their positions, and the Ascendant can be placed anywhere in the Janam Kundali. The birth chart is depicted as a square divided into twelve boxes. The House with the Lagna is dissected into parts with diagonal lines. Astrological Houses are present on the right side of the Ascendant, and the number of signs is not mentioned.

East Indian System

The East Indian System combines elements from both the North Indian and South Indian Systems. The appearance of the East Indian Kundali differs from the former two. While astrological signs are fixed, akin to the South Indian System, they are written from the left-hand side, like the North Indian System. Additionally, the Houses change according to the Ascendant.

The Significance of Kundali by Date of Birth

A Janam Kundli is a powerful tool that sheds light on various aspects of your existence. It reveals Kundli dosh by date of birth, favorable Yogas, malefic or promising planets, and complex constellations. Through a Kundali, you can gain deep insights and predictions about your life. The convenience of online Kundali making has made it increasingly popular. With a free Janam Kundli, you can explore matchmaking, strengthen relationships, plan your career, focus on education, and live your best life.

Unlock the secrets of your life today with InstaAstro's free online Janam Kundli. Experience the magic of astrology and embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth.