Get the Nordic Look: Modern Finnish Home Decor

In Finland, modern homes are more than just the aesthetic of all-white interiors with sleek furniture. A Finnish modern home often tells a story in the way it reflects nature and practicality. Today, let's delve...

In Finland, modern homes are more than just the aesthetic of all-white interiors with sleek furniture. A Finnish modern home often tells a story in the way it reflects nature and practicality. Today, let's delve into the world of Nordic home decor with my friend Suvi. Suvi, a passionate advocate for Finnish home decor, believes that anyone can incorporate quaint Finnishness into their homes, even if it’s a rental. So, let's explore the key elements of modern Finnish home decor and learn how to infuse that Nordic style into our own spaces.

Personal Inspiration Behind Nordic Design

To kick things off, I had a chat with my friend Suvi about her journey and what inspires her about Nordic interior design. Suvi, a 37-year-old Brand Specialist and a freelance photographer, shared that Nordic nature with its ever-changing light is her endless source of inspiration. She loves capturing the essence of interior and product design through her lens, and you can find some of her stunning interior design photos on her Instagram page.

Modern Finnish Home Decor Modern Finnish Home Decor

Suvi believes that homes tell our stories. Growing up, she developed a habit of imagining herself living in various spaces and designing them in her head. Currently residing in a beautiful lakeside rental apartment in Tampere with her husband and son, Suvi dreams of owning a lakeside home in the future to embrace the serene beauty of nature.

Modern Finnish Home Decor Modern Finnish Home Decor

Nature-Inspired Finnish Style in Homes

Moving on, I asked Suvi about the key elements of a modern Finnish home. According to her, Finnish people value practicality in their homes. They prefer easy-to-clean spaces with machine-washable materials and functional design. Natural materials, especially wood, hold great significance in Finnish homes. Linen, wool, and cotton are highly valued in textiles.

In Finnish homes, you'll often find iconic Finnish design objects like Aalto vases, Marimekko textiles, and Iittala tableware. Finnish homes tend to embrace a monochromatic color palette, which Suvi believes is influenced by the changing colors of Finland's nature. The winter light is distinctly different from the summer light, leading many Finnish people to adjust their home colors and textiles seasonally. Nowadays, natural colors and materials that work year-round are preferred.

Modern Finnish Home Decor Modern Finnish Home Decor

Modern Finnish Home Decor Modern Finnish Home Decor

Stunning Finnish Home Decor Pieces

Curious about Suvi's favorite classic Finnish design products, I asked her to share her personal highlights. She mentioned having many gifted items, older furniture passed down from her family, and souvenirs from her travels. Suvi and her husband have also collected special design pieces, some of which are second-hand. Suvi believes in investing in timeless and high-quality furniture and decorations that last a lifetime.

One of her cherished pieces is the classic Artek bench "Ritiläpenkki 153B" designed by Alvar Aalto. She initially found it boring as a child, but her parents gifted it to her when she completed her master's degree, and it has become one of her favorite versatile pieces. She also adores the Block lamp designed by Harri Koskinen for Design House Stockholm, a wedding gift from her sisters. Additionally, Suvi recommends checking out Muurame and Adea for beautiful Finnish design furniture.

Modern Finnish Home Decor Finnish cube lamp Modern Finnish Home Decor Finnish cube lamp

Suvi's most sentimental possessions are not Finnish designs but rather her old piano, which she received at the age of 6, and an old table from her great-grandfather's ship.

Modern Finnish Home Decor Piano Modern Finnish Home Decor Piano

How to Infuse Finnish Home Decor into your Home

If you're eager to incorporate the modern Finnish style into your own home, Suvi has three tricks up her sleeve:

  1. Declutter and create space for creativity. Clean surfaces and display a few of your favorite items in little groups, such as photos, candle holders, and vases. Don't forget to add some green plants. Suvi also suggests changing your displayed items occasionally to bring freshness to your space.

  2. Embrace wood and combine it with white textiles, like pillows and carpets, for a fresh and clean Nordic combo. Finnish homes often combine different types of wood, but if you want an authentic Finnish style, opt for light wood materials like birch. Look for natural materials such as cotton, wool, and linen in your textiles.

  3. Use white as a base color. White furniture pieces, such as a dining table or bookshelf, create a nice foundation for your interior style. While not everything has to be white, having a white base allows you to experiment with other elements. Suvi dreams of having a white kitchen in her future home, but if that's not possible, incorporating white curtains, carpets, or even different shades of grey on the walls can help achieve a similar aesthetic.

Modern Finnish Home kitchen Modern Finnish Home kitchen

Modern Finnish Home Decor desk Modern Finnish Home Decor desk

For more photography and Nordic interior inspiration, you can visit Suvi's website at

Adding Finnish Home Decor into Your Apartment or Rental

Now, let's explore how to infuse Finnish home decor into your apartment or rental. Suvi shares her best tips:

  • Be creative with the space. Suvi and her family turned their one-bedroom flat into a suitable home for their three-person family by transforming the dining room into a bedroom.
  • While making significant changes may not be allowed in rental homes, you can hang art and lighter shelves on the walls to create a homey feeling. Suvi believes that art on the walls is essential for adding personal touches to each room.
  • In Finnish rentals, it's important to take good care of the apartment, ensuring everything is clean and functional. If any issues arise, promptly inform the owner. Typically, kitchen equipment and machines are provided, but you'll need to bring your own washing machine. Many rental apartments already have blinds and curtain holders, allowing you to add your own Finnish-style white and grey curtains for that Nordic look and privacy.
  • When moving out, you can expect to get your full deposit back unless there is significant damage to the apartment. This differs from Suvi's experience in Denmark, where full deposits were rarely refunded.

Don't forget to have a practical carpet at the entrance to protect the floor, as Finnish people appreciate this addition.

Modern Finnish Home Bedroom Modern Finnish Home Bedroom

Simple Finnish Home Decor for the Holidays

If you're wondering how to add modern Finnish home decor to your space for holidays, Suvi shares some tips. As a minimalist, she prefers subtle changes rather than extensive decorations. Suvi suggests getting a flower bouquet that matches the season's style and changing pillow covers or placing a few decorative items on tables. While Finnish tradition embraces seasonal decor changes, Suvi personally prefers a consistent style throughout the year.

Modern Finnish Home Decor holidays Modern Finnish Home Decor holidays

Comparing Modern Homes in Finland to Other Countries

Lastly, I asked Suvi about the differences she noticed between Finnish homes and homes in other European countries. Finnish people value privacy and quietness, which is evident in their home habits. They tend to keep their curtains closed and maintain a peaceful environment. Suvi's experience in Denmark highlighted the contrasting habits, with people often living without curtains and being more relaxed about privacy and noise.

In addition to curtains, Finnish homes tend to have more carpets on the floor. Suvi believes this is influenced by the cold weather, as carpets provide warmth to wooden floors. It's also worth mentioning that personal saunas are a common feature in many Finnish homes, setting them apart from other countries.

Other practical and unique elements found in Finnish homes include dish drying cabinets and toilet bidets.

Modern Finnish Home Living room Modern Finnish Home Living room

Regarding the differences between modern Finnish home decor and typical Nordic home decor, Suvi observes that Finnish homes have a softer interior design compared to Danish homes, which favor modernity and more colors. Swedish homes tend to lean towards a romantic style. Finnish people value practicality above all else. However, over time, Suvi has integrated Danish design influences into her Finnish home, appreciating the intentional design prevalent in Denmark.

Modern Finnish Home Art Modern Finnish Home Art

Modern Finnish Home Balcony decor Modern Finnish Home Balcony decor

As we conclude our exploration of modern Finnish home decor, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What aspects of Finnish home decor resonate with you? Share your favorite interior styles in the comments below. If you're interested in learning more about life in Finland, check out these related posts:

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