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Get to Know the Lucky Color for 2023 According to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui philosophy, each year has its lucky color. For 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit, the hue that will bring prosperity and positive energy is forest green; read on to discover...

According to Feng Shui philosophy, each year has its lucky color. For 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit, the hue that will bring prosperity and positive energy is forest green; read on to discover more about the lucky color for 2023 and how to use it in interiors.

A new year is synonymous with positivity, good feelings, and wishes; it's also the perfect moment to write down dreams and define goals; it is a restarting, a blank canvas waiting to be drawn, and a story about to start.

Many thoughts, beliefs, and predictions come with a new year - and if there is one perspective that can help activate dreams and goals, it is Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science that aims to balance energy to bring luck, prosperity, and health. In this article, we will explore the Feng Shui colors for 2023; read on to discover more about it and add a touch of luck to your interior design project.

Chinese New Year

In Chinese culture, each new year is marked by one of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. On January 22, we welcome the year of the Water Rabbit, which according to the Chinese Horoscopo, goes until February 24, 2024, a year that will bring peace, luck, and love.

But there is more; together with the new year, numerous prognostications are attributed to the zodiacal idea of the year, including fortunate numbers and lucky colors. For the year of the Water Rabbit, the color of the year will be forest green.

The world of Feng Shui is divided into five elements - wood, fire, earth, water, and metal, which are supposed to be the foundation of the universe. That is why many Feng Shui practitioners optimize spaces, creating a balance between those elements and their yin-yang energies. But returning to the Chinese new year, these elements are essential because they help rule the Chinese zodiac; each animal has its own "life force" and "chi" and corresponding luck and fortune.

The rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace, and prosperity; it is why in Chinese Culture, 2023 aims to be a period of hope. The Water Rabbit falls under the wood element, with water as the complementary element - guiding this year with their yin and yang energies.

As in Feng Shui, everything is based on the balance between elements; this also applies to the color of the year, which is forest green but finds balance in other colors - such as pink, red, and blue. Keep scrolling to discover more about the lucky color for 2023 and the Feng Shui colors that will bring the balance that this year needs.

In the Feng Shui Bagua map, red is related to the fame area and is connected with visibility, inspiration, and clarity. That is why, in interiors, the best places to use this color are living rooms and offices. As red is a power color, you can also opt to bring these feelings by adding a bold rug in this color.

Feng Shui Colors for 2023

The lucky color for 2023 is based on the element that rules the sign of the year - it's a color that promises to bring luck, prosperity, and health and can be used to bring those feelings into your interior design project.

1- Forest Green

The lucky color for 2023 is forest green, based on the wood element that represents a balance with water; it's the perfect hue for a year that promises hope and prosperity. In Feng Shui, green represents compassion, flexibility, healing, and growth; it's a color based on nature and can connect the energy of the trees, grass, and nature to where it is placed. Green is also a cool color, bringing refreshing feelings and indulging a healthy state of mind.

forest green Forest Green - Lucky Color for 2023

How to use Forest Green in Interiors?

If you would like to incorporate the lucky color for 2023 into your interior design project, you should know that according to Feng Shui, family areas are the best places to receive this hue. In Feng Shui, a tool named Bagua map is used to look at how our life corresponds in our homes, and the Bagua of the green is related to the family. This color can represent new beginnings and give a fresh, energetic look when incorporated into the interior.

green interiors

2. Pink

In Feng Shui, pink is associated with compassion and caring and is also the shade of love and romance. Depending on the contrast, it can be bold or gentle, but the overall feelings brought by the pink shade are positive and can elevate any space.

pink interiors

How to use Pink in Interiors?

According to Feng Shui colors, pink positively affects any space and can be associated with compassion, innocence, kindness, hope, and nourishment. Related to the Bagua of relationship, according to Feng Shui, one of the best home spaces to incorporate this color is in the master bedroom or nursery.

pink bedroom

3. Red

Red is a vibrating hue associated with feelings of energy and passion. In Feng Shui, this color symbolizes fire - an intense shade that can give energy and attention and represent daring and bold feelings.

red interiors

How to use Red in Interiors?

home office ideas

4. Blue

Depending on the tone, blue has different connotations in Feng Shui. The wood aspect is represented by mid-tone blues and turquoise and is associated with expansion, vigor, and kindness.

blue interiors

How to use Blue in Interiors?

According to the Feng Shui Bagua map, blue is related to the Bagua of family, which is why this is an excellent color to share vigor and kindness in the family areas, such as the living room. Still, it also can be incorporated into an office to promote success.

Feng Shui is based on the balance between energy, elements, and environment, and the lucky color for 2023, forest green, represents the balance between earth and water and will bring prosperity and hope. Together with this color, other hues will help to emanate these feelings - pink, red, and blue. The year of the Water Rabbit will be dominated by wood and water elements that will help to dictate trends in interiors, fashion, and design worldwide.

2023 will be bold, we already had clues about it with the Pantone Color of 2023, Viva Magenta, and the interiors trends, such as maximalist interiors and art deco revival, but now we also have another indication. For the upcoming year, we can assure you that bold and brave feelings are coming to fulfill interiors worldwide.

From the Feng Shui perspective to the predictions, there is one word repeated repeatedly, and it's boldness. Prepare yourself to incorporate the new year's trends by downloading our interiors forecasting ebook.