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Google Isn’t Dead! Why Real Estate Searches Are Surging

We've got three words for you: Google. Isn't. Dead. With the rise of third-party real estate apps, there's some question about whether Google is still the go-to for buyers and sellers. Sure, Google drives 100...

We've got three words for you: Google. Isn't. Dead. With the rise of third-party real estate apps, there's some question about whether Google is still the go-to for buyers and sellers. Sure, Google drives 100 billion website visits each month — but is any of that actually real estate related?

Most of your prospects will use Google for their real estate search

We know that 78% of real estate searches begin with a search engine, and Google accounts for roughly 75% of search engine traffic online. Those numbers are huge. In essence, you know that at least 6 out of every 10 prospects are going to Google for their real estate search.

Third-party apps might have bells and whistles, but the proof is in the numbers. Real estate sales and purchases can be really confusing for buyers and sellers, so they visit the same trusted source we all visit when we need an answer: Google. Heck, even to find those third-party apps, they're starting with Google!

Google’s real estate searches are skyrocketing — especially hyperlocal ones

As SEO sophistication has grown, so has Google's ability to place prospects in front of homes or agents that match their search criteria. The nature of searches is becoming much more hyperlocal because Google's ability to geo-locate users has increased dramatically. Take a look, for instance, at the growth in searches like this one:

real estate searches Image Source: sanaulac.vn

If you visit Google Trends, you can see how any search term has adapted and shifted interest over time. In 2018, a simple "homes for sale near me" seems like a no-brainer — on an interest scale of 1 to 100, this search reaches the maximum of 100 in the busy summer season. But just four years ago in 2014, it was barely a blip on Google's radar.

The same goes for people searching for a real estate agent: real estate agent searches Image Source: sanaulac.vn

This trajectory has big implications for real estate agents who are already thinking about SEO optimization and their ranking on Google. Knowing how smart and powerful Google's search engine is, imagine how successful Google can be at bringing relevant, local clients to your doorstep.

Last year alone, there were 13 billion real estate search queries on Google. With consumers using Google at a surging pace, having a presence on Google is no longer an exception for agents who want to be successful. Now, it's the rule.

The #1 way to appear in more Google searches is a Google business profile

There are many ways to try and get into Google's good graces, but finding a comfortable spot in its search algorithm doesn't have to be complicated.

The answer is a Google business profile.

In every industry, Google business profiles are becoming the gold standard of reputable businesses for two reasons:

  1. Google wants to show its users relevant and reputable businesses. The more information Google has about your business — its location, your recent sales and deals, what clients are saying in your reviews — the more likely it is to show you in Google search results.

  2. Prospects trust Google, and they have grown to trust Google business profiles, too. Consumers are 7X more likely to click on a business with a complete Google business profile, and they are nearly 3X more likely to consider that business reputable. If you had a choice between 5 leads or 35 leads, wouldn't you want the latter?

Homesnap Pro+ is the answer to the surging Google landscape in real estate

Every Google business profile needs to be verified, and it also needs to be managed — regular posts, recent five-star reviews, completely filled out information — so Google knows it's active. All those little pieces feed into the formula that Google uses to determine if it should boost your Google ranking. When Google's getting positive signals from your verified Google business profile, expect that ranking to soar.

Homesnap Pro+ is a premium feature for real estate agents who use Homesnap Pro, so they can corner their market and stay ahead of their competition on Google — where most of their prospects are going to search. Yes, you could claim your profile on your own — but it must be done entirely by snail mail and could take weeks. Homesnap is a Google premier partner, and we can quickly verify your profile.

And with Homesnap Pro+, we will also manage your Google business profile so it's up to date with recent listings, deals, and consumer-focused insights about the real estate industry. Homesnap Pro+ helps you manage Google reviews from happy clients, and it sends you regular reports so you can see how your Google presence is growing.

Google is not dead. It's coming to life in a big way for real estate agents, and now is the time to start building a presence on Google so you can reap those rewards later.

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