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Hamptons Decorating Style: Elevate Your Home with Laidback Luxury

Image: Hamptons decorating style - OneKindDesign Big on style, socializing, and spaciousness - homes in the Hamptons showcase laidback luxury at its finest. While not everyone has the opportunity to live on Long Island, anyone...

Hamptons decorating style - OneKindDesign Image: Hamptons decorating style - OneKindDesign

Big on style, socializing, and spaciousness - homes in the Hamptons showcase laidback luxury at its finest. While not everyone has the opportunity to live on Long Island, anyone can capture the coveted Hamptons decorating style in their own home with some expert insight and tips. So, let's dive in and discover how you can transform your space with the classic Hamptons look!

What is a Hamptons Decorating Style?

Classy Hamptons decorating style Image: Hamptons decorating style by Decorilla interior designer, Lane B.

Hamptons interior design is characterized by roomy living spaces, grand proportions, and cool colors. It's one of the top interior design styles because of its sumptuous luxurious holiday air. The combination of generously sized furniture, delicate motifs, and luxe aesthetics creates a casual yet pampered environment.

Hamptons décor ideas aim to emulate the sophisticated yet beachy feel of this style. With the right elements, any interior can exude the same luxurious designer perfection. Hamptons designers create inviting and deluxe spaces, perfect for entertaining. Here are some of their top tips for achieving the sumptuous look.

Getting the Hamptons Interior Design Look

Beach themed interior design - Tamara Image: Modern Hamptons style decorating - Tamara

The Hamptons decorating style takes seaside design to the highest level. By focusing on detailed finishes and quality furniture, you can create dreamy coastal luxury in your home. If you're uncertain about where to begin, you can always seek assistance from the finest interior design services in the Hamptons. But for the savvy home decorator, here are some quick tips to recreate the look:

Combine Warm Neutrals with Coastal Blues

Hamptons style bedroom decor - Betty Wasserman Image: Hamptons style bedroom decor - Betty Wasserman

Hamptons interior design is known for its spacious and airy feel, thanks to a coastal-inspired color scheme. Warm greys, light browns, cool blues, and whites dominate these interiors. From living rooms to kitchens and bedrooms, Hamptons style incorporates layers of these colors in varying intensity. The result is a subtle, elegant natural scheme that creates a soothing atmosphere.

Use Refined Natural Materials

Hamptons decor ideas by Decorilla designers, Anna C. Image: Natural Hamptons decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Anna C.

Hamptons furniture and decor feature natural materials, but with a refined and polished touch. Unlike other seaside styles that embrace rough and raw finishes, Hamptons interiors elevate natural materials to an upscale level. Light wood floors, delicately woven linens, modern rattan and woven furniture, and refined stone are key elements that help you achieve the look. With these materials, the interiors feel curated and sophisticated without excessive decoration.

Set the Stage for Conversation

Modern Hamptons design style dining room by Decorilla designer, Anna C Image: Modern Hamptons design style dining room by Decorilla designer, Anna C

Homes in the Hamptons are designed for entertaining, so it's important to choose a layout that encourages conversation and socializing. Plush upholstered couches, trendy poufs, and generous accent chairs create the perfect indulgent setting. Ensure there is enough space between the seats for free movement, but keep the arrangement close enough for leisurely chats.

For larger spaces, divide the floorplan with rugs to define separate lounge areas. This not only enhances the Hamptons design style but also adds visual interest to the space.

Amplify Cozy Luxury

Hamptons decor - three birds Image: Hamptons decor - three birds

Comfort plays a significant role in Hamptons decorating style. Oversized sofas, deep cushions, lounge chairs, and accent furniture with rounded frames create an opulent and inviting atmosphere. These interiors strike a balance between comfort and ornamentation, resulting in understated luxury. Plush rugs and a curated selection of throw pillows add extra coziness and visual depth to the space.

Create an Indoor Paradise

Hamptons interior design - Lori D Image: Hamptons design style by Decorilla interior designer, Lori D

Lush plants in beautiful planters are essential elements of a luxurious Hamptons style interior. Opt for larger indoor trees to improve air quality and showcase the size of the room. Instead of numerous small plants, select a few statement houseplants that truly make an impact. This curated approach adds to the refined and sophisticated nature of Hamptons interiors.

Include Accent Sconces

Hamptons-bathroom-decorating-style-Tamara Image: Hamptons-bathroom-decorating-style-Tamara

Lighting design plays a crucial role in creating bright and roomy spaces, characteristic of Hamptons interiors. Light sources are abundant but subtle, adding layers of soft lighting throughout the space. Sconces, a favorite in Hampton homes, not only provide practical lighting but also serve as decorative elements, emphasizing architectural details while gently illuminating the interior. Install dimmer switches to create an intimate ambiance when needed.

Choose Elegant Patterns

Hamptons bedroom style - Shofy D. Image: Hamptons style bedroom decor by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Unlike other coastal styles, Hamptons patterns lean towards a more romantic and elegant aesthetic. Opt for paisleys, geometrics, or brocade patterns instead of bright colors and trendy prints. Mix upholstery and cushions to create a balanced arrangement. For example, pair a solid color scatter with a striped sofa and add organic patterned cushions. Varying cushion sizes add depth and complement the size of the bed, chair, or bench.

Finish with Upscale Hamptons Décor

Hamptons decor ideas - Anna C Image: Hamptons decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Anna C.

Modern Hamptons style decorating focuses on high-quality pieces that bring sophistication while maintaining the lightness of a designer beach home. Select unique decorative mirrors, flowy curtains, and soft furnishings to add value to your interior. Keep selected artwork to a minimum as open white or light walls often make a more striking statement in this style.

Need Help with Your Hamptons Decorating Style?

Whether you're looking to achieve the Hamptons decor style or any other look, our team of expert designers can help! Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation today and let us assist you in transforming your home.

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