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Highest Paying Interior Design Jobs: Discover the Best Countries to Study Interior Design

Every time you visit a home that is exquisitely magnificent and functional, you ask yourself what’s done differently. The answer is almost always competent interior design! Interior design has the power to transform spaces completely,...

Every time you visit a home that is exquisitely magnificent and functional, you ask yourself what’s done differently. The answer is almost always competent interior design! Interior design has the power to transform spaces completely, making them aesthetically pleasing and functional. It combines creativity, teamwork, people skills, organizational and communication skills, and even knowledge of psychology and human behavior.

While there are different avenues to learn and work in interior design, we have consolidated a short list of cities where you can learn and work, as well as the highest-paying jobs that can build a lucrative future for you.

Scope in Interior Design

Many factors affect the salary an interior designer draws, starting with the type of degree the designer holds. While a degree may not be mandatory in all states, it can significantly impact the overall package offered, especially for government design roles. Designers who specialize in niche fields like sustainable or restorative interior design tend to draw different salaries than average designers.

There are various fields within the interior design job market, including residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, institutional, and religious space design. Additional roles in an interior design office include draftsman, 3D modeler, project manager, bookkeeper and accountant, public and media relationship manager, and human resources. All these skill sets come together to create aesthetically pleasing and efficient habitats.

Skills Required in Interior Designers

To excel in the interior design profession, some basic skills are necessary:

  • Creative vision
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Staying updated with recent trends
  • Understanding color combinations
  • Knowledge of spatial balance
  • Time management skills
  • Precise budgeting

These skills are vital for interior designers due to their expertise in developing functional and beautifully designed spaces. The demand for interior designers is high, given their ability to breathe life into spaces and create environments that leave users satisfied.

Best Countries for Interior Design Careers

Seeking thorough training at a design school or art college is essential before considering interior design as a career. Many countries offer degree programs in interior design and have developed various training programs to maximize aspirants' knowledge in this field.

Some of the most sought-after countries for interior design programs are:

  • USA
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • England
  • Turkey
  • China

Japan, in particular, promotes interior design courses among its students, offering advanced technology and better value for education. This makes Japan an attractive destination for pursuing an interior design degree.

Best Cities for Interior Design Jobs

Certain cities host spectacular designs and serve as sources of inspiration for students. These cities have enhanced their beauty factor through creativity, making them ideal for interior design jobs. Some of these cities include:

  • New York
  • London
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen
  • Milan

Furthermore, a recent study found that Washington DC is the leading city for interior design jobs, offering excellent design courses. Seattle also holds a strong position in the job market.

Other top cities with the best jobs for interior design are:

  • Miami: Known for its stunning architecture and planning, Miami provides ample opportunities for design services.
  • Boston: A blend of modern and contemporary styles, Boston's interiors are an inspiration for designers and offer lucrative job opportunities.
  • Orlando: With plenty of parks and monuments, Orlando boasts a thriving job market for interior designers.
  • San Francisco: The cultural and commercial center of the US, San Francisco has an interior design industry rich with jobs and serves as a great source of inspiration.
  • St. Louis: Florida is well-known for its job market for designers, with a 314% increase in earnings among interior design graduates alone.

7 Highest Paying Interior Design Jobs

Interior designers earn different salaries based on their education, experience, client base, and industry type. Here are seven of the highest paying interior design jobs:

1. Government Interior Designers

Government interior designers are responsible for designing the interiors of various government-owned buildings. These professionals work on spaces such as courtrooms, assembly halls, cultural buildings, and public areas within these buildings. Years of experience are a major advantage when applying for these jobs.

2. Corporate Interior Designers

Corporate interior designers work for private companies or large design firms, designing professional workspaces for clients of all sizes. They focus on factors like building codes, fire safety, and the client's specific needs to create functional and aesthetically pleasing offices.

3. Healthcare Interior Designers

Healthcare design professionals specialize in improving spaces such as hospitals and clinics. They ensure the design follows building codes and insurance laws while creating healing environments for patients and doctors. Factors like ergonomics, psychology, and science are incorporated to provide sterilized and efficient spaces.

4. Residential Interior Designers

Residential interior designers have the flexibility to create designs for individual homeowners. They work closely with clients, selecting fixtures, furniture, and carpets, and paying attention to each detail. This field requires excellent communication and client management skills.

5. Commercial Interior Designers

Commercial interior designers focus on public spaces like malls, retail outlets, entertainment centers, and shops. They aim to spark brand identity and consumer satisfaction through the design, considering factors like branding, signage, and display design. The goal is to connect with the target clientele and promote higher footfalls and increased sales.

6. Hospitality Interior Designers

Hospitality interior designers specialize in designing spaces for the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, spas, and fitness clubs. They create luxurious and functional spaces that enhance employee productivity and gain revenue through customer support and guest satisfaction.

7. Sustainable Interior Designers

Sustainable interior designers provide environmentally responsible interior solutions. They focus on low environmental impact, low maintenance, and cost-efficiency while creating non-toxic and sustainable spaces. Incorporating eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient designs, they play a vital role in creating sustainable environments.

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