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How to Convert IDX Leads: Capture Strategies and Tricks

At this stage, we can all agree property listings are the foundation of any successful real estate business. According to a report from The National Association of Realtors (NAR), 49% of all real estate buyers...

At this stage, we can all agree property listings are the foundation of any successful real estate business. According to a report from The National Association of Realtors (NAR), 49% of all real estate buyers first discover the home they purchase online. Moreover, NAR points out that 70% of buyers and 74% of sellers work with the first agent they contact. This means that you need to convince online visitors to work with you, and you need to do it quickly.

Today, with the help of IDX (International Data Exchange), agents can easily showcase listings on their websites. This also means that potential homebuyers can find the properties that fit their needs using customizable search and filter functions. However, in order to make the most of every IDX lead, here are some simple strategies and tricks to implement.

What Are IDX and MLS?

First, let's understand what IDX and MLS leads are. IDX stands for the International Data Exchange, a system that enables real estate agents to display MLS property listings on their websites. MLS, on the other hand, stands for Multiple Listing Service, a method by which real estate agents share information about properties and cooperate on transactions.

In a nutshell, IDX systems allow MLS properties to be displayed on real estate agent websites. This provides potential customers with a deep insight into the kind of property they are interested in. To capture these leads and convert them into lifetime customers, your website, content, and blog efforts must align with that purpose.

Leveraging IDX Leads: Strategies That Work

Obviously, the first place to start making an impression on IDX leads is your website. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. A standout bio

Include relevant information about yourself that differentiates you from other agents. Highlight your unique qualities, certifications, career history, and industry achievements. Focus on the benefits and things your leads actually care about.

2. Awesome buyer and seller resources

Add value-driven content to your website, such as articles or blogs covering topics like negotiating tips, securing deals, types of mortgages, advice for first-time buyers, tax information, informative links, and legal issues. If you're unsure about what content to offer, reach out to your customers and prospects for ideas.

3. Favorite properties list

Make it easy for users to login and save the properties they're interested in. This will allow you to send them regular, relevant emails with updates on their favorites.

4. Price alert notifications

Set up your system to send users notifications on changes to the price of properties they are interested in. This is also an opportunity to personally connect with them via email or phone.

5. Social media links

Link your social media accounts to your website, allowing users to easily promote your content and generate referral traffic.

6. Eye-catching video

Use engaging videos to make a bigger impact and showcase what sets your team apart from others.

7. Use emotional storytelling

Make your real estate website content more captivating by sharing "human" topics, such as lifestyle blogs, buyer testimonials, and advice from happy clients.

8. Virtual tour for your listings

Utilize interactive virtual tours or professional property videos that highlight your listings. Explore the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance the viewing experience.

9. A catchy call to action

Ensure that your contact information stands out in the header and footer of every page on your website. This will encourage users to reach out to you.

10. Short and appealing web form

Optimize your signup forms and calls to action. Keep the lead forms short and eliminate unnecessary questions. Provide an appealing title and offer something valuable in return for their information.

11. SEO optimization

Optimize your website for search engines by offering comprehensive content coverage for your area. Use local keywords to establish yourself as a local expert and ensure that search engines can properly display your pages for relevant search queries.

Create Your Irresistible Offer

To grab your lead's attention, you need to give them something they really want. Create an irresistible offer that provides value and encourages them to exchange their information. Host free ebooks on your website about home buying and selling processes, as well as other relevant real estate topics. This will help visitors in the early stages of their home search and build trust in your expertise.

How to Make the Most of Captured Leads

Lead tracking is essential for understanding who your leads are and what they want. By connecting your CRM to your website, all IDX leads can make their way into your database. Here's why capturing leads in a CRM is vital:

  • Prevent leads from falling through the cracks
  • Make your sales team more effective by focusing on qualified leads
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Enhance lead nurturing
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your team's progress

Use a CRM to segment and assign leads based on their homebuying/selling experience, geographic areas, etc. A smart CRM will alert you and your team when a lead is ready to engage. By storing all the intel and data on your leads, a CRM allows you to provide excellent customer service and seize more deals.

Why Lead Nurturing Matters More Than Ever

Having a disorganized and inconsistent process for managing your leads will result in losing them. Nurture your leads by consistently providing them with value and actively understanding who they are and how they engage with your business. Utilize your CRM to gather insights on what your leads want and create personalized marketing and follow-up strategies.

With the right approach, IDX can be a win-win for real estate professionals and consumers alike. By going the extra mile for your IDX leads, you will establish lasting relationships and see positive results in your revenue. Remember, capturing and converting leads requires dedication and a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

This article has been contributed by our friends at Follow Up Boss.

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