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How to Feng Shui Your Fireplace Area: 9 Rules and Placement Guide

Sharing is caring! Learn Feng Shui. People have been believing and working with Feng Shui for centuries now. One of the most important areas to work on is how to Feng Shui your fireplace area....

Sharing is caring! Learn Feng Shui.

People have been believing and working with Feng Shui for centuries now. One of the most important areas to work on is how to Feng Shui your fireplace area.

Fireplaces have long been popular among home architectural features. People have been incorporating warm and cozy fireplaces in their homes for centuries and not just for cooking.

Nowadays, save for the unusual interior atmosphere, fireplaces are rarely used.

However, after knowing more about how fireplaces can improve the energy efficiency of your home if you properly Feng Shui your fireplace area, you may want to reevaluate how often you use this feature.

Fireplaces are responsible for bringing in the element of fire when it comes to Feng Shui. Fire is an element that brings life to the home by providing movement, action, and vitality. It is also linked to the energies of passion, creativity, and joy. To Feng Shui your fireplace area, you need to use wood in your décor, choose a corner fireplace, consider the Yellow 5 factor, and make sure you’re using the right direction for your fireplace area.

If you want to incorporate any or all of the energies associated with fire into your home and life, try these ideas on how to improve your home’s energy and properly Feng Shui your fireplace area.

Element of Fire: How to Feng Shui Your Fireplace Area?

Many modern homes include suspended or free-standing fireplaces in the midst of the living room.

Wall fireplaces are preferred by Feng Shui because they do not induce a major energy Qi imbalance in the home.

Here are all the rules and tips that you need to keep in mind if you set out to Feng Shui your fireplace area around your house:

1) Make sure to Use Wood in Your Decor

The element of wood is complementary to the element of fire when you set out to Feng Shui your fireplace area.

Adding more wood to the environment to enhance the fire element will also increase the wood element.

You need to come up with ways to use wood for better and more practical purposes, such as displaying fireplace wood and kindling.

It helps to improve the current wood qi by stacking it vertically. It is an excellent method to include wood into your fireplace display while also serving as a decorative feature.

2) Do Not Make Use of the West and North-West Areas

By default, having an open fire is prohibited in the northwest and west of the residence.

The most prominent reason for this is that the West and North West are the two directions that are totally constructed of metal and would be destroyed by intrusive fire.

The importance of meeting these conditions can be observed, especially when a kitchen is located in the northwest area. This brings severe bad luck to the patriarch of the family.

3) Be Mindful about the 5 Yellow Factor

When you Feng Shui your fireplace area, you need to take the 5 yellow factors into account. The 5 yellow is the most dreadful star, and it can give master practitioners insomnia.

It is said that if the fire element gets combined with the 5 yellow, the naughty star’s strength and ego would inevitably run amok on the premises.

While the 5 yellow is usually referenced in relation to annual stars and diseases, because the fireplace is a permanent fixture, it is not a good method for fireplace placement.

This suggests that therapies and medicines should be employed to combat the 5 yellow movement that occurs every year.

It should not be utilized to determine the location of the fireplace because the yearly 5 yellow will eventually end up there for a period of time, regardless of where the fireplace is placed.

4) Choose a Corner Place for Your Fireplace to Go

Corners of rooms collect a lot of stagnant Qi, which is not good if you want to Feng Shui your fireplace area of your house.

Due to the fact that they contain a lot of active yang energy to keep the qi circulating throughout the home, fireplaces are a wonderful remedy for stirring up the energy in those locations.

5) Fireplace and Its Alignment with the Front Door

A fireplace in front of a front door can drive you to overspend. This may also result in limiting your options and possibly cause an accident.

In order to hide the fireplace, use a console table, drape, or any other ornamental object if possible.

What Should the Right Direction Be to Feng Shui Your Fireplace Area?

The placement of a fireplace is always a source of anxiety, especially if you misread the direction when you Feng Shui your fireplace area.

Below is a list of places where a fireplace can be located, as well as what it represents and how to manage its energy.

North Direction for Fireplace - YES

The fact that this is a water location, a fireplace in this direction can help your career. Water, on the other hand, regulates fire. This ensures that its impact is moderated.

Therefore a fireplace should not be an issue in this region.

Try hanging a mirror over the fireplace to provide more energy if you think you need an extra boost for the incoming wealth and money.

Northeast and Southwest Direction for Fireplace - YES

These are earth-based sectors, and the fire in the fireplace aids in their strengthening.

A fireplace can aid students and men in cultivating new schools of thought when in the northeast regions.

On the other hand, it can help the woman of the family and make romance, marriage, and relationships stronger when a fireplace is in the southwest part of the home.

A mirror, as well as photographs of worldly objects such as mountains or televisions, can suffice.

East and Southeast - NO

Experts consider a fireplace at this location to be unlucky and a source of bad Qi energy for the residents.

The east-facing fireplace might be hazardous to one’s health, the oldest son, or family ties.

A fireplace in the southeast could affect your kid’s and the entire family’s assets, such as investments and the capacity to save money.

When considering to Feng Shui your fireplace area for your home, make sure that wood is used to make these two corners.

You could also use large portraits with water and earth elements. For instance, you can go for a painting with a mountain or lake and maybe even an ocean view. This would not only look fantastic above your fireplace if it is in this location but also mitigate the effect of fire.

South Direction for Fireplaces - YES

The fact that this is the direction of fire, a fireplace here would be a nice match.

Make use of an image that has trees in the depiction. You can even try placing a television or a mirror would all look great above the fireplace.

West and NorthWest Direction - NO

These two metal corners are especially prone to catching fire. A fireplace facing west, in the direction of the descendent, may endanger the family’s wellbeing.

If you reside in the Pacific Northwest and have a fireplace, you should not only try to hang a large image of an ocean scene or a mountain over it, but you should also avoid using it altogether.

This is because the direction of northwest areas is usually associated with the energy of the breadwinner of the house or the head of the family.

Having a fire here can lead to a family member’s death or injuries as it has the potential to cause serious sickness or other health problems.

What Should the Decor be Like When You Feng Shui Your Fireplace Area?

Feng Shui Fireplace Décor Feng Shui Fireplace Décor

When it comes to the Feng Shui fireplace area, it is also important to think about what you put above the fireplace, as well as where you put it.

Family Portraits - NO

A family image or photo is often hung above the fireplace in many homes.

This is not good since it may generate a fight and depicts the family unit on fire.

Portraits that Depict Religion - NO

Religious images should not be represented with a fire beneath them because they are regarded as celestial.

Television Sets or Consoles - YES

These look great above a fireplace and are becoming increasingly popular. They have the ability to trigger the energy that the fireplace consumes.

Placing Mirrors above the Fireplace - YES

Mirrors are a great way to re-energize the energy that has been spent by the fire by placing them above it.

The Key Takeaway

Finally, while deciding whether or not to install a fireplace or Feng Shui your fireplace area, consider whether or not there are children in the house.

Children, especially those who have access to motorized fireplaces, are enthralled with fire and may get injured.

We hope you try out these Feng Shui fireplace area tactics and rules for yourself.

You can even schedule an appointment with a professional consultant if you want further Feng Shui advice and personalized consultation for your home.

FAQs: How to Feng Shui Your Fireplace Area