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How to Find Real Estate Investors: Expand Your Network

You may be wondering how to find real estate investors. After all, whether you’re a flipper or wholesaler, you need to have a network to whom you can peddle your wares. Read on to learn...

You may be wondering how to find real estate investors. After all, whether you’re a flipper or wholesaler, you need to have a network to whom you can peddle your wares. Read on to learn our favorite ways to find investors.

Why Find Real Estate Investors?

If you want to sell property fast and without hassle, you need to know how to find real estate investors who are ready to buy. Investors know how to quickly move through the purchase process, sometimes closing in as little as two weeks. When you’re selling directly to an investor, you usually won’t need to make any major renovations to the property first.

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The Upside for You

They’re often ready to buy with cash in hand, so you don’t have to wait around for them to get approved by a lender. And when you sell to an investor, you get paid faster. Investors are actively looking for real estate to invest in to continue to build their portfolio. They want sellers like you to get in touch!

But where are these investors hanging out? How can you find and connect with investors who are interested in buying your property? Is it possible to find real estate investors online? There are plenty of ways to find and meet buyers, but some are easier than others. We’ll show you how to find real estate investors that are reliable, experienced, and ready to buy.

How to Find Real Estate Investors

Finding real estate investors can happen in person or online. If you’re looking for real estate investors near you, you might start with an investment club or network in your area. If you’re looking for serious real estate investors located anywhere across the country, looking for investors with the help of technology expands your options and increases your chances of finding buyers.

However, one platform we’ll talk about below actually matches you with an investor with a single click! Spoiler alert: it’s called Realeflow. But we’ll cover that in a bit. For now, let’s jump in.

Network Locally

This option is the traditional networking route - you attend local meetings, networking events, or classes geared toward real estate investors to meet them and build connections. Typically, these meetings and events will take place at least once per month, up to multiple times per week. The level of activity in the association or club determines how successful you can be in finding real estate investors.

If it’s an active club, you’ll have no problem walking in and making connections. With enough investors there, your chances of finding a buyer increase. However, if there are just a handful of people in the club, your chances of finding an investor who will want to buy your property are dramatically reduced.

The advantages of networking with local real estate investors are:

  • They’re already experienced in real estate investing
  • They’re close to your property for sale and can easily travel to it
  • They know the area and home values, so offers should be fair

The disadvantages of networking with local real estate investors are:

  • It’s not a sure thing - you might meet investors, but no one willing to buy
  • The size and level of activity of your local investment club affects how likely you are to find a buyer
  • Your investor options are limited to people who live near you

There’s also the length of time this option takes to be potentially effective. You can’t walk into an investor networking event for the first time and expect to build a connection and trust with an investor immediately. If quickly finding a buyer and shortening the closing process is your goal, it can counteract it. Overall, networking is always great for finding investors near you. Still, it’s not the most reliable method for finding investors who are willing or able to buy your property.

Ask an Expert

If it feels disingenuous to attend investor events to find investors who could be buyers, you have other options. Look for people in the area who are experts in real estate or know local investors. You can ask a local real estate agent or broker for suggestions on which local investors may be interested in expanding their portfolios. Agents and brokers eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. So they know who the local players are. They know who’s investing in real estate, who’s looking to buy, and who to avoid.

A broker might be able to reveal that one local investor hasn’t bought any new properties in years and seems to want to get out of the real estate game. An agent might know of an investor who is always looking to buy properties to turn into rental houses. They can connect you with local investors and share important insight with you.

Use a Property Manager

It’s invaluable to have detailed information about the local real estate market and the property you’re trying to sell. If you’re coming up short or want more leads, try talking to local property managers. They’re in close contact with investment companies, landlords, and local investors. They know the business well and can share a lot of valuable information with you.

Even if a property manager only works with one investor, they may know of others in the area and can help steer you in the right direction. Try to stick with property managers that manage the type of property you’re selling. If you’re selling a house, a residential property manager will be your best bet to get investors’ information. They may be more likely to know or work with an investor interested in purchasing residential property. Commercial property managers may know of investors interested in buying residential property. But it’s more likely that they’ll be interested in commercial property only. A simple Google search for “local property managers” will pull up several companies or names to get you started. You should be able to get a few investor leads by talking to property managers or property management companies.

Want an easier solution?

Get Matched with an Investor

The traditional, locally-focused methods above are great, but there’s a better way to find real estate investors. You can get matched with an experienced investor ready to pay cash for your property using Realeflow. The process couldn’t be easier. There are two ways you can get matched with an investor. The first is by posting the property on Realeflow’s active buyer network. Here’s how that works:

  1. When you’re ready to sell property, post the address on Realeflow (plus, you’ll get a free website to post photos and information)
  2. Wait for the right cash buyer, investor, or renter to respond to your listing
  3. Use Realeflow’s fill-in-the-blank legal documents to close the deal and protect both parties

The second way is using the Power Matching tool. This is the fastest way to find a potential buyer. Here’s how it works:

  1. Post your property to the Realeflow network with a single click
  2. Realeflow automatically searches your lists and contacts on the platform, plus every other Realeflow user’s (2,000,000+) lists, to find a group of potential buyers (or sellers)
  3. Toggle the matches by price, property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  4. Communicate with buyers through internal messaging on the platform
  5. Use Realeflow’s fill-in-the-blank legal documents to close the deal and protect both parties

Using either of these methods to get matched with investors that are ready to pay cash for your property on Realeflow, you’ll see many benefits. Just a few of the benefits:

  • Avoid paying expensive, unnecessary real estate agent commissions and fees.
  • Get paid cash for your property and don’t have to wait for lender approval to close.
  • Close to a fraction of the time it would normally take.
  • Get your property in front of more than 100,000+ investors instead of a handful that live in your area.
  • Get a free website and property listing pages to show off and market any property you have for sale.
  • Build your network and communicate with investors, renters, and sellers anytime.

Still Wondering How to Find Real Estate Investors?

Whether you’re a wholesaler who wants a pipeline to real estate investors ready to buy or a property owner who just wants to sell quickly for cash, now you know how to find real estate investors locally and online. It’s fine to start locally and make connections with real estate investors in your area, but understand the limitations that come along with that. There are never going to be as many real estate investors in your area as there are nationwide. You’ll have more luck and better chances of selling quickly.

We Love Realeflow

After all, you’re getting your property in front of hundreds of thousands of real estate investors nationwide on a quality platform like Realeflow. Because it’s a paid platform, only serious investors are members. When you post a property for sale there, it’s sure to get in front of an investor ready to make an offer immediately. The best part is that Realeflow gives you a free 14-day trial. And they back up their platform with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re serious about building connections with real estate investors to sell property, your efforts should be ongoing. Learn as much as you can about REI and get to know the properties investors are looking for. Continue reaching out and meeting more investors, and keep building and strengthening those relationships after the sale.