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How to Discover Your Feng Shui Wealth Areas: 5 Popular Techniques

If you're seeking to tap into the power of Feng Shui for wealth, the first step is to identify your Feng Shui wealth areas and corners. In this article, we will explore five different methods...

If you're seeking to tap into the power of Feng Shui for wealth, the first step is to identify your Feng Shui wealth areas and corners. In this article, we will explore five different methods to help you uncover these auspicious zones in your home. Each approach offers a unique perspective, and by the end, you'll understand the significance of each discovery. So let's dive in and unleash the potential of your Feng Shui wealth!

Method #1: Wealth Sector Based on the Bagua

Perhaps the most well-known method, the Feng Shui wealth area can be found at the Southeast based on the Bagua. However, it's essential to understand that the Southeast area signifies "Prosperity & Abundance" rather than just money. This encompasses overall abundance in life, not just financial wealth.

To locate this area in your home, you can divide your floor plan into nine sectors, as shown below:

Feng Shui Bagua The basics of a Feng Shui Bagua.

If your floor plan is a perfect square, the Southeast corner will be your Feng Shui wealth area. However, if your floor plan is rectangular, search for the Southeast corner or area of the house to access your wealth corner.

It's important to note that finding the wealth area is just the beginning. Consult with a Feng Shui expert to activate and utilize it effectively.

Missing Wealth Area Based on the Bagua

In some cases, you may have a missing wealth area. For example, if your floor plan is irregularly shaped, concaved, or if a section is missing in the Southeast, you have a weak or absent wealth area.

Missing Floor Plan Feng Shui Although directions are not drawn, you can see that the floor plan above is missing a whole complete section in the top right corner. That’s what a missing section is.

In such cases, it can be challenging to apply cures. Seeking guidance from a Feng Shui expert is crucial to address this issue and restore balance to your home.

Method #2: Wealth Areas Based on Your Kua

Your Kua number, derived from your birth year based on the lunar calendar, serves as your individualized Feng Shui requirement. It reveals your four lucky directions and four unlucky directions, with your wealth areas falling within the lucky directions.

Kua 8 Shown above is a sample Kua for a person with Kua number 8.

For instance, if your Kua number is 8 (as shown above), your wealth areas would be the Southwest (Prosperity) and Northwest (Tien Yi) corners. Similar to the Bagua method, locate the center of your house by finding the intersection point of two diagonal lines drawn across the four corners of your home.

Central Point of Intersection The central point of the house is the intersection of two diagonal lines drawn across the four corners.

From there, divide your floor plan according to the eight cardinal directions, resembling pie slices. If your floor plan is unconventional, refer to a Feng Shui expert or consult an ebook for further assistance.

Method #3: Wealth Area Based on the House's Facing Directions

This method identifies the "hidden" wealth area, in contrast to method #5, which reveals the "visible" wealth area. To find the hidden wealth area, consider both the direction that your house is facing and your floor plan divided into nine palaces (as shown in method #1).

Hidden Feng Shui Wealth Area based on Home’s Face Direction Hidden Feng Shui Wealth Area based on Home’s Face Direction.

While it may seem straightforward to determine the front door's direction, it can be misleading. In many cases, the front door's direction differs from the house's actual facing direction.

House Front Door on Side Feng Shui Where is the front door of this house?

To find the house's facing direction, consider the overall structure and how it aligns with the surrounding environment. Reflect on whether the house appears to face towards you when viewed from the street. Additionally, identifying the backyard can provide insight into the front-facing direction.

Keep in mind that unique factors, such as front door position and furniture arrangements, can influence the location of the hidden wealth area. When in doubt, it's wise to seek professional guidance to ensure accuracy.

Method #4: Wealth Sector Based on Annual Flying Stars

Time is a crucial aspect of Feng Shui, and the annual afflictions revolve around this concept. The annual afflictions are based on Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, using correlations to represent space, time, and cyclical changes.

Solar System similar to Feng Shui Annual Afflictions The Feng Shui Annual Afflictions are similar to how our solar system works, with constant cyclical changes.

Of particular interest is Star #8, known as the Prosperity Star. This star represents the luckiest energy, associated with fortune, nobility, and health, and is called "Prosperity" rather than money, symbolizing abundance in life.

Each year, Star #8 lands in a different sector of your home. By tracking its position, you can identify your wealth area for that particular year.

Method #5: "Visible" Wealth Corners Based on Your Front Door

This method focuses on the "visible" wealth corner, a concept that has gained popularity in urban living environments. The front door serves as the gateway for auspicious Qi to enter your home, including energies associated with wealth and prosperity.

To locate the visible wealth corner, stand at your front door and identify the adjacent corner. This area should be visible to you as you enter your home.

Visible Feng Shui Wealth Area The visible Feng Shui wealth area based on the front door.

Different Feng Shui experts interpret this corner in various ways. Some believe it should be the first corner you see, while others suggest it should be the corner at the end of the house. Ultimately, the accumulation of Qi in this corner is what matters most, so consider the layout of your home and the flow of energy as you enter.

Factors such as the front door's orientation (inward or outward) and furniture placement can influence the location of this area. Consulting a Feng Shui expert will ensure accurate identification of your visible wealth corner.

What If I Have Multiple Wealth Areas?

By following these methods, you may discover different wealth areas throughout your home. The number of wealth areas you find varies from individual to individual. Having multiple wealth areas means they all contribute to your overall wealth and prosperity. Observe and correlate the effects of each area to determine their individual influence on your life.

Alternatively, if you have only one or two wealth areas, don't worry. It means that those areas hold significant power in terms of wealth and prosperity. Simplify your Feng Shui adjustments by focusing on these specific sectors rather than making changes throughout your entire home.

Overlapping wealth areas can generate even more potent results. For instance, if your home faces Northwest (hidden wealth area) and your Kua number is #1 (Prosperity in the Southeast), investing in the Southeast area can have a tremendous impact on your overall luck. Keep in mind that the Southeast is also the wealth and prosperity area based on the Bagua.


Identifying your wealth areas and corners is just the beginning when it comes to utilizing Feng Shui for wealth. Once you've located them, the next step is to energize and activate these spaces effectively. Remember, Feng Shui is not magic. Simply placing a lucky charm in a random location will not yield results. Seek guidance from a Feng Shui expert or invest in training to practice Feng Shui correctly and maximize its potential.

Have you used Feng Shui for wealth? Share your experiences and outcomes in the comments below!