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How to Sell Land By Owner in 5 (kinda) Easy Steps

Here at SellTheLandNow.com, we have a network of experienced land investors who have successfully sold thousands of vacant land properties by owner. Drawing from their expertise, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to...

Here at SellTheLandNow.com, we have a network of experienced land investors who have successfully sold thousands of vacant land properties by owner. Drawing from their expertise, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to sell land by owner. In this article, you will discover the five steps professionals use to sell vacant land. So, let's get started!

Step 1 - Explore 'We Buy Land' Websites

Begin the process by exploring 'we buy land' websites to see if a professional land buyer would be interested in purchasing your vacant land property. By reaching out to vacant land investors, you can:

  1. Sell your property quickly without the hassle of doing it on your own.
  2. Get an idea of the minimum price your land is likely to sell for.

A quick internet search for 'we buy land' will provide you with a list of land buying companies. Alternatively, you can save time and fill out our "We Buy Land" form to contact multiple land buyers at once. One of the advantages of working with a professional land buyer is that the selling process becomes quick and easy. You won't have to market your property, negotiate with prospective buyers, or handle the legal paperwork.

Step 2 - For Sale Sign and High-Quality Photos

Once you have a cash offer from an investor and have determined your land's asking price, the next step is to visit your vacant land and take high-quality marketing photos. Additionally, it's crucial to place a "For Sale" sign on your property. Here's why:

  1. It allows neighboring property owners to know about your intention to sell, increasing the chances of finding potential buyers.
  2. It helps prospective buyers who want to visit your land by providing clear directions, especially if your property doesn't have a mailing address.

If you are unable to travel to your vacant land, consider hiring someone from Craigslist to take photos and place the sign for you. Be specific in your ad about the photos you want and provide clear instructions for the sign's type. Remember, a "For Sale" sign is a must-have in attracting potential buyers.

Step 3 - Market Your Land Online

To sell land by owner successfully, it is essential to market your property online. The internet allows you to reach a vast audience, including people relocating from other areas. Here are the top three websites our land buyers recommend for selling land by owner:

  1. Zillow: This platform is free and widely used by individuals actively searching for vacant land.
  2. Facebook Marketplace: If you don't have a Facebook account, ask a friend who is active on the platform to post your land for you.
  3. The MLS: Expect to pay a fee of $100 - $300 to have a real estate broker create an MLS listing on your behalf.

For more tips on using Zillow and Facebook Marketplace, check out our article on "Free Websites to Sell Your Land Fast."

Step 4 - Complete a Vacant Land Purchase Agreement

Once you have found a buyer and negotiated a price, it's time to draft a Vacant Land Purchase and Sale Agreement. This agreement outlines the terms of the deal and serves as an 'order' for the title company or attorney who will handle the transaction. The agreement includes details such as:

  • The exact parcel of land being sold.
  • The sellers' and buyers' information.
  • The purchase price.
  • The closing date.

Download our Simple Vacant Land Purchase Agreement, a free template you can use to create your agreement.

Step 5 - Engage a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney

Congratulations, you are now under contract with a buyer! To ensure a smooth and risk-free transaction, we strongly recommend hiring a title company or real estate attorney to handle the legal aspects of selling land by owner. The first step is to determine whether your state requires a real estate attorney for such transactions. If not, you can hire a title company or escrow agent to assist you.

Contact at least three different title companies or attorneys located in the same county as your land to compare their fees and services. Hiring a professional middleman will protect your interests as the seller and provide a secure transaction.

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How to Sell Land By Owner the Quick and Easy Way

If you want a hassle-free experience and a cash offer for your vacant land, let our network of professional land investors help. Fill out our form and provide details about the land you want to sell. Our team has helped countless individuals successfully sell land by owner, and we're here to assist you too.