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How to Use Purple in Feng Shui for Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity!

Sharing is caring! Would you like to invite more abundance and wealth into your life? Are you longing for a touch of luxury and sophistication in your home? If you're looking to add color to...

Sharing is caring! Would you like to invite more abundance and wealth into your life? Are you longing for a touch of luxury and sophistication in your home? If you're looking to add color to your home but don't know where to start, why not consider incorporating purple? In feng shui, purple is associated with prosperity and can increase harmony and peace. The best part is, you don't need to go overboard with purple to see results. Let's explore how to use purple in feng shui!

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The Feng Shui Meaning of Purple

In feng shui, purple is associated with royalty, nobility, power, wealth, abundance, prosperity, enlightenment, wisdom, luxury, sophistication, and harmony. It represents the fire element, as it is a mixture of red and blue. The fire element is activating and creates warmth, movement, and momentum. It draws attention and energy into your home and helps you achieve your dreams and goals. What makes purple even more appealing is its harmonious nature compared to pure red, which can cause frustration and aggravation due to its intense energy. By using purple, you can activate the fire element in your home in a gentle and peaceful way.

Purple is also associated with the wealth area of the bagua map, making it an excellent choice for increasing abundance and prosperity. Placing purple in your home's wealth corner, entryway, or front door area can attract good fortune and wealth energy. Additionally, purple activates the crown chakra, which is associated with enlightenment and wisdom. It is perfect for meditation rooms and the knowledge and wisdom area of your home, aiding in spiritual connection and intuition.

Feng Shui Tips for Using Purple in Your Home

Purple is a versatile color in feng shui that can be used to promote balance, energy, growth, power, prosperity, and love in various areas of your home. Here are some tips on incorporating purple into different areas:


In the bedroom, purple can create a sense of calm, relaxation, and romance. As it represents the fire element, it can enhance passion and intimacy without being overpowering like red. Use purple accents through bedding, curtains, or artwork, but avoid overwhelming the space to ensure a good night's sleep.


Purple can increase abundance and prosperity in the kitchen, an area associated with wealth and health in feng shui. It can also inspire creativity and innovation in cooking, making it an ideal color for those who love culinary arts.


Purple in your office or workspace can attract financial success, more clients, increased knowledge, and even more power and responsibility. Place purple items in the wealth area of your desk or office for prosperity, or in the fame area to boost recognition and promotional prospects.


Bathrooms often have excessive water element energy, resulting in draining and stagnant chi. Adding purple can balance the water element, promoting energy circulation and creating a harmonious and peaceful environment for self-care.

Front Door or Entryway

The front door and entryway are crucial areas in feng shui. They serve as the entry point for fresh energy, good fortune, and positive chi into your home. Incorporating purple here can activate and attract good fortune and prosperity, allowing energy to flow more swiftly into your life.

Wealth Area

The wealth area of your home plays a significant role in prosperity and abundance. By adding purple, you can give it an extra boost, aligning your space with wealth energy.

Fame Area

The fame area is associated with recognition and reputation. As purple activates the fire element, incorporating it into this area can enhance opportunities for promotions, raises, and certifications. It can also attract attention and help establish your expertise.

Love and Relationships Area

Using purple in the love and relationships corner can foster passion, closeness, and harmony in your romantic relationship. It can also attract new romantic possibilities if you are single.

Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The knowledge and wisdom area is linked to spirituality, inner wisdom, and accumulating knowledge. Purple can facilitate learning, support students in your household, and help you connect with your inner wisdom.

Ways to Use Purple In Your Home for Good Feng Shui

When incorporating purple into your home, it's essential to genuinely love the color. Everything in your home carries the energy you give it, so if you have negative feelings towards purple, it can counteract the positive feng shui vibes. However, if you adore purple, there are countless ways to introduce it into your space:

  • Use purple home decor objects such as vases, statues, flower pots, candles, or other decorative items.
  • Paint picture frames or lamps with your favorite shade of purple.
  • Incorporate purple pillows, shams, quilts, or curtains.
  • Consider purple furniture if you truly love it.
  • Display purple artwork to add a touch of creativity.
  • Place purple crystals like amethyst or lepidolite in your home.
  • Embrace purple in your clothing to bring abundance and good fortune.
  • Opt for a purple wallet or purse.
  • Adorn your porch or front yard with purple flowers for an inviting touch.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using purple in your home. Just remember that feng shui is all about creating a harmonious and positive environment, so choose what resonates with you.

Purple Wallet Feng Shui

In feng shui, your wallet or purse is another area associated with wealth. A purple wallet can attract more abundance and activate the fire element, increasing the flow of good fortune. Furthermore, purple is associated with wisdom, allowing you to manage your newfound wealth with clarity. Of course, if purple isn't your preference, there are other colors that can also bring luck and abundance. Find more information on this topic in these posts:

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Purple Front Door Feng Shui

The front door is one of the most important areas in feng shui as it serves as the "mouth of Chi." It's where energy, good fortune, and abundance enter your home. According to feng shui principles, a purple front door can attract wealth, passion, and enthusiasm. However, it's crucial to choose a color that you love for your front door since your positive emotions are essential. If purple doesn't resonate with you, there are other colors that can bring luck and abundance. Check out these posts for more information:

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Purple Exterior House Color Feng Shui

Using purple as an exterior house color can also bring abundance and wealth to your home. However, since purple can be overwhelming for an entire home, it's best to incorporate purple accents like shutters, trim, flowers, or a mailbox. Remember, only choose purple as an exterior color if you genuinely love it. For further guidance on lucky exterior house colors, refer to this post: Harmonize Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Feng Shui Exterior House Colors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Purple in Feng Shui

Is purple a fire element in Feng Shui?

Yes, in feng shui, purple is considered a fire element. Although it is a mixture of blue (water element) and red (fire element), it is predominantly regarded as a fire element color. However, different shades of purple and mixtures can also have elements of other colors. This is why purple can exhibit peaceful and harmonious qualities, as it creates balance and influences the overall energy of a room.

What does purple mean in feng shui?

In feng shui, purple symbolizes royalty, luxury, wealth, and nobility. It is believed to promote inspiration, abundance, and inner peace. Purple is also associated with the crown chakra, which represents wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and higher consciousness.

What does a purple car mean?

In feng shui, a purple car represents luxury, wealth, and prosperity. It is also associated with creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. However, the symbolism of a purple car may vary based on cultural and personal beliefs.

Is purple a lucky color?

Yes, purple is considered a lucky color in feng shui. It is believed to attract wealth, success, and good fortune. However, feng shui offers various lucky colors, so if purple doesn't resonate with you, feel free to explore other options. Check out this post for more information:

As you can see, there are numerous ways to incorporate purple into your home to enhance wealth, good luck, and prosperity! Whether you choose to add subtle accents or paint an entire wall, purple can be a vibrant and enriching addition to your life.

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