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The Power of Less: Creating Balance in Your Home with Feng Shui

I truly believe in the power of less stuff. When you focus on living with less, you are able to enjoy more. Now, this may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain. When you have less...

I truly believe in the power of less stuff. When you focus on living with less, you are able to enjoy more. Now, this may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain. When you have less décor on your shelves, you are able to see and appreciate the items you actually love. You can create a style that is easily showcased because of what you are using to decorate your space with. The images on your walls represent an emotion you want people to feel when they walk into your home. The scents you have in candles or diffusers make you feel cozy and warm in your space. So making the decision to have less is the first step in creating an inviting, welcoming, and cozy home. But where should you start?

Where To Start?

To decorate your space, I follow some of the principles of feng shui. I find that it most aligns with minimal décor because everything has a purpose in your space, allowing you to create the feel of the room based on the items you want to keep. While there are many teachings of feng shui, I follow the modern approach. This means that I don't have some of the typical symbols you would think of in my home. I'm not a fan of the color red or dragon décor. But I can still get the energy those things represent with different materials and colors.

The goal with all feng shui is to create balance. You do this by creating a flow in your room, using colors and materials in your items, and creating good vibes in every space. To start decorating in a modern feng shui, you need to determine the function of the room. What is the purpose of this room? What do you do in this room?

When you decide the purpose of the room, you can then decide furniture placement based on how you use the room. For example, if you use the family room for watching television, you want to make sure all the seating options can see the television. If you use your dining room as a playroom, you want to make sure you have storage and space for the kids to move around.

It's also essential to consider placing furniture in a commanding position, allowing you to see who is entering the room. This helps create a more calming space as you will never be surprised or caught off guard. Additionally, color plays a significant role in feng shui. There are five elements you want to include in every space, each with corresponding colors:

  • Fire: traditionally represented by red, but you can also use pinks, purples, and oranges.
  • Earth: neutral colors like tans, browns, and light yellows.
  • Metal: various shades of grey.
  • Water: all shades of blue.
  • Wood: greens and browns.

If you're an overachiever, like me, you can also add materials or symbols to showcase these elements. The goal is to create balance. You may not have shades of red in your room, but you can use materials or shapes to add that element.

Feng Shui Declutter

Before you start decorating, you need to declutter. Nothing says imbalance more than a cluttered space. Choose one room that feels bursting with things. Step into that room and take a deep breath. You want to feel the energy of the room first. Does it feel chaotic, calm, tranquil, busy, uneasy, or ugly?

Find a word or two that describe the room and how it makes you feel. You want to understand that feeling so you can change it into something else—something that makes you feel good. Then, collect all the items in the room, whether they're on shelves, the floor, cabinets, drawers, or walls. You want a clean slate to start redecorating.

I suggest moving everything to the middle of the room and thoroughly cleaning the space. Wipe down shelves and drawers, patch up holes, fix paint, wash walls, and vacuum the floors. When you put things back, it's better that they are back on a clean surface rather than a dirty one.

Next, scan all the items in the middle of your room. Find one item you cannot give away, that one item you love so much. Pick it up and hold it. Whatever you feel with that item is what you want everything in that room to convey. Place that special item on a shelf or mantel and use it as your guide for deciding if any additional items should stay in your room.

Remember that items that don't give you the same feeling as that initial item don't necessarily need to be thrown away. They might work better somewhere else in your home. Create separate piles for items that belong in other rooms and items that must be removed.

Once the piles from the middle of the room are cleared out, you can rearrange the décor pieces you wanted to keep in the room.

Decorating Using Feng Shui Principles

Now it's time to use your newfound feng shui skills to decorate the space. You've selected items that you love, creating a high vibe in the room. Start by placing items on mantels and shelves where it feels natural. Don't overthink it or go searching online for inspiration. Trust your instincts and place each item where you think it belongs.

Once you've done this with all your items, go back and ensure you have each of the five elements represented in the room, whether through color, shape, or material.

Move on to the next room and repeat the process. As you continue learning about feng shui, there are ways to divide up your room to represent different areas of your life. However, since you're just starting out, making sure all elements are included in your room is a perfect start.

Creating a home that feels balanced is our goal. You can achieve this by using the principles of feng shui, living with minimal décor, and creating spaces that make you happy. Remember, less is more. Embrace the power of less stuff and experience the joy it brings to your home.

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