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How to Create Your Own Interior Design Mood Board

An interior design mood board is a powerful tool that allows designers to effectively communicate their ideas and vision to clients or contractors. Whether you're looking to revamp your living space or collaborating with an...

An interior design mood board is a powerful tool that allows designers to effectively communicate their ideas and vision to clients or contractors. Whether you're looking to revamp your living space or collaborating with an interior designer, a mood board can help bring your design dreams to life.

Interior Design Moodboard Example Image: An example of an interior design mood board

What to Include in Your Interior Design Mood Board

Creating a comprehensive mood board is the first step towards achieving your desired design aesthetic. Here are some elements to consider:

  • Colors: Incorporate a range of colors that inspire you. Use fabric swatches, paint chips, and photographs as inspiration.
  • Images: Find images that represent the overall feeling and style you want to achieve in your space.
  • Textures: Integrate various textures to add depth and visual interest to your mood board.
  • Patterns: Inject personality and charm into your design with the use of patterns.
  • Furniture: Include images of furniture pieces that you love or plan to incorporate in your space.
  • Accessories: Add finishing touches with images of accessories that you envision in your design.

Remember, when it comes to design, less is often more.

Grey Color Palette Interior Design Moodboard Image: An interior design mood board showcasing a grey color palette

Three Easy Tools to Create Interior Design Mood Boards

Creating a mood board is now easier than ever, thanks to various software programs available online. Here are three popular options:


Canva is a widely used design tool with a user-friendly interface. You can quickly create unique mood board layouts using ready-made templates. Add photos, text, and shapes to bring your concept to life.


PicMonkey offers a collage maker that allows you to create professional-looking mood boards in no time. Customize your mood board with filters and effects to make it truly unique.

Adobe Photoshop

For those familiar with the software, Adobe Photoshop provides complete control over the look and feel of your mood board. It's a more advanced tool, but the results can be exceptional.

Interior Design Moodboard With Yellow as an Accent Image: An interior design mood board showcasing yellow as an accent color

4 Steps to Get Started

Creating your own interior design mood board is an exciting and creative process. Here's a simple four-step guide to help you get started:

1. Gather Inspiration

Collect images, fabric swatches, and paint samples that catch your eye. Use Pinterest, magazines, or online sources for inspiration.

2. Sort Your Inspiration

Categorize the elements you've gathered to identify the elements that resonate with you the most. This step will help you narrow down your vision.

3. Create Your Mood Board

Choose your preferred method, such as creating a physical collage on a poster board or using online tools mentioned earlier to design a digital mood board.

4. Use Your Mood Board as a Guide

Once your mood board is complete, it becomes your roadmap. Refer to it when selecting furniture, décor, and colors, helping you bring your design vision to life.

Brown and Grey Palette for Interior Design Moodboard

Studio Color Palette for Moodboard

A Refined and Elegant Color Palette in a Moodboard

Types of Interior Design Mood Boards

Interior design mood boards can take various forms, each serving a unique purpose and style. Here are four popular types used by designers:

Inspiration Boards

These boards visually represent the designer's inspiration for a specific project. They incorporate materials such as fabric swatches, paint samples, and magazine tear-outs.

Collage Boards

Similar to inspiration boards, collage boards focus on specific elements or themes. For example, they might highlight a particular color scheme or showcase images of nature.

Mood Boards

Mood boards capture the overall feeling and atmosphere the designer wants to create. Designers use a mix of images, textures, and colors to convey their vision.

Concept Boards

Concept boards convey a particular concept or idea. They are the most specific type of mood board. For example, a concept board for a children's bedroom might feature playful animals and vibrant colors.

Accent Colors Example for Moodboard

Moodboard for Decoration at Home

Mood Board for Picking the Right Textures

Mood Board Showcasing Home Decor

Mood Board to Help You Choose Green Tones

Mood Board Example for Interior Design

In Conclusion

If you're aiming to create a specific mood or atmosphere in your home, consulting with an interior designer is a wise decision. These experts have the resources, knowledge, and experience to turn your vision into reality. By trusting your interior designer to create a mood board, you ensure that your house looks its best.

Home Decoration Mood Board

Refined and Chic Mood Board

Useful Mood Boards

All image credits go to Canva.