Is 2022 the year of… wallpaper?

Wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence that may shape the design trends of 2022 and beyond. While some may view wallpaper as outdated, it is making a stylish comeback alongside the revival of fashion trends from...

Wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence that may shape the design trends of 2022 and beyond. While some may view wallpaper as outdated, it is making a stylish comeback alongside the revival of fashion trends from previous decades. This time, it's all about the modern twist on classic patterns.

According to Aimee Lagos, co-founder of Hygge & West, designers are exploring new possibilities with floral patterns. They are playing with scale, color palette, and style to create a fresh and vibrant effect. The result is a contemporary take on wallpaper that is both fun and refreshing.

Wallpaper gets its revival

The perception of wallpaper has evolved over time. Gone are the days of faded and torn wallpaper adorning the walls of our grandparents' houses. Wallpaper fell out of favor for many years as clean and crisp paint jobs took over. However, designers are now revitalizing this age-old home decorating tool.

Today, wallpaper allows you to express your personality through home design. It is an excellent way to create conversational moments and add a touch of wow-factor to your living spaces. Elizabeth Rees, co-founder of Chasing Paper, believes that these memorable moments will endure in your memories.

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How to decorate with wallpaper

The versatility of wallpaper makes it an exciting choice for home decor. With countless patterns and color schemes to choose from, wallpaper offers endless possibilities. It offers a unique alternative to simple, solid paint colors.

To determine where wallpaper works best, there's a simple answer: anywhere. Aimee Lagos suggests incorporating wallpaper in unexpected places like pantries and closets. It can be a small trial run before committing to an entire wall. Elizabeth Rees adds that bathrooms are also an ideal spot to experiment with patterned wallpaper.

Moreover, wallpaper is no longer confined to walls. It can be applied to the inside of cabinets, the backs of shelves, and even ceilings and stair risers.

What patterns are 'in'?

If wallpaper is making a comeback, it's because it aligns with current fashion trends. According to Rees, bold, multi-color stripes are popular in both clothing and wallpaper this winter. Meanwhile, the influence of the '70s can be seen in ditsy florals with vibrant orange, lavender, and cobalt blue tones.

Traditional florals are also experiencing a revival, but with a modern twist. Vintage floral designs, often associated with older wallpaper styles, have been updated to suit contemporary tastes. The world of wallpaper design is now fully customizable, offering sleek and modern, bold and retro, or subdued and rustic options to suit every unique space.

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Tips for installation

When it comes to wallpaper, the only real "don't" is skipping the instructions. Reading and following the instructions carefully is crucial for successful installation. This is especially important if you're using paste, as improper application can lead to messy results.

Preparing your walls is key to a successful wallpaper installation and easy removal down the road. Most wallpaper sellers offer a variety of application types, including traditional (paste required), pre-pasted (easily removed with water), and peel and stick.

So, if you're considering adding a touch of pizzazz to your living spaces, don't shy away from wallpaper. It has the power to revitalize your home and infuse it with color, pattern, and personality. Embrace the fun, follow the instructions, and enjoy your home makeover.

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