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Mistakes, Regrets, and Inspiration: Exploring the Homes of Ireland’s Interior Designers

Ireland’s interior designers possess an unparalleled knack for creating stunning spaces for their clients. But have you ever wondered what design choices they make when it comes to decorating their own homes? In this article,...

Ireland’s interior designers possess an unparalleled knack for creating stunning spaces for their clients. But have you ever wondered what design choices they make when it comes to decorating their own homes? In this article, we'll take a sneak peek inside the homes of three extraordinary interior experts, exploring their unique design choices, personal styles, and the inspiration they draw upon. Get ready to discover a world of creativity, experimentation, and soulful interiors!

Geri O’Toole: Timeless Elegance with a Rustic Twist

Geri O’Toole of Geri Designs, based in Limerick, embarked on a restoration project alongside her husband, Cathal. Together, they transformed a derelict farming cottage on the grounds of Mountshannon House into a modern-rustic gem. By juxtaposing reclaimed beams and brick feature walls with industrial metal elements, Geri created a harmonious blend of old and new. Antique pieces and unique art add a dash of timelessness to her home, evoking a sense of soulful elegance.

Geri O'Toole's home

While reflecting on her design philosophy, Geri emphasizes the importance of timelessness. She asserts, "I love my interiors to feel soulful, for somebody to walk in and think this feels like it’s been done over time." To achieve this enduring appeal, Geri suggests investing in custom joinery, which may initially seem expensive but ultimately stands the test of time.

Suzie McAdam: Eclectic Luxury that Inspires

Suzie McAdam, renowned for her work as a former judge on RTÉ's Home of the Year, is the creative force behind an esteemed design consultancy. Her restored Victorian home in Sandycove, Dublin, is a true testament to her expertise and design aesthetic. With chinoiserie wallpaper, oversized handblown pink glass kitchen light fittings, and even a one-tonne marble bath (her "Cleopatra moment"), Suzie's home exudes eclectic luxury.

Suzie McAdam

McAdam's main goal while decorating her home was to infuse it with playfulness and uniqueness. She sought to break away from traditional and mundane designs, surrounding herself with interesting and unusual pieces. One standout feature is a pair of disco dog sculptures in her drawing room, igniting a range of reactions from visitors. Some find them festive, some a little scary, while others simply find them fun.

Wioleta Kelly: DIY Creativity Enriched by Nature

Wioleta Kelly, founder of Abbeyfeale Interiors, hails from Poland and now resides in the countryside near the village of Tournafulla in Limerick. Her home perfectly embodies the stunning natural surroundings, captured through a country-cottage-style design. However, Wioleta's passion for DIY and upcycling adds a unique twist to her interior aesthetic.

Wioleta Kelly's home

Wioleta finds constant inspiration in her work, constantly collecting new design ideas she would love to try out in her own home. Despite maintaining the country cottage brief, she injects her personality into the decor. Eye-catching murals adorn the walls, demonstrating her creativity and love for DIY projects. Wioleta's resourcefulness and pragmatism lead her to repurpose existing elements, saving money without compromising style.

Learn from Mistakes, Embrace Creativity

Exploring the homes of these talented interior designers allows us to learn from their mistakes and gain valuable insights. Geri O'Toole regrets the decision to install laminate flooring in her cottage, favoring natural materials that resonate with her heart. Suzie McAdam has discovered the importance of balancing luxury with practicality, now prioritizing functionality in her home. And for Wioleta Kelly, the joy of DIY experimentation is momentarily on hold as she navigates the lively chaos of raising young twins.

These incredible designers remind us that mistakes can be stepping stones to innovation and growth. They encourage us to embrace our creativity, experiment with unique ideas, and create spaces that truly reflect our personalities. So, let their stories inspire you as you embark on your own interior design journey.

Wioleta Kelly with her husband and two children

Remember, your home is your canvas—paint it with your unique style and make it a reflection of your soul.