Modern French Interior Design: Tips for Creating an Effortlessly Chic Parisian Home

French style has always been synonymous with fashion, beauty, and elegance. This extends beyond the realm of fashion to include French interior design. Modern French interior design, also known as Parisian style, embodies the same...

French style has always been synonymous with fashion, beauty, and elegance. This extends beyond the realm of fashion to include French interior design. Modern French interior design, also known as Parisian style, embodies the same chic, simple, and functional qualities with a touch of personal style. In this article, we will explore what modern French interior design is all about and provide you with tips to create your own French-inspired home.

What is Modern French Interior Design?

French interior design is highly sought after by interior designers for its glamour, class, elegance, and simplicity. It seamlessly blends modern and traditional furniture to strike the perfect balance between old and new without overwhelming a room. Natural light, white walls, modern furniture, antique statement pieces, and a limited color palette are key elements of the modern French style.

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Tips for Decorating Your House in the Modern French Style

Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you design the perfect modern French interior for your home.

Choose the Right Colors

The right colors can set the mood for your home and are crucial in achieving the modern French style. Start with a bright white base color and incorporate soft pastels like grey, tan, beige, baby blue, or soft pink. These light colors can be complemented by darker shades and pops of vibrant colors in art or accessories.

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Incorporate Gold

Gold adds a touch of extravagance and can be brought into the room through small features such as a gilded mirror, gold lighting fixtures, small cold statues, or furniture with gold-painted legs.

Plenty of Red

Red is a commonly used color in Parisian designs, often in darker shades like velvet or wine-red. This sophisticated color adds brightness to the room while maintaining a classy ambiance. Incorporate red through upholstery, curtains, artworks, or even a feature wall.

Splashes of Black

Black is an accent color frequently used in French-style homes. It provides a striking contrast to the bright white walls and accentuates focal points in the room. Black also pairs well with gold and deep red colorings.

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Black and White Prints

Black and white prints, such as parquet flooring, art pieces, and textiles, are common in Parisian-styled homes. Incorporate these prints carefully to avoid overwhelming smaller spaces.

French Wall Mouldings

One characteristic of modern French interior design is the use of wall and ceiling mouldings. Panelled walls, baseboards, and ornamental ceilings can help you achieve the ideal French style.

French Floors

Marble tiles and wood flooring are commonly used materials in French-style homes. Use marble in powder rooms, bathrooms, or entrance halls for an elegant touch. Wood floors work well in living rooms and kitchens, adding warmth to your home. Large area rugs can complement these flooring materials, providing both comfort and style.

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If you don't have intricate ceilings or mouldings, painting the ceilings a bright white or a lighter color than the walls can make your room feel larger and reflect light more effectively.

Contemporary Furniture

When it comes to furniture in modern French interiors, it's all about having fun and creating a balance between modern and traditional elements. Consider white-painted wood furniture, dark red velvety couches, or a black-and-white reupholstered wingback chair for an exquisite Parisian-inspired home. Straight lines, white or black furniture, and gold or soft pastel accents like rugs, scatter cushions, or artworks are essential.

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Accessories for Your Parisian Apartment

Modern French style emphasizes eye-catching features. Incorporate accessories that complement your color palette and bring warmth to the room.

Fireplace and Mantelpiece

If you have a fireplace with a mantelpiece in your living room, make it a key feature. Decorate the mantelpiece with simplistic art or indoor plants.


Sculptures add style and class to any room. They can be made of various materials and come in different colors. Consider using coffee tables, mirrors, flower vases, antique pieces, or intricate bookshelves as sculptural pieces.

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French design values uncluttered spaces, so use sculptural pieces sparingly and only when necessary. Avoid filling up all the empty spaces in your home.

Abstract Art

France is renowned for its beautiful artworks, so incorporating art pieces into your home is critical. Mount abstract artworks with minimalist colors above the mantelpiece or in your dining room. Feel free to experiment with subtle pops of color or large statement pieces to elevate your living space.

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Lighting is a crucial element in modern French design. While natural light is essential, incorporating artificial lighting fixtures is equally important. Wall sconces, floor lamps, hanging ceiling lights, and table lamps can be layered to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These fixtures can also bring in colors such as gold and black, providing contrast to your white walls.

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Final Thoughts

Modern French interior design is all about effortless elegance. By following the tips and incorporating your personal style, you can create a space that is welcoming, simplistic, and functional. Stick to black and white, straight lines, and practical pieces, and soon you'll have an effortlessly chic Parisian home that exudes timeless style.