North West Entrance Vastu for House: Unlocking Prosperity and Harmony in Your Home

Have you ever wondered how the alignment of your property can impact your life? According to Vastu principles, the direction of your house can significantly influence your success, prosperity, and even your relationships. In this...

Have you ever wondered how the alignment of your property can impact your life? According to Vastu principles, the direction of your house can significantly influence your success, prosperity, and even your relationships. In this article, we will explore the importance of the north-west facing house in Vastu and how you can navigate it to create a harmonious and prosperous home.

The Significance of Directions in Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, the direction of your house is believed to have a profound impact on various aspects of your life. When your dwelling aligns harmoniously with its direction, it can pave the way for financial prosperity, a thriving social circle, and even a fulfilling marriage. That's why understanding the importance of a north-west facing house in Vastu is crucial.

The north-west direction is associated with creativity, luck, and prosperity. Governed by the influence of the moon, this direction plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere within your household. Disregarding the principles of construction and placement in this direction can lead to tensions and disharmony within the household. So, if you own a north-west corner plot or any area of your house is oriented in this direction, it's essential to navigate it correctly to avoid potential challenges.

The Comprehensive Science of Vastu: North West Entrance

Vastu is a comprehensive science that focuses on the movement of energy. The north-west direction, as the name suggests, is where the air element resides. According to Vastu principles, this direction is associated with fortune, luck, creativity, and a thriving social circle. It is believed that living in a north-west facing house can bring health, wealth, and prosperity. However, it's essential to design and construct your house in accordance with Vastu Shastra regulations to ensure balance and harmony.

The north-west entrance plays a pivotal role in channeling positive energy into your home. When the entrance is aligned correctly, it can support your well-being and attract success, wealth, and good fortune. However, if the entrance is not designed in accordance with Vastu principles, it can create conflicts and discord in your household.

North West Entrance Vastu Image: North West Entrance Vastu

Is a North West-Facing House Good or Bad as per Vastu?

The suitability of a north-west facing house depends on your lifestyle and aspirations. According to Vastu Shastra, the north-west direction is associated with the Vayu God, symbolizing constant movement and an active social life. Living in a north-west facing house can be beneficial if you seek a vibrant social circle and easy prosperity. However, it's crucial to adhere to Vastu principles in this direction to avoid disharmony, conflicts, and a decline in fortune.

North West Entrance Flat: Vastu Tips

To create a nutritive, prosperous, and happy existence, it is crucial to align your home and surroundings with the right directions. Here are some Vastu tips specifically for the north-west direction:

  • Lower the northeastern boundary wall to welcome more prosperity and good fortune.
  • Raise the southwest boundary wall to prevent outside influences from entering the property.
  • Ensure that the northwest corner has a northwest road that runs west and a west road that ends to guarantee financial security.
  • If your family includes elderly members, allocate a northwest bedroom for a newlywed couple and their kids.
  • Avoid placing water tanks towards the northwest. If necessary, position the tank as far as possible from the northwest corner.
  • The pooja room should be located in the northeast, a place of positivity. Place specific deities in specific directions to enhance their energy.
  • The ideal direction for the balcony area is east or north. Any placed swing must face either east or north.
  • Enhance the wind element's capabilities by creating an aromatic garden on a northwest plot.
  • Always place stairs in the southwest or south corner and avoid constructing them in any other direction, particularly towards the northeast.
  • Place metal turtles facing north or northwest as they are believed to bring luck.
  • Decorate blank walls near your entryway with a statue or picture of Ganesha to prevent loneliness and attract positive energy.

Benefits of North West Entrance Vastu

Living in a north-west facing house can bring several benefits. Here are some advantages of aligning your home with Vastu principles in the north-west direction:

  • The northwest direction, governed by the Vayu Purusha, supports a robust social network and a thriving family life.
  • Following the north-west direction can empower female family members, promote their personal growth, and contribute to societal advancement.
  • Positive energy in a north-west facing house can enhance fertility and contribute to a healthy pregnancy and birth.
  • A well-designed north-west facing house promotes peace and harmony within the family.
  • When the northwest direction is aligned correctly, it brings prosperity, healthy children, government support, and dignity.

Vastu Dosha of North West Entrance

If you neglect Vastu principles in the north-west direction, you may encounter certain challenges. Here are some of the Vastu doshas associated with the north-west entrance:

  • Vastu dosha in the northwest corner can cause different mental states among family members, leading to miscommunication and conflicts.
  • Money may enter your home through the north-west entrance but leave just as quickly, resulting in financial instability.
  • Vastu dosha in the north-west corner can lead to various health issues such as back pain, acidity, depression, and insomnia.
  • Extensions or irregularities in the northwest can bring financial loss and distress.
  • Legal issues, court lawsuits, and police investigations may arise if your property or plot is placed in the northwest direction.

North West Entrance Vastu Remedies

If you encounter Vastu doshas in the north-west entrance of your house, there are remedies that can help restore balance and harmony. Here are some Vastu remedies you can consider:

  • Place symbols such as OM, Swastik, or Trishul at the sides of your entrance to ward off negative energy.
  • Plant tulsi and mint in the northwest direction to attract positive energy and satisfy Vayu Devta.
  • Install three Vastu pyramids near the entry door, one on each side and one on top, to decrease negative energy and reduce difficulties.
  • Fast every Monday if you reside in a northwest-facing house to invite wealth, joy, and good health.
  • Install Chandra Yantra in the northwest area to promote mental tranquility.
  • Hang a Brass Helix above the main door if it is located in the northwest corner to balance the energy and correct any Vastu flaws.
  • Place a conch shell-shaped object in areas with Vastu dosha to remove negative energies and attract positive vibrations.
  • Fix any water leakage problems as they can invite negative energy.
  • Ensure your entrance door is clean, intact, and well-maintained to welcome positive energy and prevent harm.
  • Keep uncrushed salt handy to absorb bad energy. Sprinkle some salt while cleaning the floor and keep a bowl of salt near the entrance to ward off the evil eye.

In Conclusion

Harmony and prosperity are within reach when you align your home with Vastu principles, especially in the north-west direction. By following the tips and remedies mentioned in this article, you can unlock the full potential of your north-west facing house. Remember to consult a Vastu specialist for personalized guidance. Embrace physical and mental well-being, and experience a joyful, healthy, wealthy, and happy life with your loved ones.