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Our 1924 California Bungalow: Discover the Charm of Our New Home!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I receive a commission when you buy through my links, which helps support the costs of hosting this free tutorial site. Thanks for your support! Our downsizing dreams have...

1920s california bungalow - welcome to our new historic home!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I receive a commission when you buy through my links, which helps support the costs of hosting this free tutorial site. Thanks for your support!

Our downsizing dreams have finally come true! Last month, my family and I moved into our new home and today, I can't wait to give you a full tour of our charming 1920s bungalow! So, sit back, relax, and let me show you around our uncluttered haven.

The Location: Perfectly Positioned for a Vibrant Lifestyle

my favorite restaurant, Lockeland Table, is now only blocks away from my front door! Caption: My favorite restaurant, Lockeland Table, is now only blocks away from my front door!

When we first laid eyes on this house, it wasn't just the structure itself that captivated us. It was the location. Our California bungalow is nestled in a neighborhood that boasts an array of fantastic restaurants and a thriving community. Walking distance from our favorite eateries, the best playground in town, and a convenient bus stop, our new home offers unparalleled accessibility.

But it doesn't end there—the charm of our community lies in its front porch culture. Everyone here has inviting front porches, making it easy for neighbors to connect and extend their gatherings beyond their front doors. We've already had a fantastic time hosting a casual neighborhood get-together, and we can't wait to create more memories in the future!

Unveiling the Architectural Beauty: The California Bungalow

What Is A California Bungalow? Explaining our 1920s bungalow

After our offer to purchase this house was accepted, I delved into researching architectural styles from the 1920s. I stumbled upon a fascinating style I had never heard of before—the California Bungalow. Despite its name suggesting a singular location, these homes were prevalent throughout America during the 1920s. In fact, many houses I had previously assumed to be Craftsman style were actually California Bungalows!

Characterized by open eaves and distinctively sloping roofs, our bungalow proudly showcases these unique architectural elements. The front roof's downward slope, almost as lengthy as the first story, is a telltale sign of our California Bungalow.

An Intimate Exploration: Inside Our Charming Space

California Bungalow interior style - updating our 1920s home

As we step inside, you'll notice that the main floor serves as the heart of our home. Unlike many houses from this era, ours doesn't have a dedicated entryway. Instead, you're immediately greeted by the warmth of the living room as you step through the front door. But fear not, we've found a clever solution to optimize the space!

To the right of the living room lies a charming dining room, accessible through elegant French doors. Originally designed as a dining space, we've decided to switch things up. By relocating the living room to the second room, we can now have a sofa facing a wall and enjoy our beloved movie nights. A centrally placed table in the first room complements this new arrangement perfectly.

Restoring our historic 1924 California Bungalow - Follow our journey as we painstakingly breathe new life into this old house. #oldhomelove #historichomes #homerestoration

Walking through the hallway, which acts as a transition area between the living spaces, we reach four more noteworthy rooms. To the immediate left, we have the only bathroom in this cozy abode. While it may be small, we have big plans to revamp it, adding functional storage and a fresh look while preserving the original tub and window trim.

As we approach the end of the hallway, we enter the downstairs bedroom. Although smaller than its upstairs counterpart, this room's high ceilings and original hardwood flooring make it irresistible. And let's not forget the eye-catching original fireplace, nestled beside the closet. This room exudes charm and coziness.

Kitchen in our 1920s California Bungalow

Adjacent to the bedroom, we find ourselves in the kitchen. While compact, it has unfortunately lost its original period charm through previous renovations. An added peninsula in the center of the kitchen, though functional, sacrifices valuable cabinet space. However, we have grand plans to optimize this space and restore its vintage allure.

Now that you've seen the downstairs, let's venture upstairs and explore what awaits us in the second story—a unique half story that adds character to our Californian abode.

Upstairs Delight: A Cozy Office and a Playful Haven

Upstairs bedroom in an old house - this bedroom from our 1920s bungalow has the sweetest little nook.

Ascending the narrow staircase, we find ourselves in a small landing that basks in natural light. This delightful space, equipped with a closet, will serve as our home office. With its perfect size for a desk and a cozy chair, this corner will be transformed into a productive haven. In the future, we plan to add built-in shelving to create a mini-library for our beloved book collection.

From the landing, we enter the largest room in the house—the upstairs bedroom. This wonderful space features a charming nook formed by a dormer, offering a perfect play area for our daughter. The remaining portion of the room will be her bedroom, complete with a queen-sized bed, as an upgrade from her previous full-sized bed.

Outdoor Oasis: Exploring Our Enchanting Backyard

large backyard

Let's step outside and appreciate the beauty of our backyard, located in a neighborhood with narrow lots and long backyards that all open to an alley. Though slightly overgrown, our backyard holds exceptional potential. We plan to offer our tenants the private garden and parking space, accessible through the alley. Additionally, we have a detached garage that we can't wait to transform!

garage ideas

The garage, already equipped with electricity, will be divided into two halves. One side will serve as storage and my personal creative space, while the other side will be transformed into a cozy one-bedroom apartment. This additional income will help support the costs of running my design business and make up for the income I left behind when I departed from my corporate job. In the future, we aspire to add a second story to the garage, creating a full-time rental, while keeping the first story as a guest space for friends and family.

Welcome to Our Home: A Journey We Can't Wait to Share

bungalow style with modern touches

And there you have it—our almost-100-year-old gem of a home! We are absolutely smitten with it and have already made ourselves at home. We're excited to embark on this journey of restoration and share it with all of you. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, so you never miss an update!

Thank you for joining me on this full home tour. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. I love connecting with my readers and having a good chat!

xoxo, Teri

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