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Parker Knoll: A Timeless Legacy in British Furniture Making

Parker Knoll, the prestigious British furniture maker, has cemented its reputation as a true icon in the world of luxury furniture. With over 150 years of heritage, Parker Knoll is renowned for its exquisite sofas...

Parker Knoll, the prestigious British furniture maker, has cemented its reputation as a true icon in the world of luxury furniture. With over 150 years of heritage, Parker Knoll is renowned for its exquisite sofas and chairs that embody timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort. In this complete guide, we invite you to explore every aspect of this beloved British brand that has become a symbol of distinction.

A Brief History of Parker Knoll

With a legacy spanning over a century and a half, Parker Knoll has established itself as a leading furniture maker in Britain. The brand's commitment to British craftsmanship and iconic designs has stood the test of time and solidified its position in the luxury furniture industry.

From the early days, Parker Knoll revolutionized comfort by introducing serpentine springs into their designs. This innovative move elevated their furniture to a new level of comfort, setting them apart from their competitors. Today, Parker Knoll continues to embrace innovation while maintaining the traditional values that define their collection, whether it's the classic armchairs like The Penhurst Chair or the modern sofa options like The Sloane Sofa.

World-Renowned for British Craftsmanship

Parker Knoll has earned its reputation as a leader in British craftsmanship, with their high-quality furniture gracing homes across the globe. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who understand the traditional methods passed down through generations. This dedication to quality ensures that every Parker Knoll piece is an elegant work of art.

Investing in a Parker Knoll piece means adding timeless elegance to your living spaces. The brand's commitment to using only the finest materials and their understanding of traditional craftsmanship shines through in every detail. Whether it's their iconic recliners or wing chair designs, you can expect unparalleled comfort and classic sophistication.

Iconic Designs Loved by Generations

Throughout its illustrious history, Parker Knoll has created iconic furniture designs that are cherished by generations of customers. Known for their fusion of classic elegance and modern functionality, these pieces offer supreme comfort and quality craftsmanship.

One such beloved design is The Statesman Chair, which continues to steal hearts even after five decades since its first release. This swivel chair combines style and practicality, making a bold statement in any room.

Iconic Parker Knoll Designs

Parker Knoll boasts several iconic designs that have become synonymous with timeless elegance and comfort. The Norton collection, with its elegant curved arms and classic design elements, is a true example of the brand's signature style. The Wing Chair, with its distinctive shape and luxurious cushioning, exudes luxury and sophistication. And let's not forget The Sloane Sofa, a true embodiment of Parker Knoll's timeless charm and exceptional comfort.

parker knoll norton The Norton Chair

parker knoll statesman chair The Statesman Chair

parker knoll wing chair The Wing Chair

parker knoll sloane sofa The Sloane Sofa

Parker Knoll Furniture Collections

Parker Knoll offers a range of furniture collections, each with its own unique style and design. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of the Classic collection, the modern luxury of the Lifestyle range, the sustainable options of the Evolution line, or the rich heritage of the Originals collection, Parker Knoll has something to suit every taste.

parker knoll devsonhire Classic Collection

parker knoll hudson Lifestyle Collection - Hudson Sofa

parker knoll 1701 Evolution Collection

parker knoll froxfield Originals Collection

Handcrafted Quality

Parker Knoll is renowned for its dedication to traditional craftsmanship and the use of only the finest materials. This commitment is evident in every piece of furniture they produce.

Dedication to Traditional Craftsmanship

Parker Knoll takes pride in handcrafting their furniture using traditional methods combined with modern technology. Skilled craftsmen and women meticulously construct each piece, from the frame to the upholstery. This dedication to traditional craftsmanship ensures timeless quality and beauty.

Materials & Construction

Parker Knoll's commitment to exceptional quality is reflected in their choice of materials. Every piece is individually handcrafted with precision and care, using the finest fabrics and sustainably sourced wood. The result is furniture that is not only beautiful but also durable.

Upholstery Options

Parker Knoll offers a wide range of upholstery options to suit every taste. From sumptuous velvets to durable linens, every fabric is carefully selected for its quality and comfort. Customers can choose from an array of colors, prints, and textures to create a look that is uniquely their own. The company also offers bespoke services for those who want something truly one-of-a-kind.

Design Guild Mark

Parker Knoll's commitment to innovative design and materials has been recognized with the prestigious Design Guild Mark, awarded by the Furniture Makers' Company. This accolade is given to products that represent excellence in British design and promote innovation in design practices. With 22 of their designs receiving this mark in 2019, Parker Knoll continues to push the boundaries of furniture design.

Sustainability & Ethical Practices

Parker Knoll is dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, using sustainable materials and greener manufacturing techniques.

Use of Sustainable Materials & Production Processes

Parker Knoll carefully selects responsibly sourced materials, ensuring that the wood used in their furniture comes from sustainable forests. They have also implemented environmentally friendly practices throughout their operations, such as a closed-loop recycling system for foam scraps and the use of renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Greener Manufacturing Techniques

Parker Knoll invests in advanced technologies to reduce waste and improve efficiency. From biomass boilers to recycling fabric scraps, they are committed to minimizing their environmental impact while delivering luxurious furniture pieces.

Behind the Scenes

Parker Knoll's design and manufacturing processes combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to achieve the highest quality standards.

Design Process

Parker Knoll's team of experts is passionate about creating the best furniture possible. From initial sketches to final products, every step is carefully considered to ensure quality and durability. The attention to detail reflects Parker Knoll's dedication to traditional craftsmanship and materials.

Manufacturing Process

Skilled artisans craft each piece of furniture with meticulous attention to detail. From selecting the perfect timber to hand-stitching upholstery, every aspect of production is carefully considered. Parker Knoll also offers bespoke and customization options, allowing customers to create truly unique pieces.

Bespoke & Customization Options

Parker Knoll provides bespoke and customization options to ensure that your furniture fits perfectly in your home. From selecting different fabrics and colors to personalizing details like sofa arms and cushions, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your style and taste.

The Frederick Parker Collection

The Frederick Parker Collection is an archive of British furniture manufacturing that showcases the incredible history of Parker Knoll. This unique collection features historical documents and nearly 200 British chairs dating back to 1660. It serves as a testament to Parker Knoll's expertise in traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Where to Buy Parker Knoll Furniture

You can find Parker Knoll furniture online and in physical stores across the UK. Their website and flagship store in Doncaster, which boasts one of the largest Parker Knoll collections in Yorkshire, are excellent places to explore the brand's offerings.

After-Sales Support & Care Advice

Parker Knoll prides itself on providing top-notch after-sales support and care advice. They offer resources to help you maintain your furniture and make it last for years to come. The Parker Knoll Consumer Care Guide provides valuable information on cleaning tips and preserving the quality of your cushions.

Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a modern statement piece, Parker Knoll's commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that each piece of furniture is a true work of art. Explore their collections and experience the luxury and comfort that only Parker Knoll can provide.