Real Estate Express Review (2024): Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering getting your real estate license? Look no further - Real Estate Express has been a trusted online real estate school for over 20 years. In this comprehensive Real Estate Express review, we'll...

Are you considering getting your real estate license? Look no further - Real Estate Express has been a trusted online real estate school for over 20 years. In this comprehensive Real Estate Express review, we'll explore their course offerings, special features, benefits, pros and cons, alternatives, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What Sets a Real Estate School Apart?

Before we dive into the Real Estate Express review, it's crucial to identify what you're looking for in a real estate school. Do you have a busy schedule that requires flexibility? Are you seeking a comprehensive course or just exam preparation materials? Let's explore the key factors to consider when choosing a real estate school.

Flexibility: Learning on Your Terms

Think about the convenience of online learning. Real Estate Express offers flexibility and convenience that traditional schools can't match. Busy schedules and frequent travel are no longer obstacles, as you can access your courses anytime, anywhere. Embracing online education means taking control of your learning journey.

Course Options: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Just like finding your favorite restaurant, having options is vital. Real Estate Express understands this and offers a variety of course options to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a basic course, exam preparation materials, or a comprehensive learning experience, Real Estate Express has it all.

Affordability: Education that Fits Your Budget

Affordability is a significant factor when choosing a real estate school. While many schools offer quality education, finding one that fits your budget is crucial. Real Estate Express ensures that pursuing a career in real estate doesn't break the bank, making it a smart choice for aspiring professionals.

Real Estate Express Overview: Your Path to Success

With 100% online education that fits into your life, Real Estate Express provides everything you need to jump-start your real estate career. Their various program packages cater to different budgets and learning needs. Additionally, their Career Hub and Career Expo opportunities provide valuable information and networking opportunities to maximize your future success.

Real Estate Express Image Source: Real Estate Express


  • Offers flexibility with 100% online education
  • Provides multiple program packages to fit any budget
  • Career Hub and Career Expo opportunities for valuable insights
  • Offers continuing education and license upgrade opportunities
  • Pre-licensing programs available in 40+ states
  • Modern, user-friendly online platform


  • Pre-licensing programs and access may not be available in every state
  • Money-back guarantee not applicable in some states
  • Text-based courseload may not be ideal for visual learners

Real Estate Express Benefits: Your Ticket to Success

Choosing Real Estate Express comes with several benefits designed to save you time, money, and provide the guidance you need to thrive in your real estate career. Here are some key advantages of choosing Real Estate Express:

Continuing Education: Stay Up-to-Date

Real estate professionals understand the importance of continuing education. Real Estate Express offers a seamless way to meet your CE requirements. With various learning channels and customizable packages, you can conveniently stay ahead in your industry.

100% Online: Learning at Your Convenience

Real Estate Express understands the demands of a busy schedule. Their online course allows you to study from anywhere, anytime, without the need for daily commutes. As long as you have internet access at home, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace.

Pre-Licensing Education Options: Find Your Fit

Real Estate Express offers a range of pre-licensing education options to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer a no-frills program, comprehensive exam preparation, or personalized guidance, their courses cover all your requirements.

Pass or Don't Pay: No Fear of Failure

Real Estate Express offers a Pass or Don't Pay guarantee, allowing you to pursue your real estate dreams without the fear of failure. If you don't pass your exam, simply provide your state's failure notice, and Real Estate Express will refund your purchase price.

State Availability: Widely Recognized

Real Estate Express is available in 40+ states for pre-licensing programs, making it a reliable choice for aspiring real estate professionals. They are continually expanding their reach to serve even more states.

Career Hub: Unlock Your Potential

Whether you're a beginner or experienced professional, Real Estate Express Career Hub is here to help. With informative blog articles covering various real estate topics, you'll gain valuable insights to enhance your career. Additionally, their Career Expo page offers networking opportunities to connect with local brokers and launch your real estate journey.

Accreditation: Trusted and Recognized

Real Estate Express is accredited by IDECC and ARELLO, which means you can trust their quality training. With a backing of over 200,000 professionals and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from past students, you can be confident that your investment will be worthwhile.

Real Estate Express Cons: Consider These Factors

While Real Estate Express offers many benefits, it's essential to be fully aware of the potential drawbacks before enrolling. Here are a few cons to consider:

Text-Based Courseload: Not for Everyone

Real Estate Express primarily offers a text-based curriculum, lacking videos, animations, or interactive elements. While some prefer this self-paced approach, others may find it less engaging. Consider your learning preferences when deciding if a text-based format suits you.

Pass or Don't Pay Exceptions: State Limitations

Real Estate Express cannot guarantee a money-back refund if you reside in Florida, New Jersey, or Tennessee. These states have restrictions that prevent guarantees for passing the real estate license exam.

State Availability for Post-Licensing and Continuing Education: Limited Options

While Real Estate Express excels in pre-licensing education, availability for post-licensing programs may vary. Only ten states offer post-licensing courses, and eight states offer license upgrades. Explore alternatives from Mckissock, Real Estate Express' parent company, if you require more options.

Real Estate School Alternatives: Explore Your Options

While Real Estate Express is a top-rated online real estate school, it's essential to consider alternatives. Here are a few other reputable schools that offer similar courses and materials:


Mbition provides pre-licensing courses, exam preparation, and continuing education. Accredited by ARELLO and IDECC, Mbition offers professional development resources to support your real estate journey.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education offers in-person and online courses, providing comprehensive guidance from licensing to continuing education. Their experienced instructors ensure you receive hands-on interaction and personalized support.


Aceable offers an engaging online learning experience, providing all the tools you need to pass your real estate exam. With their self-paced courses, convenient platform, and 100% online exam option, Aceable simplifies the process of obtaining your real estate license.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers a convenient course delivery system, making it easy to get the education required for your real estate career. With straightforward courses and progress tracking, you'll have complete visibility of your progress.

Final Thoughts: Your Path to Success with Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a leading online real estate school that provides an affordable and convenient way to obtain your real estate license. With their comprehensive courses and flexible learning options, you can study at your own pace and on your own terms.

While it may lack personal interaction and video content, Real Estate Express prioritizes accessibility and affordability. With accreditation, state availability, and a strong reputation, Real Estate Express is a smart choice for those looking to enter the real estate industry.

Make an informed decision according to your specific needs and embark on your real estate journey with Real Estate Express!