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Review of Russian Websites for Foreign Real Estate Sale

For many Russians, buying real estate abroad is a cherished dream. That's why there's a growing number of services in the Russian market that allow them to explore options and purchase or rent real estate...

For many Russians, buying real estate abroad is a cherished dream. That's why there's a growing number of services in the Russian market that allow them to explore options and purchase or rent real estate abroad.

Let's take a closer look at the top five portals that appear in the Google organic search results for the query "buy realty abroad."

Prian.ru - 96 thousand offers as of July 2019

Prian.ru is a real estate search service based in Saint Petersburg, offering properties in 75 countries around the world. This portal allows users to buy or rent residential and commercial real estate, as well as land lots in various countries.

One of the remarkable features of Prian.ru is the collaboration with hundreds of companies and individuals who present their properties from all over the world. The service brings together top developers, real estate agencies, consultants, and professional investors.

The portal is visited by more than 10 million users annually, with the majority coming from CIS countries, including Russia and the Baltic States.

Prian.ru Prian.ru offers practical insights, answers questions, and provides analytical data. It is a trusted platform with experts from around the world.

Tranio.ru - 70 thousand offers

Tranio.ru is an international real estate broker headquartered in Moscow, with offices in various European cities. This website presents real estate options in 57 countries worldwide.

Tranio experts not only help clients find the right property but also connect them with service providers necessary for profitable and secure investments overseas. They offer a wide range of services, from property search to assistance with permanent residence.

With 11 thousand daily visitors, Tranio.ru has gained popularity among those looking to invest in international real estate.

Tranio.ru Tranio.ru assists clients in selecting the best real estate and service providers for profitable investments overseas.

HomesOverseas.ru - 140 thousand offers

HomesOverseas.ru is one of the leading Russian overseas property portals. It features thousands of residential and commercial properties from over 60 countries, listed by 715 agencies, developers, and homeowners.

With over 300 thousand monthly users, HomesOverseas.ru has established itself as a go-to platform for those interested in buying or renting property abroad.

HomesOverseas.ru HomesOverseas.ru is visited by over 300 thousand users each month, making it a popular choice for those seeking international real estate.

1-property.ru - 43 thousand offers

1-property.ru is an overseas property portal that presents properties from 37 countries worldwide. The website offers consultation services from experienced experts regarding foreign real estate in different countries.

With affordable advertising rates, 1-property.ru caters to individuals and agencies alike.

1-property.ru 1-property.ru is an official media partner of the most successful overseas real estate & investment events in Moscow.

rentsale.ru - 1,280 offers

Rentsale is an international real estate agency that primarily works with sellers from European countries. As of July 2019, the service lists properties from 13 European countries.

Buyers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and across Russia, as well as neighboring countries, turn to Rentsale for their international property needs.

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Remember, whether you're a buyer or seller, these websites provide valuable resources and opportunities to explore the international real estate market from the comfort of your own home. Start exploring today and turn your dreams of owning property abroad into a reality.