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Roofstock Review: The Easiest Way to Invest in Turnkey Rental Properties

For the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding a website called Roofstock. In a nutshell, Roofstock is a turnkey real estate platform that caters to real estate investors looking to...

For the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding a website called Roofstock. In a nutshell, Roofstock is a turnkey real estate platform that caters to real estate investors looking to purchase fully leased properties, typically single-family homes. What sets Roofstock apart is its focus on key markets that consistently produce affordable cash-flowing properties, making it an attractive option for investors.

An Investor-Friendly Experience

One of the standout features of Roofstock is the wealth of information it provides to help investors make well-informed decisions. When browsing potential investment properties on the website, you'll find details on property condition, curb appeal, expected returns, tenant history, and neighborhood information. Each property listing offers in-depth insights to guide your analysis and decision-making.

roofstock markets Image: Roofstock markets

Moreover, Roofstock goes the extra mile by conducting thorough inspections on the properties it lists. Investors gain access to inspection reports and background information on the property and existing tenants, ensuring transparency and minimizing surprises after the purchase.

Trusted Property Management

A common concern for out-of-town investors is finding reliable property management. Roofstock addresses this issue by establishing partnerships with local property managers in the markets they serve. Local property managers are carefully vetted, ensuring that investors have access to trustworthy professionals. It's worth noting that Roofstock has no financial affiliation with the recommended property managers, ensuring unbiased recommendations.

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Investors have the freedom to choose their preferred property management option, whether it's through a recommended manager, self-management, or utilizing property management software like TenantCloud or Buildium.

Transparent and Informed Investing

Roofstock's goal is to provide transparency and empower investors with the necessary information to make informed decisions. While it's ultimately up to each investor to conduct due diligence and verify the numbers, Roofstock facilitates the process by offering a plethora of property information upfront.

Financing options are also made accessible through Roofstock, allowing investors to connect with recommended lenders, explore rates, and apply for pre-approval. However, investors are free to work with their preferred lenders if they so choose.

A Closer Look at Properties

If you take the time to peruse the property listings on the Roofstock website, you'll notice that these properties are not newly renovated gems. They may require some minor updates or repairs, but they are generally in livable condition. Roofstock focuses on providing properties that do not require immediate major capital expenditures, ensuring a smoother investment experience.

roofstock property listings Image: Roofstock property listings

It's essential to thoroughly review property details, including condition and existing tenant information, before making a purchase. Roofstock's commitment to transparency makes this decision-making process more straightforward.

Sourcing Inventory and Fees

Roofstock sources its property listings through partnerships with larger institutional owners and individual owners seeking a hassle-free selling experience for their single-family properties. The company charges a 2.5% listing fee to sellers and a 0.5% fee from buyers upon an accepted offer. This fee structure benefits sellers by eliminating the need to pay a 6% commission to a real estate agent. Buyers, on the other hand, can find turnkey rental properties at a reasonable price.

Decent Returns and Positive Reviews

The typical return on investment for properties listed on Roofstock is decent, ranging from 3-4% to 8-9% in terms of cap rates. While these returns may not be groundbreaking, given the current market conditions, they are considered quite favorable. Roofstock's user-friendly platform, extensive property information, and seamless purchasing process have garnered positive reviews from investors across various forums and platforms.

roofstock review Image: Roofstock review

It's important to note that this review is based on conversations with Roofstock and extensive research, as personal experience with the platform is not available. Nevertheless, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from actual users further solidifies Roofstock's reputation as a trusted and user-friendly platform for real estate investors.

In Conclusion

If you're looking to venture into real estate investing or searching for a reliable platform to invest your capital, Roofstock offers a compelling option. Its comprehensive property information, trusted property management partnerships, and transparent approach make it one of the simplest turnkey solutions available. Explore the Roofstock website, read reviews from fellow investors, and begin your journey into hassle-free real estate investing.

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