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Rug Feng-Shui: Drawing Wealth, Love & Prosperity to Your Home & Life!

Everyone wants to create a loving, happy, and prosperous environment in their home. Feng Shui, the ancient art of balancing energy, offers techniques to achieve this. While many are aware of the impact of furniture...

Everyone wants to create a loving, happy, and prosperous environment in their home. Feng Shui, the ancient art of balancing energy, offers techniques to achieve this. While many are aware of the impact of furniture and decor on the energy of a space, few realize that rugs play a vital role in attracting good luck, love, and wealth according to Feng Shui principles. In this article, we will explore how to use rugs to unlock the full potential of Feng Shui.

1. The Design

Feng Shui recognizes five elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. Each element influences different energies within the home. By incorporating rugs that represent these elements, you can optimize the energy flow and create harmony and growth.

  • Fire Element: Represented by orange, red, and yellow shades, fire rugs enhance passion, energy, wealth, and transformation. The 5 elements we need to consider when choosing our rugs
  • Water Element: Blue hues symbolize the water element, which is closely tied to money flow. Incorporate these colors to attract more money into your home.
  • Earth Element: Muted colors like beige, tan, brown, and golden create a sense of safety, support, and security.
  • Wood Element: Green rugs stimulate inspiration, creativity, family prosperity, health, and motivation. Opt for wool, silk, or shag pieces to activate the wood element.
  • Metal Element: Gray, silver, and white rugs empower clear thinking and focus. Additionally, they help channel the energies of other elements.


  • To enhance the effects of a rug representing the fire element, choose patterns with koi fish in red, orange, or golden shades.
  • Rugs made of natural fibers in colors ranging from red to brown attract more money and good luck.
  • If you're struggling with finances, use red and brown rugs to improve the situation.
  • Placing a piece of dried algae or moss under your rug brings good luck and wealth.

When selecting a floor rug, consider that you will be stepping on it every day. Avoid rugs with the name of your business as they attract low-quality energy. Instead, choose designs that make sense to step on, such as garden pathways or sand. For abstract representations, stick to the Feng Shui element colors.

Flowers are not a desired pattern according to rug Feng Shui. They bring in bad energy.

Adding elements or materials that represent each element further enhances the power of Feng Shui. However, to obtain noticeable improvements and reap the full benefits of Feng Shui, you must also consider directional locations.

2. Direction

Each direction governs different aspects of life and requires specific rug choices to enhance positive energy flow.

The North Direction

The North direction governs career luck and is associated with the water element. Use rugs with black and blue shades to strengthen this aspect. Avoid wooden colors (greens) unless you have a kitchen or toilet in that area, as wood weakens water energy. To enhance good water energy, incorporate metal colors. Be cautious when using blue or black rugs in a North bedroom, as they can induce lethargy.

The South Direction

The South direction influences fame and reputation. Opt for red and orange rugs, as well as wooden colors (greens), unless a kitchen or toilet is present in the area. In that case, choose earthy colors, black, and blue moderately. Avoid excessive red, as it can lead to heated arguments.

The East Direction

Enhance health and family aspects by placing rugs in the East direction. This area is associated with the wood element, so greens are highly recommended. If a kitchen or toilet drains energy in that direction, incorporate fire element colors like oranges and reds, as well as metallics and greens, in your rug choices for balance.

The Southeast Direction

The Southeast direction governs wealth. Follow the same rules as the East direction.

The West Direction

The West direction influences children's luck and creativity. If a kitchen or toilet is present in that area, counteract the bad metal energy by using rugs in water and earthy colors, such as pinks, yellows, or browns. Living rooms in the West direction benefit from a mix of metal colors, such as gold, silver, white, and gray.

The North-West Direction

This direction can bring helpful people and happy travels into your life. Follow the same rules as the West direction.

The North-East Direction

Strengthen your North-East side for clarity of thought, luck in education, and better decision-making. Counteract the effects of a kitchen or toilet in the North-East with rugs in earthy colors, metallics, and wooden shades. For living rooms in the North-East, incorporate rugs in shades of pink, yellow, brown, or skin tones to increase optimism and hopefulness.

The South-West Direction

The South-West direction attracts romance. Follow the same rules as the North-East direction.

3. Shape

The shape of a rug also plays a role in its energy and the atmosphere it creates within a space.

  • Round rugs symbolize peace and spirituality and are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Natural fibers like wool enhance the relaxing and pleasant feel of a round rug.
  • Square or rectangular rugs attract wealth and are ideal for hallways, entryways, study rooms, libraries, and offices. Wall-to-wall carpeting and small floor mats also bring good Feng Shui.
  • Oval rugs symbolize positive changes and act as fortune magnets.


To attract more love, place the legs of your furniture, at least the front ones, on your rug. You'll notice that people will gravitate towards that area to sit and talk more!

When considering colors for your front entry, first think about the shapes and then find the suitable shape and color based on the Feng Shui element associated with the direction your door faces. Avoid using round shapes and colors that weaken the energy of that area. Instead, opt for colors associated with earth, water, or wood elements.

The welcome mat should be fresh and bright.

Ensure that your front entry is clearly defined and welcoming. Consider using a black welcome mat if you're aiming for career success, as it encourages cash flow and positive career changes.

Feng Shui is a vast topic within Chinese philosophy, dedicated to bringing balance between people and their surrounding environments. Although we have covered the basics in this article, there is much more to explore. Utilize rugs in your home design to invite love, wealth, health, success, and happiness into your life!

Do you incorporate Feng Shui principles in your home design? Share your tips and experiences with us!