Scandal, Extortion, and Murder: The Nashville Murder Case Exposed in 20/20 Documentary

A murder-for-hire plot involving a beloved Nashville couple and a prominent Texas businessman is the focus of a gripping new episode of ABC's "20/20." Delving deep into the intricate details of the shocking murders of...

A murder-for-hire plot involving a beloved Nashville couple and a prominent Texas businessman is the focus of a gripping new episode of ABC's "20/20." Delving deep into the intricate details of the shocking murders of Holly Williams and William Lanway, the episode titled "Sealed With a Kill" sheds light on a case that captivated the nation. Here's what you need to know about the documentary and how to watch.

Holly Williams: A Captivating Soul

Described as a "modern-day Marilyn Monroe," Holly Williams had a challenging upbringing. As a child of divorce, she grew up in Murfreesboro, where her relationship with her mother became estranged over time. Seeking solace and a fresh start, she moved to Nashville. Williams, an aesthetician, formed a close friendship with Marie Carroll, another aesthetician. Together, they embraced the vibrant culture of Music City, watching football games, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life to the fullest. Friends remember Williams as an amazing person with an enchanting personality. Carroll fondly compared her to Marilyn Monroe, as men would often flock around her, entranced by her charisma and beauty.

Metro Nashville Police Department announced Monday, March 16, 2020, that what initially looked like a fatal car crash has turned into a double homicide investigation.

William Lanway: A Troubled Past

William Lanway, an auto mechanic from Clarksville, shared Williams' exuberant and outgoing personality. Known as the "life of the party" in Broadway and Midtown circles, Lanway had a dark secret hidden beneath his party persona. As a child, he endured a traumatic event when his father, Lyle Lanway, held him, his mother, and a babysitter hostage during a marital dispute. Tragically, Lanway's father stabbed his wife, ending her life on Thanksgiving Day. Lanway was subsequently raised by his aunt and uncle. The loss of their daughter, Madison, to cancer further spiraled Lanway's life into a world of drinking and partying. It was during this tumultuous phase that he crossed paths with Holly Williams in 2018.

A History of Domestic Disputes

The documentary reveals that Williams and Lanway's relationship was plagued by domestic disputes. According to a 2019 police report, Lanway punched Williams and shattered her windshield. However, Williams chose not to press charges and declined police assistance. In January 2020, Williams obtained a restraining order against Lanway after accusing him of covering her mouth and causing her to hyperventilate. Additionally, Williams accused Lanway of taking her beloved dog, Max, who was later found dead on the side of the road near her apartment. Fearing for her safety, Williams installed three home security cameras, which caught Lanway breaking into her home after circumventing the original lock.

Scandal, extortion, and murder: Nashville murder case gets spotlight in 20/20 documentary; what to know

The Case Spans from Music City to the Lone Star State

Williams became involved in a relationship with Erik Charles Maund, a distinguished Texas auto dealer, during one of his visits to Nashville. Using the alias "Erik Moore," Maund concealed his marriage while carrying on the affair. When Lanway discovered the illicit relationship, he began texting Maund, demanding money and threatening to expose the affair. Fearing the ruin of his reputation, Maund turned to security consultant Gilad Peled for help. Joined by Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey, they hatched a plan to eliminate the couple. Tragically, Brockway and Carey gunned down Williams and Lanway inside Williams' car, subsequently driving it three miles away. In 2022, Peled pled guilty, while in November 2023, Brockway, Carey, and Maund were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, kidnapping resulting in death, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

How to Watch the ABC 20/20 Documentary "Sealed With a Kill"

To watch "Sealed With a Kill," viewers can sign in via their TV providers on Alternatively, the episode is available for streaming on Hulu with a subscription.

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Remember, this gripping and tragic tale serves as a reminder of the darkness that can lurk behind seemingly glamorous lives. Stay tuned to 20/20 for more shocking stories that uncover the truth behind the headlines.