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Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope: Insights for a Passionate Year of Romance

Image: The Scorpio Woman Welcome to your Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope! Get ready for a year of passionate romance and exciting relationships as we delve into the astrology of love, romance, and relationships for Scorpio...

The Scorpio Woman Image: The Scorpio Woman

Welcome to your Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope! Get ready for a year of passionate romance and exciting relationships as we delve into the astrology of love, romance, and relationships for Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant.

Major Love Trends for 2021-2022 for Scorpio

Neptune continues to influence your romantic tastes and expectations throughout 2021, dear Scorpio. As your romance sector ruler, Neptune is slowly refining and evolving your desires. You're seeking colorful experiences in romance—adding a dash of fantasy, poetry, and romance to your love life. Expect to meet Neptune or Pisces "types" more frequently in your casual relationships, such as artists and dreamers. However, be cautious of romantic and financial illusions, as Neptune can bring both. Fortunately, Neptune doesn't form any major stressful aspects this year, minimizing its disruptive influence on your life.

Uranus continues its transit of your partnership sector, indicating some ups and downs in committed relationships. Flexibility is key for successful partnerships, as rigid rules are unlikely to survive. Casual relationships are likely to fare better than committed ones, with Uranus clashing with Jupiter and Saturn, leading to conflicts between family or personal needs for safety and a partnership or companionship.

Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope Image: Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope

Watch out for Venus retrograde from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022. During this period, a partner may become challenging to read, distant, or aloof. They could be more focused on the past than the future, and past actions may resurface. This retrograde affects your communication sector, emphasizing personal interests and projects over love. Remember that Venus goes retrograde approximately every 18 months for about 6 weeks, similar to its retrograde in December 2013 to January 2014.

In mid-December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn entered your home-and-family sector, shifting the emphasis away from communication and connections and toward your domestic life. This change brings a sense of release from certain pressures and increased activity in your personal life. Expect a "play-it-safe" vibe in 2021, prioritizing comfort and security over rapid relationship changes. Take this opportunity to build your inner confidence and fill your well, preparing for Jupiter's move into your romance sector, which will enable you to share your light with others more openly.

Key Dates for 2021

Eros occupies your sign until January 29th, attracting others to your confidence and expertise. This is a time for actively pursuing your desires and experiencing a surge of passion in a key relationship. Venus moves through your romance sector from February 25 to March 21, putting you in a playful and magnetically attractive phase, increasing your powers of attraction and making love more likely to come to you.

Mars moves through your intimacy sector from March 4 to April 23, intensifying your passions and bringing some adjustments to committed relationships, particularly in areas of sex and money. From April 14 to May 8, a partnership becomes warm, loving, and pleasurable. During this time, you have excellent opportunities to connect with someone special.

Venus occupies your sign from September 10 to October 7, boosting your appeal and charm. Partners will pay more attention to you and have your best interests at heart. However, with a strong emphasis on your privacy sector, you may not be ready to move forward completely.

Romantic revelations and epiphanies occur around the Full Moon on September 20th, 2021. And most importantly, avoid making any major decisions about love and finances during the Venus retrograde period from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022. This retrograde period impacts your committed relationships more than casual ones.


In summary, Scorpio, 2021 is a year of passionate romance and deep connections. Embrace the evolving nature of your desires and seek out colorful and imaginative experiences in your love life. Be adaptable and flexible in your partnerships, and take time to build your inner confidence. Enjoy the playful and magnetic phases of love, and remember to take care of yourself and fill your well. Let your light shine and be open to new opportunities for love and fun.