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Scorpio 2022 Love Horoscope: What the Stars Have in Store for You

Are you ready for a passionate and transformative year in love, Scorpio? Get ready to dive deep into the realm of emotions and experience profound connections. In this 2022 LoveScope, we'll explore the major love...

Are you ready for a passionate and transformative year in love, Scorpio? Get ready to dive deep into the realm of emotions and experience profound connections. In this 2022 LoveScope, we'll explore the major love trends for Scorpio and provide you with a love guide to help you navigate the year ahead.

Major Love Trends for 2022-2023 for Scorpio

The year starts with Venus retrograde, which may bring some challenges in matters of the heart. You might find it difficult to read your partner's intentions or feel a sense of distance in your relationship. Past lovers or unresolved issues might resurface during this time, urging you to reassess your current relationships. Use this period to reflect on your needs and desires, giving yourself and your partner space to grow.

The North Node's transit through your partnership house brings rewards and challenges in your relationships. It's a time to recognize and prioritize your relationship needs, as well as work on understanding and meeting the needs of your partner. Powerful eclipses in 2022, happening in your sign and your opposite sign, will inspire you to make decisions about your partnerships, defining how you want to live your life in relation to others.

Your ruler, Pluto, harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, in your romance sector. This alignment boosts your personal magnetism and helps you express your desires and feelings more openly. You may attract new romantic opportunities or experience an intensified connection with your current partner.

Neptune's Influence on Your Love Life

Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, continues to affect your romantic expectations and tastes. You might find yourself drawn to artistic and imaginative individuals or feel a stronger need for fantasy and romance in your relationships. While Neptune can create illusions, it's not forming any major stressful aspects in 2022, giving you more clarity and less opportunity for misunderstandings.

In March and April, Neptune receives positive support from Jupiter and the North Node, enhancing your love and relationship potential. These months can bring you a boost of love, creativity, and spiritual connection in your romantic endeavors.

Uranus Brings Surprises

Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, continues its long transit through your partnership sector. This indicates that there may be ups and downs in your committed relationships, requiring flexibility and adaptability. Casual relationships might fare better than committed ones during 2022, but Uranus' activity is less intense compared to the previous year, making it easier to manage relationship themes.

Jupiter's Influence on Your Romantic Life

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, transits your romance sector multiple times in 2022. This brings opportunities for love and play into your life. However, it's important to note that Jupiter can sometimes bring an excess of a particular energy. You might find yourself juggling multiple suitors or struggling to balance your personal pleasures with your other responsibilities.

During these transits, it's crucial to find a harmonious balance between enjoyment and obligations. Make sure you're not neglecting important tasks or compromising your well-being in pursuit of pleasure. Fortunately, your ruler, Pluto, harmonizes with Jupiter in April and May, amplifying your personal magnetism and communication skills.

Key Dates for 2022

Throughout the year, there are key dates when Venus, Mars, and other planetary influences interact with each other, shaping your love life. These dates highlight potential challenges and opportunities for growth in your relationships. While the exact effects may vary, it's important to be mindful during these times.

Some notable dates include:

  • Venus retrograde from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022: A time of reflection and reassessment in your relationships.
  • Mars sextile Neptune on April 18, 2022: A harmonious aspect that enhances your attraction and spiritual connection with someone.
  • Venus square Mars on May 15, 2022: A potentially challenging aspect that may create tension or sparks in a romantic relationship.
  • Venus trine Pluto on September 26, 2022: A transformative aspect that deepens your emotional connections and intensifies your desires.

Remember, these dates represent overarching themes, and their influence can be felt 24-48 hours before and after the exact time.


Scorpio, get ready for a year filled with intense emotions, transformative experiences, and exciting romantic opportunities. Embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way, and remain open to exploring the depths of your relationships. With Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune influencing your love life, 2022 is set to be a powerful year for you.

Embrace your inner magnetism, trust your intuition, and nurture the deep connections that truly matter to you. Stay open to growth and transformation, and let love guide you on your path.